Plan your Wedding to Perfection and Ride in Style this Wedding Season!

With the wedding season around the corner, it is high time you start preparing for your special day. Procrastinating and putting of everything till the very last moment can turn a dream into a nightmare, as fortune favors the prepared! Of course everyone has so much on their plate these days that it is incredibly difficult to take out time and plan a wedding to perfection, but what you have to realize is this symbolic day marks a turning point in your life.

How to plan your wedding to perfection?

Getting married is a sacred bond that signifies the love that two people share is pure and eternal. Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter, so why would you let little details tarnish such a magical day? This is exactly why it is imperative that all the lucky people out there who are about to get married plan every single detail out. It is impossible to plan a wedding to perfection as there are so many aspects people have to consider including venue, budget, guest list, catering service and the general ambience of the wedding. These days people are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a wedding venue that best suits their requirements, but even if they manage to find one those venues are often booked in advance.

So start your venue hunting soon or risk losing the perfect venue to someone who has booked it months in advance. Once you finally find the perfect venue for your special day, the next aspect you will have to consider is the catering service and general ambience of the wedding. This will require impeccable dedication and attention to detail, as this is one time you should not compromise in any way. Create a layout and decide the theme of your wedding, take out time and make sure everything is decided in advance!

How to ride in style to your wedding?

Finally when you have worked all these intricate details the last and arguably the most important is handling your wedding transportation logistics. Most people over look this aspect but has the potential of becoming extremely detrimental if not handled correctly. If you booked a serene little venue outside the city, how do you expect a majority of your guests to arrive?  Or do you plan on whisking away your loved one in a sedan? This is exactly why you should consider contacting a limo service.

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There are many different limousine services out there so make sure you do your home work before hiring these services, imagine renting a limo and the driver shows up late? Or hiring a shuttle service for your guests that does not have adequate accommodation? So make sure you hire a limousine service that specializes in providing dependable wedding transportation, as their incompetence has the potential of ruining your day. Just follow these three steps to help make sure you hire a competent car service,

  1. Conduct research about the various services in your area.
  2. Request for a referral, insurance and all required licenses.
  3. Cross evaluate each detail.

If you simply do not have the time to follow these steps, then consider calling A1A Limo service, as providing you the perfect mode of transportation for your special day is our priority. We take every aspect into perspective including travel logistics, accommodation and an array of other factors to make sure that you comfortably ride in style for your special day! You can call us at 561-622-2222 or email at and leave the rest to us.


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