Most Notable Differences of Private VS Public Ground Transportation

There is a lot of debate about the best form of ground transportation.

It’s more than just what type of vehicle is best. It’s also about the differences in public and private
ground transportation methods.

Public vs. Private Ground Transportation: The Major Differences

Public transportation is government funded. It can be run by the city, state, or other governing agency.

Private ground transportation is not regulated by the government because it is privately owned.

Business owners make the decisions on how to run their limousine service or transportation company.

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Vehicle Types

Transportation comes in many forms, from planes and trains to automobiles.

Public transportation vehicles tend to be large, high capacity vehicles.

We’re talking about buses and trains that carry more people than the seats can hold. That’s why they have those poles and handles coming from the ceilings.

Private transportation vehicles can be large, but even the biggest ones usually only hold about 50 passengers. Vehicles can range from sedans for small groups to executive vans for business travel.

Privacy Is Important!

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Privacy and Personal Space

When you’re riding with public transportation, there is no privacy.

Personal space is also pretty much out of the question. When the vehicle is full to standing room only status, there are people all over the place.

That means that they are also all over each other.

  • You cannot take a private phone call, because everyone on board can hear your conversation.
  • Don’t even think of trying to handle any corporate business.
  • Not only is there nowhere to lay out your work, but other passengers could overhear trade secrets.

Private transportation is just thatprivate.

Inside a limo, there is plenty of space to lay out printed reports. You can even work on your laptop without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder.

With seats that wrap around the limousine interior, everyone has their own space.

Even if you aren’t in a limo, your professional chauffeur has the discretion to not listen in on your business calls.

The dark tinted windows also protect your privacy, because no one can see inside.

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Speed and Convenience

Fast and Easy.

Trains and buses may seem convenient because they have pickup and dropoff points all over town.

This is exactly what slows them down, though. In major cities, public ground transportation can take over an hour to get you just a few miles. The vehicles move slowly and they have to make several stops along the way.

Private ground transportation is a form of luxury travel. Part of that luxury experience is the convenience of quickly getting where you need to go.

Your luxury car or limo rental is booked just for you. Booking an airport limo shuttle gives you the convenience of having a ride waiting for you when you land. Your chauffeur will even be there waiting to help you with your bags.

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Traffic and Parking

The life of a business professional is a very busy one.

Have you ever had to rely on public ground transportation to get you to an out of town interview? If so, you’ll understand why it’s not the best idea to rely on it to get you to a business meeting.

It takes long enough for the bus to run its route on a good day. Add in any level of increased traffic and you can expect major delays. Though taking the train keeps you from having to park, it’s not your only option.

Taking a taxi may technically count as private ground transportation, cabs still fall victim to traffic jams.

Airport travel is especially time sensitive. You have to arrive on time, or you will miss your flight. It never fails that traffic is always heavier the closer you get to the airport.

Think about how many times you’ve seen a limousine stuck in traffic or in a parking lot.

A limo chauffeur is an expert at finding the best routes to avoid traffic. Chauffeur’s also don’t have to worry about looking for a parking spot at your location.

They just drop you off at the door to your destination, then come back when it’s time to pick you up.

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Safety and Protection

Public transportation is not always the safest choice.

In some areas, it’s perfectly fine. In other areas, you can wind up in the company of some unsavory characters.

Usually, the only person on a public transportation vehicle with any kind of authority is the driver. It’s hard for them to offer any kind of protection from the front of the vehicle.

Not to mention, they are carrying a large number of passengers in a pretty open area. You never know who you’re sitting next to when you’re riding with strangers.

Booking private transportation services gives you more say in how you get to where you’re going.

A limousine rental gets you a vehicle that only you and your guests can access.

  • You always know who you’re riding with.
  • Chauffeurs undergo extensive training before they are allowed to take a limousine on the road.

They know what areas are safe to drive through and at what times. They are also trained to be able to get out of a dangerous situation, should one arise.

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The Bottom Line

Be sure to research the type of transportation you plan to take to figure out if it fits where you need to go.

Public transportation is not necessarily a bad way to travel. However, some situations are better suited to private transportation.

For example, luxury travel calls for a luxury car. A corporate meeting requires that you arrive in style. Showing up in a stretch limousine will definitely make a good impression.

Heading out for a night on the town is always more fun on a party bus than trying to find a train car empty enough to hold everyone.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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