President Trump’s New Limo Spotted in Recent Road Tests

The New Beast Hitting The Road Soon!

Last month, Donald Trump’s new presidential limo was spotted severally testing on public roads near Milford, Mich. This will be the new “Beast”, otherwise referred to as Cadillac One. It is also codenamed by the Secret Service as Stagecoach.

Various versions of the limo have been seen in road tests since last year. However, Trump is still commuting in the old Beast. This is similar to the same Cadillac that served Obama. Although it is not yet known when the car will officially hit the road, some car enthusiasts like us are eagerly waiting.

The Beast is usually designed from the ground by the United States Secret Service. There are usually multiple copies of the same, but put in rotation, and housed in the Secret Service headquarters, and under 24-hour surveillance. Due to the heavy armoring in the car, and most likely, counter-assault equipment and top-secret protection, these cars are usually quite heavy. In fact, reports indicate that they are as heavy as a tank.

We don’t expect to see so much change in the interior part of the new Beast. It should have the same seating of five, in addition to a passenger and driver upfront. Additionally, it should be bulletproof, bombproof, and also gas-proof. We also expect the use of more advanced and latest communications, bearing in mind that the last Beast was unleashed in the year, 2009. Through the heavy camouflage, it can be seen that the exterior design – a combination of CT6 Sedan and Cadillac Escalade SUV elements – looks tidier now than when the New Beast was spotted in August 2016. The rear quarters look neater, and they comfortably match Cadillac’s modern and restrained approach to styling. General Motors will supply the government with a handful of this version of vehicles. At least two are used for the presidential motorcade to make it harder to know which one is housing the president.

Although the New Beast is shaped like a Sedan, it is typically based on a truck platform. The whole car is reinforced from the roof down to the tread of tires. Due to security reasons, it is impossible to know the safety modifications on this car. However, we can derive some clues from the previous versions, as earlier mentioned.

The Beast's Grill
Photos taken by MotorAuthority

In terms of design, the New Beast could be inspired by a couple of models in the General Motors lineup. Its headlights appear similar to those of the present Cadillac Escalade SUV. In the rear side, the taillights resemble those from the Cadillac XTS or CT6 luxury sedan. The panels are likely to be made from a combination of materials such as aluminum, titanium, steel, and ceramic. This is to help break up any kind of projectiles aimed at the car. Key elements like the fuel system and the engine also need to be protected. Therefore, you can bet that there is a fire suppression system installed. Additionally, there should be an oxygen system in case of a gas attack.

Want to know why The Beast uses this Camo Paint? This Video Below Explains!

Delivery of the New Beast looks imminent, but like every other thing surrounding the heavily armored car, the actual date is classified.

Can We Call The New Beast a Luxury Car?

Nobody would call the Beast handsome – the car is mostly built for safety, which would be hard to balance with elegance. Although there are more stylish cars out there, the Beast is fascinating in its own unique way. First, it’s a limo, and we all know what limousines are associated with – luxury, class, elegance, style, and sophistication. Also, its incredible features makes it go above what we are used to. Additionally, the exterior bits of the Beast leaves us with no doubt that the President of the United States travels in an American Luxury Car.

A luxury car is all about pleasing the senses, and the Beast does exactly that! There is no car enthusiast out there that would hate a ride in this car.

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Photo Credit: MotorAuthority

The President’s New Limo is expected to be an outstanding car and we cannot wait to see it unleashed, and ready for work. Although most details about it are classified, we know that it will have fascinating features such as Bulletproof, gas-proof, and bombproof. These attributes plus its wonderful exterior design, make the New Beast a great luxury and safe car for the President of the United States, Donald Trump

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