New Honda Accord is Much Better Than You May Expect

Have you been watching the Honda Accord’s evolution? If you have then the thought of upgrading your car must have crossed your mind. The Accord made its debut in 1976 as a compact hatchback. The 2018 new Honda Accord is now out and has been completely redesigned. There’s a lot to talk about this midsize sedan. Do you have any guesses for the 2018 Accord midsize sedan? The Honda crossovers have really dominated Honda’s sales, however, the accord has always been third in terms of sales that Honda makes. The 2018 Accord one of the affordable and efficient four-door sedan that anyone wishes to own.

It has always been said the regular sedans are getting ‘extinct’ in style and that any car that is not a crossover should start developing a hatchback or just stop designing anymore. The new Accord is just proving that a simple sedan can be a modest mode of transport for a family. Sedans are not getting out of style.

Let’s get to know more about the new Accord

The new Accord may not be a luxury car but it is an amazing and modest midsized sedan that was first manufactured in 1976. Ever since this car has always evolved and new designs integrated into its making. The 2018 model is actually the 10th body style of this car which has a sloped roof. The new accord comes with many features. Prices range between $24000 and $36000, however, these prices depend on the type and number of features that you want.

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The Accord is an American-built vehicle whose all-new turbo engines are built in the states. This simple fact makes it an appealing sedan to the Americans. Everyone wants a luxury car that will provide all the comfort and the luxury that one wants in a great car, however, this would require you to part with a lot of bucks. If you really want to feel the goodness that is presented by luxury cars, it’s never wrong to experience a great ride with a limo service.

The Accord is designed to provide an amazing comfort and competence that is more than what its predecessor offered. All these can be acquired without spending lots of money. The Accord is that one car that will offer its best at reasonable levels thus every evolution of this model is always excelling.

The New Accord's Specs

The Accord’s evolution may not have manufactured a luxury car but the new Accords has amazing specifics. The sedan is lower, wider and possesses a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. When compared to the outgoing vehicle, the new Accord is a bit shorter from the rear to the head, however, this design was done with a purpose which means that the rear passengers will now have an extra legroom and a bigger truck junk capacity.

All About That Style & Power

The new Accord comes with an amazing shape. Its style and fashionable appearance are definitely amazing. Honda’s designers must have been very creative when they were designing this new car. Generally, we can confidently say that the new Accord is the most elegant-looking Accord since the sleek model came into existence.

The 2018 Honda Accord provides two engines which are a 1.5-litre VTEC turbo with a horsepower rated at 192 and the 2.0-litre VTEC turbo which is made from the Civic Type R. The 2.0-litre VTEC engine which is present in the voracious Civic Type R which boasts of a horsepower rated at 306 and 295 lb-ft. These ratings are detuned to 252 HP and 273 lb-ft for this Accord.

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The 2.0-litre Accord has unique pistons and is available in a six-speed manual transmission. The 2.0-litre new Accord is not very aggressive like the Civic Type R since its engine is coupled with the longer clutch travel, longer stick throw and the absence of the automatic rev-matching. All these features make this sedan so smooth and quiet that you would doubt if really it shares anything with the voracious Civic Type R engine.

Midsized sedans that have the stick shifts have since almost disappeared except the Mazda 6. The Accord’s competitors have shifted to the automatic transmission and. The new Accord is, however, saving the manuals by offering a six-speed transmission for both Accord’s engines. Some drivers want to have an engaging driving experience and this is something that is being provided by the new Accord.

The 1.5-litre engine is another option that comes with a six-speed manual which possesses LL-CVT Advance. The CVT has very little or nothing to be desired about especially when you are driving for fun. When most of us are continuously excited about the manual transmission, it is important to note that, most this new model will be sold with an automatic transmission, especially for the 1.5-litre engine. This is an ideal option for those people who are not so much into being actively engaged in the whole driving experience. For those who love a gentle and smooth ride, there’s a lot left to desire about the 1.5-litre engine with an automatic transmission.

But Just How Safe Is It?

The 2018 Honda Accord has performed well in safety tests. Generally, both the passive and active safety has been given a major boost with this latest Accord. It provides a wider front windshield which has really enhanced the forward visibility. This is also coupled with a lower hood and narrower A-pillars.

The new Accord also has been built with an increased high-strength steel which enhances and ensures the safety of the passengers in case of a crash. This car features high-end active safety technologies also known as Honda sensing. The set of active safety technologies include the collision mitigation braking which has a forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control which comes with low speed follow, road departure mitigation which integrates the lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, safety technologies that recognize traffic and driver attention monitor. The set of safety technologies also include the blind spot monitoring and the cross traffic alerts. Touring trims add front and rear parking sensors are among the safety technologies that come with this latest model.

Some of the best features

The latest Accord has very cool leather seats which are very comfortable. The seats are just enveloping. Due to the narrower A-pillars, it is very easy for you to have a better view of the road when seated on the seats.

For the manual transmission enthusiasts, the 2.0-litre engine Accord is the best option. This will keep them engaged when operating the car. There are those people who are into the manual transmission or the three pedals and just want to have a smooth ride that is not engaging. The 10-speed automatic is just ideal for such people.

The new Accord has also brought the knobs back! This sedan has two knobs for adjusting the volume and one for tuning. The new Accord has made the touchscreen simpler and attractive to use due to the presence of these two knobs and eight hard buttons. Most people definitely would get excited over this small feature, but it’s really cool. All these new features allow you to conduct simple tasks like changing the radio station with very little distraction from the road.

The interior of this car incorporates a material collection and build quality that is just excellent. The material is blended with the nicely made plastics, soft leather, and an appealing faux wood trim. Additionally, there are three climate control dials that regulate temperature with fan speed which resembles that of Audi knobs.

Some very great features cannot be present on all cars, but in one way or another, you might have heard about very cool features that a luxury car can offer. Sometimes you really don’t have to break the bank in order to experience some of these features, an amazing car service can provide you with luxury transport that will surely quench your curiosity. A limo service is one great luxury transport for your special occasion or event.

The new 2018 Honda Accord is an amazing car that offers reasonable competence and comfort. Any engine option is great. Choose the one you are very okay with. This latest model is simply well-equipped.

The verdict

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