Plan The Perfect Party Bus Adventure

Party buses are a great way to travel while celebrating life’s milestones – prom, weddings, bachelor/ette parties- and party-bus rentals can be the right fit. Party buses can be the perfect solution to a big group. There are so many different options in choosing the right bus. Choose the right bus for the right occasion. Wedding with the family? Bachelorette party with best friends? Fancy dinner? With the right party bus rental company, you will be prepared for a great night. Where else can you drink and ‘drive’ safely?

Party buses don’t even have to be event related. It would be cheaper for you and a big group of people to rent your own party bus and make the journey a party. It could be even cheaper than a regular night out – depending on how many people pitch in. Think about it – drinks, alcohol, music, comfortable seating, and flashy lights –included with all party bus rentals. The best way to have the best night is to plan, and this article helps you choose the right party bus rental.

Choosing a Party-Bus Theme

A fun theme can add great ambience to achieve a magical experience. Party bus rentals offer different themes like multicolored bar lighting, TV options, and alcohol service. Themes can also attract more attention to your party bus, consider wearing matching costumes; one great idea is to wear Bob Ross costumes. There are so many different decorations to try out depending on your event. Balloons, streamers, and banners are all easy to put up and pull down without incurring extra cleaning fees. You can put up a movie or slideshow of fun memories to add to the atmosphere.

It is important to ensure the cleanliness of party buses after your event, so bring decorations that are easy to clean up! This way you can avoid cleaning costs as well.

Costumes can be anything from simple to extravagant. The theme of your party bus rental can set the tone for a silly costume, elegant costume, or scary one!  Masks, wigs, hats and custom t shirts are always useful options, since they can be removed and re -worn easily for the comfort of guests.

Party-Bus Games

The best games for party bus rentals are ones that are simple and engage the passengers. Avoid games that are too elaborate or stationary. Board/ card games like Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, and Old Maid are family friendly, and Cards Against Humanity is for adults only. A racy game of telephone or 20 questions would be exciting for an adult group, and ‘I Spy’ or ‘The License Plate Game” would be great family friendly options. Drinking games are always fun; invent your own using TV cues, or use Never Have I Ever or Truth or Shots to make getting drunk fun. If you’d like to gain some brain cells while drinking, Trivia apps on the app store abound.  Leave the name game to uncomfortable job interviews and party hard.

Party-Bus Food and Drink Ideas

When planning for food on party bus rentals, keep in mind that you’re moving around and you’re drinking a lot. SO, eat like you’re at a cocktail party and stick to finger foods and sweets. Bring a large variety of finger foods, about five different kinds for non -mealtimes or snacks, and around eight for mealtimes. Bring at least 2 finger foods per guest when calculating. A good policy for drinks is to ensure everyone can have two drinks during the first hour and one drink per hour afterwards. This ensures that everyone stays hydrated, well fed and happy.

Yummy and cheap finger foods include baguette slices with brie or cheese on top, caramel popcorn, guacamole or salsa with chips, maybe even chicken fingers or fish fingers. The most cost efficient drinks are powdered mixes because they are delicious and well – known. For alcoholic beverages, margaritas and classic mixes like rum and coke are essential. Long island teas, in this situation, would not be ideal unless they are prepared previously. Avoid alcoholic beverages that can stain, like red wine, in case of sudden stops. This way, your party bus rentals will be lit!

Booking Your Bus

Party bus rentals come in all sizes. They feature compact models that hold around 10 people, and stretches that can accommodate up to 35 people. A helpful tip in choosing the right size is to get more space than there will be guests on the ride. Nobody can have fun in an overly cramped environment. For example: If you’re inviting 15 people, get the 20-person bus. Avoid dealing with common issues like companies having fewer midsized buses and ensuring that there is always extra space to accommodate a new friend on the party bus rental.

Likewise, book at least an hour longer than you think you’ll need. This gives you some stress-reducing flexibility and allows you to ready the bus for return without feeling rushed.


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