New Nissan Leaf Nismo Brings Style to the Emerging EV Market

Will The Leaf Nismo Be Nissan's EV front-runner?

Just the other day, Nissan revealed that a new Nissan Leaf EV will be arriving for the 2018 model. This new all-electric Leaf Hatchback will feature an output of 147 horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque. It will also have a modern look and a 40kWh battery pack that will support an estimated range of 150 miles. That’s okay, but what has fascinated us is the upcoming high-performance Nismo version.

The new Leaf Nismo is a nice little car that seems ideal for any kind of daily commute that isn’t too long. The Leaf Nismo improves on almost everything from the outgoing Leaf. It features a bumpy, chunkier, and more aggressive exterior. It also has flared out wheel arches at the front and rear, muscular bonnet ridges, angular Daytime Running Light Housings, and a redesigned bumper with contrast color splitter. Additionally, the Leaf Nismo version has a two-tone bonnet and sportier alloy wheels. All these features make it a luxury car best suited for the younger generation.

According to Nissan, all the upgrades made on the Nismo help to improve its aerodynamic performance without increasing drag. Nissan also says that the new Nismo has high performance tires, a sport-tuned suspension, and a custom-tuned computer that offers immediate acceleration at all speeds. What does that mean on the battery power and capacity? We will have to wait until this month’s Tokyo auto show to know.

Nissan Leaf Nismo
The New Sporty Design really brings the Leaf Nismo into the spotlight!

Apart from the fact that it will have lower sport suspension, a bespoke body kit, and larger wheels, nothing much is known about the new Nismo. However, rumor has it that the Leaf Nismo will have a more powerful electric motor. Nissan’s second-generation hatchback that was revealed a few weeks ago already comes with 100kW, which is 38% more power than the original version. It is also expected that the Leaf Nismo will be a lot faster than its predecessors.

Overall, the whole character of the car has been changed. Design Chief Alfonso Albaisa said that the earlier Leaf’s design wasn’t that popular with a lot of people. Due to this, it did not contribute to a lot of sales. Inspired by this setback, Nissan built the Leaf Nismo which is wider, lower, and sportier. The point of this design was to get more acceptability by the market.

The introduction of the Nismo Leaf is not the only arrival of the Leaf range as a more powerful Leaf E-Plus is set to be revealed in 2019. Rumor has it that this car will have more rigid frames and higher-capacity batteries. This could help to improve the range of the car significantly.

Can the New Nissan Leaf Nismo Be Referred to as a Luxury Car?

Some electric cars chase superlatives. Some flashy and pricey rides like Tesla’s top-spec Model S and BMW i8 have proven that the long dominance of internal combustion engines is nothing more than a historical error. Other electronic vehicles take a rather less combative approach. They present themselves as standard and solid cars that anybody could drive and offer an acceptable replacements for their gas-powered ride.


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The Nissan Leaf Nismo announced a few days ago seems to fit in between these two categories. While it’s not flashy and fast, its incredible styling and attributes cannot be ignored. Its technology properties are new enough to be fascinating and understood well enough to avoid confusing or putting off drivers. Its more than 150-mile range puts it in the middle of the electronic vehicles field – less than the best, more than the rest.

The Nissan Leaf Nismo is aimed at the mainstream customer with the simple message that this is an electric car for anyone. Most details received so far about the car are just fascinating and that is great because the Leaf Nismo is exactly what it is supposed to be – a normal car that happens to run on electricity.

However, the concept of the car looks good and since we know Nissan produces high-quality and pleasing cars, there is no doubt that Nissan Leaf Nismo is going to be a stylish car.

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