Why To Choose A Personal Concierge Over UberEats

Sometimes life gets a little hectic, but food is important.

It’s tempting to reach for your phone and open the UberEats app. But don’t place that order just yet!
You’d be better off working with a personal concierge service than getting your food from Uber.

Read on to see why.

UberEats Drivers

Choosing the Best Delivery Experience:
Personal Concierge vs. UberEats



Reviews are brutal when it comes to reliability for UberEats. Time and time again you see the same stories.

They range from orders that never showed up to cold meals left abandoned on doorsteps. Sometimes meals showed up hours after the recipient had given up on ever seeing their food.

When you place an order, you expect to get exactly what you ordered when it was promised. That isn’t always the case. When you’re hungry, that’s not really a gamble that you want to make.

Personal Concierge:

When you hire a professional chauffeur, you expect more from them than you would a taxi driver.

Hiring a personal concierge is like having a personal assistant. You would expect more from them than your typical delivery person. A personal concierge is someone you can count on to be where they should be and on time.

You can expect them to show up with your food exactly as you ordered it. That’s because they aren’t just in a hurry to get back to the store or too worried about getting on to the next customer. They are there at your service, and you can expect them to act like it.

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Speed of Service

Speed of Service


We’ve mentioned this before, but the speed of service can be an issue with UberEats.

As a business professional, you operate on a tight schedule. Their drivers do not always work on your schedule. This could pose an issue when you expect a delivery at a certain time.

Suppose you are expecting a lunch delivered for a corporate meeting. A late or missing delivery means more than just you going hungry. It could seriously hurt your reputation with your clients.

Personal Concierge:

Corporate business clients are no issue for personal concierge service. When you need a pair of extra hands, they are there.

Need them to pick up lunch for your business meeting? Personal concierge is on it! They will have your order placed and picked up without a second thought. They can even arrange the spread and set the table if you want.

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One of the most common complaints against UberEats is a lack of professionalism. This shows up a lot in customer reviews. It is also acknowledged by the company itself.

Just like regular Uber drivers, UberEats drivers come from a pool of local Average Joes. They are not trained, professionals and are often just trying to make some extra cash on the side.

UberEats drivers are often reviewed as “rude”, “hasty”, “uncaring”, or just “simply irresponsible.” Granted there are some out there who have had great experiences. However, the horror stories are anything but few and far between.

Personal Concierge:

When you hire personal concierge services, you get someone who is a trusted professional. Expect them to be dressed and carry themselves in a professional manner.

They don’t mind running errands or making arrangements. That is what they were hired to do!

Someone in personal concierge expects to be an extra set of hands. They know that means doing the little things that you don’t have time to do. That doesn’t mean you should be barking orders at them, though.

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Safety & Protection


Photos attached to customers reviews don’t say good things about your food’s safety. The pictures show:

  • Overturned Plates
  • Abandoned Bags
  • Inaccurate Orders

UberEats drivers will argue that it isn’t their job to ensure order accuracy. To them, their job is only to pick up the order and drop it off. If you have a food allergy, the driver is not going to check to make sure that the allergen isn’t in your food.

Internet forums, like Reddit and others, include tales from drivers that are just awful. Some talk poorly about customers. Others post maps showing delivery addresses. As these drivers are not professionals, they don’t necessarily have training when it comes to privacy.

Personal Concierge:

Safety and discretion are central to personal concierge service. Your food is safe and so is your personal information.

You don’t have to worry about your personal concierge posting pictures of your party bus to Instagram or taking selfies next to your stretch limousine.

Think of the dark windows that keep outsiders from peeking into that limousine. Your personal concierge makes your travel arrangements but keeps them under wraps.

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Personal Concierge



The bottom line is that UberEats drivers do not want to be your personal assistant. They often will not honor special requests. Even simple requests like delivering a message or following simple directions can be too much.

Some reviews claim food was left outside of apartment complexes when the driver wouldn’t wait to be buzzed in. Driver confessions tell of orders canceled because the driver thought that the client was too lazy to leave the office to get lunch.

Drivers often get crabby when they have to travel more than the shortest distances. Sometimes even short distances can make drivers angry. Either way, you don’t need judgment when you’re just trying to order food.

Personal Concierge:

By contrast, a personal concierge will do so much more than deliver your lunch. They can order your lunch, pick it up, and arrange your next business meeting afterward.

Do you have upcoming business travel?

  • A personal concierge can book that, and a luxury car to get you there.

Would you prefer certain amenities when it comes to limousine interior?

  • Your personal concierge will pass that information on to the limousine service.

Heading to the airport?

They will even make sure that your limo chauffeur is waiting and ready to help you with your bags. Whether you need luxury travel arrangements or low-key daily transportation, they’ve got it handled.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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