Plays and Performances worth attending

Plays and Performances worth attending

The trend of live theatre watching is worth and has existed for centuries especially in the US. These theatres and plays help the people to stay connected with the old precious traditions and keep them alive.

As we know plays and performances promote the feelings of connection with the customs of the place and improve the understanding of the humanity. Along with that, apart from being a source of luxury entertainment, these plays give us a lesson to deal with the matters of our lives and especially with the relationships that we have and battles.

An important thing about these plays and performances is that the impact and influence of them on people can be positive as well as negative. However, at the end, it’s all depends upon the approach that you have.

Whatever your interest is whether you like comedy, musical, tragedy, US has almost all the shows for people which are worth seeing and people should travel there in their luxury car for sure.

So are you ready for your next visit to see the plays and performances in the US? Plan now because we have a list of best plays worth traveling to in the US.

The Best Performances in the U.S

Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you looking for the best performances and plays which are worth seeing in the US? Las Vegas, Nevada has everything you want to see. If you got mesmerized with the mysterious of the ocean, O by Cirque Du Soleil is a worth seeing. An extremely appealing performance which is amazingly unique and takes place in the heart of all the spectators.

The most amazing costumes, breath taking dancing, the wonderful lightening and the water effects, yes we are talking about the Las Vegas famous performance. O by Cirque Du Soleil !

The Book of Mormon on Broadway

Another fabulous play that you must need to see is The Book of Mormon on Broadway. A perfect play to appreciate and for this, you don’t to be the follower of the LDS church. As this performance will blow your mind by spreading the kind words to everyone.

A masterpiece written by the South Park Creators is a perfectly mesmerizing musical comedy which revolves around the two missionaries who are sent to Africa.

The most important fact about this play is it took seven years to develop The Book of Mormon and it’s enjoyed at large scale with positive reviews.

Anyways, whatever the show you may see on Broadway, its guarantee that you will never get bored and disappointed.

The Neo-Futurists in Chicago

Well, what we can say about The Neo-Futurists in Chicago, founded in 1988 have got the success of its fortune among the famous theatre performance countrywide.

One of the best plays that are worth seeing, yes we are talking about the neo-futurists in Chicago which is famous for its superb play and for less audience participation. So don’t worry if you don’t like to be in the crowd. Get yourself entertained with an extremely enhanced brightness that would make your eyes sparkles.

So plan your travel here, get your luxury car to the neo-futurists in Chicago. So what you are actually waiting for?

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Starlight Mountain Theatre in Garden Valley, Idaho

Are you looking for the most entertaining and family-friendly play in the US? Then it is worth seeing and traveling to see Starlight Mountain Theatre in Garden Valley, Idaho. Yes, here we are discussing the most amazing and lovingly place for the best plays and performances is called “Broadway under the Stars.”

Let us ask you one question have you ever travel to Idaho? If not, then it is worth picturesque to see any of the performance by the Starlight Mountain Theatre. Now gather up in the woods, this amazing theatre is just set outside and perfectly under the sheet of stars with an amazing backcloth view of beautiful mountain ranges.

However, in order to get the full entertainment experience with your family and friends, just take an amazing luxury car drive to Garden Valley. All you need is to book your trip and spend your weekend camping at any of the riverside campsites out there.

This place has so much for people that are quite worth seeing. As it gives you an opportunity of experiencing plenty of performances for having fun.

Boston Opera House – Boston, Massachusetts

Well, how we can forget about the Boston Opera House-Boston, Massachusetts? An amazing example of the extravagance theatres of early times. Boston Opera House opened in 1928, which offer awe-inspiring plays and performances to the spectators.  However, this beautiful theatre has just set according to the standards of the National Park Service and Boston Landmarks Commission. Moreover, still, the luxuriousness and craftsmanship shine through this building.

However, if you actually want to see the Wicked, the prequel to the familiar Wizard of Oz story, which actually explains the real history of witches of Oz. The play with extraordinary songs, staging, costumes, you will get the most exciting experience out here. However, you will finally learn what actually happens before the witches who met up with Dorothy.

So if you are more like a person who is a lot of live performances and plays, then the above-mentioned list is the treat for your artistic senses.

All you need is to schedule your travel and pack your bag to reach the destination for watching these amazing plays and performances and gain the experience of lifetime.

Have a great drama time! 

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