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When most people think of renting a limo, special events like a high school prom or wedding day are the first things that come to mind. However, there are actually many different reasons to travel in style with a limo rental.

Maybe you’re planning a fun night on the town or celebrating a special anniversary. You might decide you want some classy transportation to and from sporting events or even the airport. For each of these situations, you’ll want to consider each of the different types of limos available so you can choose the right one.

Understanding your options will help ensure that you get the perfect limo to enhance your experience. Here’s a summary of the most common limos and the types of events they’re best for.

As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in a few cool options that really do exist (but probably aren’t practical for the average person). Let’s get started!

1. Luxury Sedans

A sedan limousine is a low-cost option that’s great for casual transportation. These typically seat three people and are excellent for business transportation. Some of the most common luxury sedans you’ll find at limo companies include the Lincoln Continental, Cadillac XTS, and Mercedes Benz S550.

2. Executive SUVs

Executive, or luxury, SUVs usually seat up to six passengers and have high-end features like wood trim and plush leather seats. The huge trunk makes it an excellent choice for groups traveling to and from airports or cruise ship ports.

Some of the most common executive SUVs are the Cadillac Escalade and the GMC Yukon.

3. Stretch Limos

A stretch limo is the most common type of limo, and what most people think of when they hear the word “limo.” It’s often used for weddings, proms, and other romantic events.

This is one of the best options for larger groups. You can expect this vehicle to have a lot of cool amenities, like televisions, drink stations, privacy glass, and fiber optic lighting. Most stretch limos can carry around 15 passengers.

4. Stretch SUVs

A stretch SUV is very similar to a stretch limo, but they often have a more “trendy” look and feel. They may also hold more passengers. Some can handle as many as 24 people. These factors make the stretch SUV a great option for bachelor/bachelorette parties and other fun nights out.

Hummer limos are one of the most popular stretch SUV options. They’re stylish, classy, and may come in a variety of fun colors.

5. Limo Bus

If you’ve got a really big group of people to transport, you’ll want to look into renting a limo bus. These often have the capacity for up to 30 passengers and have even more high-end amenities. Expect your bus to include flat-screen TVs with DVD players, leather seating, and a fully-equipped beverage station.

Bonus: 5 Unusual Limo Options

While the five limo types listed above are the ones you’re most likely to find, there are also all kinds of unusual limos. Beware, however, it will take much more effort to come across one of these!

1. Eco-Friendly Limo

Eco-friendly limos are gas-efficient hybrids. The first eco-friendly limo was made from a converted Prius back in 2007.

This vehicle (affectionately dubbed the “Primo”) was turned into a 6-door limo with an 8-person seating capacity. It was reportedly capable of reaching up to 50 mpg.

Other hybrid and eco-friendly limos have followed, including one made from the Nissan Leaf and another made from a Chevy Tahoe.

2. Convertible Limo

As long as the weather cooperates, you can’t beat riding around in the style of a convertible limo. Few things look cooler than cruising around in a stretch with the top down. And, if Mother Nature isn’t kind, you’ll still enjoy your time inside this well-insulated vehicle.

3. Tank Limo

Are you a military enthusiast? Then you might want to search high and low for a tank limo. Yes, it’s really a thing!

This vehicle is close to 22 feet long and around 7.5 to 8 feet wide. It’s powered by a Rolls-Royce engine and can move at about 35 miles an hour.

It doesn’t come cheap, though. Renting this bad boy will set you back at least $2,000 a day!

4. Jacuzzi Limo

Do you remember those old ’80s rock videos that featured girls in bikinis splashing around in hot tubs in the back of a limo? Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that this is a real thing too! However, if you’re able to find one nowadays, you’re much more likely to find that it’s located on the inside of the vehicle.

While this won’t make as much of an impression to passers-by, you and your guests will feel pretty cool splashing around on your way to and from your destination.

5. Vintage Limos

To make a real impression on a special occasion, you may want to consider renting a vintage limo. Choices here range from options like the Rolls Royce Phantom to a classic Bently or even a 1932 Duesenberg. If you can get your hands on one of these, it certainly won’t be cheap — but it will also guarantee you’ll make an entrance that people won’t soon forget.

Check Out the Many Types of Limos at A1A

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of limos you can choose from (and a few cool ones you can probably only dream of) you’re ready to travel in style! Next time you have a reason to rent a limo, contact us. We’ll help you choose the perfect style for your needs and make sure you have the time of your life.