Mistakes A Bride Can Make When Planning The Wedding

Ever met someone that reminded you of what butterflies feels like?  

Planning that luxurious wedding you and your other half been dreaming of? The beautiful flowers, hiring a luxury catering business of all the best foods, the elegant center pieces to make your desired color theme pop, the luxurious limousine service, down to the venue and reception. All of this planning can be without a doubt stressful. It requires a tremendous amount of coordination, countless phone calls, and of course…

Money spending!

Many of these factors have to come together perfectly like fitted puzzle pieces for your wedding to be they way you and your other half dreamed of. Some plans might fall through and mistakes are inevitable, but don’t worry too much when mistakes happen, cause they will most defiantly happen. 


Not Making The Guest List: Making reception and catering reservations before the guest list is firmly in place is a big ol’ no. This is one of the most common of mistakes a Bride can make when planning their luxury dream wedding. 

Solution: Always make a list of all the guests you are going to invite before you start anything else. It’ll give you an idea of how much food, reception space as well as the number of seating required…

Don’t forget the plus ones!

Most people would love to bring their date / significant other to your wedding event, so be aware when making the inventions to be absolutly sure to add a plus one they can fill out.

When you create a guest list before everything else it’ll make the rest off the wedding planning less of a hassle. Making a list will determine how to handle cruaial factors like; the perfect venue with the capacity for your crowd, and the amount of food and drinks that will enough for the guests.

Money can’t buy happiness…

But, you’ll absolutely for sure need it.

Weddings ain’t cheap and money don’t grow on trees!

Mistake: Not properly setting a budget. 

Normally we don’t think too much about a budget when planning and creating the dream wedding we’ve always wanted, right? 

However, creating a budget is the necessary (and genius) step to take when wedding planning. It’ll keep all your ducks organized and prevent overspending.  Incurring debts so you can have your dream wedding you’ve always wanted is not at all luxurious.

Solution: create a budget and stick to it. Spending beyond your capacity is not a wise decision to make, as you begin your married life. However, hidden costs and last minutes expenses are prone to come up, so set aside a miscellaneous costs when planning your budget.

Here is an excellent list on up-to-date apps you can use that specify to assist in wedding budgeting as well as planning:   

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Disorganization: Just as a heads-up planning a wedding is easier said than done.

Adding up all the expenses, venues, receptions, catering, photographers, DJs, limousine service, as well as wedding decor all by yourself can add extra works and more stress for you, and stress isn’t something you need when you are preparing for your big day.

Solution: Hiring a wedding planner is alright for someone who’s too busy to handle all the planning and organizing themselves and not worrying about penny pinching. However, hiring a professional can get pricey and defeats the purpose of staying within budget. 

Professional Wedding Planners can cost from $5,000 to $10,000

Try using Wedding Planning Apps and Websites instead. Not only are most of them are free, but some of the really-REALLY good ones are  affordable and can be within anyone’s budget. Using Apps can help someone who is trying to organize their own wedding much easier.

Bride and Groom got too much on their plate to be doing ALL the planning? It’s always awesome to rely on a good family member to help out! I’m sure your mom, sibling or cousin would be honored and more than happy to assist you in wedding planning. What are family for?

Forgetting To Eat:Both the Bride and Groom on their wedding day can get sidetracked by friends, family, making sure the event is going as planned, greeting all the guests, being introduced to someone’s new girlfriend / boyfriend, family who flew across country etc. etc. They will most likely forget to eat something since time will fly by!

Solution: Munching on light snacks periodically throughout the event will make you feel less drained, more energized, as well as prevent lightheadedness and feeling tired. 

Forgetting To Feed Your Vendors:  People tend to forget that their wedding vendors are human too. It’s natural they get just as hungry as everyone else.

Solution: When deciding on a how many people you need to cater for, be sure to add your photographers, DJ’s, and any other vendors who will be assisting in making your dream wedding functional. Feeding them keeps them satisfied and energetic. Hence, they will have the strength and energy to deliver good work!

Not Making Transportation A Priority: The most important on the list, ground transportation. 

People usually forget until the very last minute to find a reliable luxury limo service. A limo rental can instantaneously enhance elegance for your special event. With luxurious comfortable leather seats, a mini bar full of refreshments, your favorite tunes, as well as a spacious ride over to the next desired destination as you can socialize with your Bride’s Maids / Groom’s Men

Solution:  Be sure to contact a reliable limousine service, and book a limousine rental several months before your wedding. Doing this you’ll be able to plan ahead of time and reserve your spot to be sure you’re booked for a dream come true limousine service to enhance your wedding into an elegant and special one. 

Including a limousine rental in your budget offers you luxury and comfort all through the ride, considering the fact that an average wedding dress takes a lot of space. The safety of the bride and groom is also ensured with a limousine, because the limousine company takes care of everything. From the maintenance of the limo, to the  professional standard of the limo driver. You’ll reach your destinations safely as well as efficiently! 

Renting a limousine also creates classy and luxurious photo opportunities you really wont want to miss the chance for!

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At the end of it all, remember it’s all about starting a new life together with your fiancé. The wedding ceremony is just the day you’ll be starting that adventure with the love of your life. 

Congratulations to both the Bride and Groom!



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