New Year’s Resolutions For Corporate Travel

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions, but how do we make them a reality?

Statistically, only about 8 percent of us keep to our resolutions each year. This is especially true for business professionals who spend a great deal of their time on the road or in the air for corporate travel. Let’s face it, frequent travel can be very disruptive to your daily life and can impact your health and home life, as well.

Help is on the way! We have provided some tips to help improve your corporate travel experiences and also how to design your New Year’s resolutions so that they are more realistic and relative to your busy lifestyle. Old habits die hard and new habits take at least a few months to really take hold. Go easy on yourself, forgive any slips, and take the time needed to establish your goals!

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Keep Your Business Goals Realistic

Often we find that developing a list of goals becomes a major task in and of itself. It is very important to create goals, but you need to keep your goals realistic. Focus on what really matters and don’t make your list too broad and difficult to achieve. In other words, start small. As you find yourself able to start checking things off the list as accomplished, you can then expand on your list of goals.

This is especially important if you frequently travel for business. Your goals and resolutions should include ways in which to create enjoyable moments and health-conscious decisions during corporate travel time.

Reduce Stress by Planning Ahead

There are many ways to reduce the stress of corporate travel and planning ahead is of utmost importance. Booking your air reservations early can save you time and money and also allows you to plan ahead for your other accommodations, such as hotels and ground transportation at the airport and to each business event. Reserve an Airport Shuttle in advance.

Airport traffic is always a nightmare and it is expensive, as well as inconvenient to rent a car. Taxicabs and phone-app drivers are often unreliable and not professionally trained.

Fun Fact: Choosing the best limo service will ensure that you are on schedule and provide time for you to relax after a long flight on your way to your ground destination.

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Stay Conscious of Your Health

Frequent travelers find their normal routine of healthy eating and fitness are interrupted. It is wonderful to enjoy the cultural cuisines of a new city or country, but try not to over indulge. Eating out is known to put on weight, but if we choose a healthy diet and don’t overdo it, we can maintain our normal health-conscious routine. Today, there are many restaurants that offer organic, vegetarian, and other healthy selections. In addition, it is a good idea to bring your running shoes or check out the local gym. This is also a great opportunity to explore the area and enjoy some “me time.”


Get Smart about Your Luggage

Number one – don’t over pack! Typically, we try to plan for every possibility when we pack for corporate travel. With airlines charging for luggage, this can be expensive. So, when packing for your business events, only think essentials. This also saves you room for any gifts you purchase while traveling.

With technology ever moving forward, it is not surprising that there is now “smart luggage” that charges your phone and other devices, weighs itself, and even tracks your luggage if it is lost during air travel. Now that is getting smart about your luggage.


Stay in Touch With Family and Friends

If your business requires frequent corporate travel, time away from friends and family can cause a serious disconnect. Make plans to Facetime with your loved ones at dinnertime, for instance, or watch a show together over the phone in the evening. Children can also feel the impact of an absent parent, so you want to make sure to spend some quality Facetime with them, as well. Be sure to ask them about their day and always call to say goodnight!


Traveling With Business Associates?

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Make Time to Enjoy the Sights

It’s a busy time, but it is extremely important that you reserve some time to enjoy the sights, as well! If possible, include an extra day or two in your travel plans for pleasure. Take in a museum or explore the city’s local shops. Whether you are traveling in the States or internationally, allow yourself enough downtime to experience and enjoy the local culture.


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