Making New Year’s Resolutions Work For Your Business

There’s no better time to review your company’s progress over the past year. To make New Year’s resolutions to gain increased success in 2019. It’s time to truly reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses. So you can better create resolutions that will help you see business growth and also have a positive effect on your personal life.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, but only a small percentage follows through. This is usually because the goals aren’t realistic or are way too complicated. Careful planning, keeping goals simple, and ensuring the right tools are in place can significantly increase your ability to achieve your goals and keep to those resolutions. If your goals seem insurmountable, reflect on what’s most important and break them down into manageable pieces.

Statistics show that people who share the commitment of resolutions are 65 percent more likely to achieve set goals. The chances of success increase by 95 percent. When regularly-scheduled meetings are held with partners to review progress.
The following New Year’s resolutions will help ensure a better balance in your work life. As well as a business success plan and your well being.


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Developing/Monitoring your Business Plan

If you haven’t already developed a business plan for the New Year, now’s the time to do so. With a good business plan in place, you not only have an excellent way to guide the company to better success. But also a motivator to keep you on track and achieve your goals for 2019.

For instance, if one of your main goals is to attract new customers. Promoting the company should be a priority. You may even consider a marketing consultant to develop a marketing plan.

In addition, create milestones and deadlines for your resolutions, goals, and plans. This creates a realistic approach to achieving your goals that allows for new goals to be set. Once each milestone is accomplished. In other words, step-by-step.

Monitoring your business plan should be part of a weekly or even daily routine. Allowing you to review, adjust, and look ahead to help ensure you’re on track. Involve your employees in the development/monitoring process. So they clearly understand your business objectives and what part they play in the overall business plan.

Most importantly, be persistent! Stick to your goals and objectives and don’t be too hard on yourself. There’re going to be times when things are overlooked or other activities become a priority. Focus on both the long-term goals, as well as the short-term objectives.



Managing Business Finances For Your New Year’s Resolution

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is lack of proper management of cash flow and expenditures. Accounting software and expense-tracking tools can help keep you on track. Aiding in forecasting potential financial issues. If time is critical in terms of developing or expanding your business, there are some very reputable companies. Who can handle the task of financial planning and projections.


Connecting with Employees/Customers

It’s extremely beneficial to connect with your employees and grow and evolve as a team. Truly listen, take action, and follow up when employees voice concerns or have ideas to improve the business.

Taking a vested interest in what employees and customers have to say is a great motivational tool for everyone involved and good business practice. Remember, everyone appreciates recognition for a job well done and a sincere thank you goes a long way to strengthen bonds with customers, as well.

Companies who offer learning and development programs find this to be very meaningful in terms of retention, loyalty, and growth. Also, it’s a good idea to bring teams together off site on occasion to celebrate completion of milestones or award of a contract. Employees will connect and generate new innovation ideas together.

To afford you an opportunity to get to know them better. This is also true of offering corporate travel or business event opportunities to employees. Your staff’s the most important resource you have, so investing in them should be a high priority this year, resulting in more motivation and improved productivity.

In addition, as a New Year’s resolution, consider a commitment to diversify your team. Companies who hire people across different age groups, backgrounds, genders, and cultures are statistically more likely to show a greater exponential growth as diverse team members offer new and different perspectives and opinions.



Corporate Travel/Business Event Transportation

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Improving Communication Skills

Clear and precise communication is important in business. A large part of communication today is accomplished through on-line media, which can cause misunderstandings between recipients.

Your clientele and employees pay close attention to what you post, so it’s vital to focus on the quality of your postings and consider the specific audience you’re interacting with. Improving communication skills can help you better connect with your employees, clientele, and potential customers.



Maintaining Health/Fitness

Running a business requires a lot of time and energy, so staying healthy and fit is an important aspect of your company’s success. Make sure you reserve time for healthy food preparation, a fitness plan, and a good night’s sleep, as well as carving out time for pleasure and even that vacation you so deserve.


Traveling With a Group to Your Business Events?

The best way to travel with your business associates or co-workers is in a new limousine or Limo Bus. It’s more convenient and affordable than car rentals or taxicabs, and more reliable than Uber.

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As a business owner, it’s extremely important to recognize the need to delegate. Letting go can be difficult, but delegating tasks to others frees you up to focus on the most important part of running your business. There are always tasks we dread or prefer not to do and delegating can promote a healthier work-life balance.



Learning Something New

Another important aspect to a healthy work-life balance is learning new skill sets and adding different interests to your life. This also opens up opportunities to meet new and interesting people who could potentially become clients, colleagues, or even friends.

This new learning experience can be related or unrelated to your business and can lead to unexpected and rewarding results.




Networking has become a key marketing tool across all business industries and there are many platforms for this interface. More business events are offering networking opportunities. Where business owners meet face-to-face with other entrepreneurs and vendors.

Including sparking new ideas, creating beneficial relationships, and developing new contacts. This can also lead to joining organizations in person or online, which can revitalize you and your business.



Giving Back to the Community

There are many ways to contribute to the community and, by promoting goodwill, you and your business will grow and thrive. So, make a New Year’s resolution to become a mentor, serve on a committee, volunteer or donate to a cause that really matters to you.

Contact someone just starting out in the industry and become a sounding board for advice. In other words, pay it forward. You will be recognized as an expert in the field and also create potential business relationships in the community.



Out with the Old and In with the New

If you’ve been putting off replacing old/ineffective equipment that hampers your ability to perform efficiently, now is the time to upgrade. This is also true if you’re in need of hiring an assistant, or making changes if a specific product/service/sales method/vendor isn’t ideal for your company. 


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Written By: Ryan Lubin


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