Places to go for an incredible tour experience

Have you ever wondered why adventure trips are so important? Our fast-paced lives prevent us from stop moving for a single moment and enjoy a brief yet amazing period of effectiveness. If you really want to enjoy and capture what this beautiful and enthralling planet earth has to offer then simply pack your bags pick your tour destination.

Given the fact that each destination is filled with so many surprises for tourists, we have made a list of ‘must visit’ tour packages for you.

Hokkaido, Japan

Flower Garden Blue Sky Japan Hokkaido

It is Japan’s second largest island and is a breathtaking place of untouched vistas and expansive vistas. On this tour, you can go to Volcanic lake Kussharo to witness the amazing whooper swans and city of Rausu (a UNESCO world heritage site). On this luxury photo tour, you’ll be able to take photos of White-Tailed Eagles, majestic Steller’s sea eagles, and marvelous Red-Crowned Cranes. This place is perfect for photography workshop as you will be able to capture captivating sights.

Lake Baikal, Russia

This deepest lake in the world exists in the hilly Russian region of Siberia. If you truly want to discover the true beauty of Lake Baikal then visit this place in winters when the lake’s surface is frozen. Capturing the sight of sunset and sunrise on this lake feels completely out of this world.


On your visit to India, you can witness the most anticipated Hindu calendar’s celebrations called Holi festival (also called as festival of love). On this festival of colors, everyone is covered in colors of life. For all photographers out there, it is a luxury photo tour that you just cannot miss at any cost.


What really defines Iceland are the hot springs, volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, and dramatic landscapes. If you really want to be amazed then Iceland has many tricks up its sleeve including sharp contrasts and awe-inspiring backgrounds.

Xiapu, China

This fascinating village of China depicts an impeccable traditional rural life. The pleasant temperature of this place is complemented with enchanting sights. If you want to experience and capture a marine culture then we will definitely suggest you visit this place.


The stunning landscapes of the romantic region of Tuscany’s Rolling Hills and Cinque Terre offer an unforgettable luxury photo tour. The natural beauty of these places will leave you in utter awe and we won’t blame you for that – these places can leave an everlasting impression on tourists.


If you are looking for a photogenic place on earth then you won’t be able to find a better destination than Cuba. It goes without saying that Cuba is a dream come true place for most photographers.


Photo by eamediasyn

If you want to get the best out of your photography workshop then visiting Indonesia needs to be on the top of your list. The Waisak Lantern festival is a place where you must go. In this festival, thousands of Buddhists gather and thousands of lanterns are released which illuminate the dark sky – a sight that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


This land is famous for its lush green safaris. Wildlife photographers are tempted to visit this place every now and then. If you want to experience natural wealth then there are not many places on earth as beautiful as Tanzania.


All in all, if you are looking for a luxury photo tour or a truly beneficial photography workshop then visit all of the aforementioned places with Unusual Expeditions. It can be said with certain confidence that you’ll be able to learn and capture the sensations of planet earth with a different perspective.