Luxury Travel Trends to Watch in the New Year

It’s a New Year and time to start planning for your 2019 luxury travel. Spontaneous trips can be exciting and fun. However, can be costly due to last-minute reservations. At times can be disappointing if preferred accommodations are not available. For the best luxury travel experiences, it is vital to research and plan your trips. Well in advance! Furthermore enjoy the anticipation of what’s to come!

Travel trends predicted by the experts in the field are also very important to consider. Give your trip a mission statement. Knowledge of these trends will provide the insight you need to plan the best trips for the coming year.

More than ever, world travelers are seeking out destinations. As well as accommodations that are more “green.” Their goal is to enjoy the planet and its natural resources. Ensuring its preservation for generations to come. It’s also expected that, in 2019, there’ll be a lot of interest in national parks, wildlife refuges, as well as other natural conservation efforts, where animals can be observed in the wild.


Luxury Travel Guided Tours

There’s also been a significant increase in the desire for guided tours as a major part of vacation experiences. This enables the travelers to be more in the moment, without the need to be concerned with the details of what to do next. The demand to visit more exotic and out-of-the-way locations also promotes this trend in the coming year.


Exploring the Next Big Thing (Bigger than a limo bus!)

In addition to guided tours, the real explorers are looking for the destinations that allow discovery of lesser known and traveled areas. Numerous countries are offering opportunities for just this type of vacation experience. Such as explorations of hidden islands and enclaves, underground caves, and similar off-the-beaten-path adventures.


Cruises are as Elegant as a Limousine Service (Limo on water!)

Cruises have always been high on the list of vacation destinations and 2019 will be no exception. There are new and better equipped ships being introduced and new and exotic ports of call opening up around the world. A fair amount of river cruising has been noted. However, ocean cruising is expected to be more in demand this year.


Take the Stress Out of your Luxury Travel

Traveling can be stressful and exhausting! Ensure an easier and more pleasurable experience by reserving limo transportation for all of your ground destinations. Professional chauffeurs are well trained, licensed, and insured, as well as familiar with the geographical locations and high-traffic areas. A1A Limo’s fleet features a variety of elegant vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any size group. So, you can sit back and relax after a long flight and leave the driving to the professionals.


Cultural Connection

Another rising trend is the desire to connect with the locals and even live as one of them while visiting the region. Seeking a more authentic experience, today’s vacationers want to really get to know the unique cultures and lifestyles of the many different people of the world. This isn’t only an adventure to remember, but also a worldly learning experience.


Health & Fitness

Health and fitness has become an increasingly popular activity to incorporate into travel plans. There’s a great deal of focus on the fitness craze and it’s growing every year. Organized groups start mornings with yoga, followed by a brisk jog. Continued with scenic walks, or bike excursions. There’s nothing better than joining like-minded people while enjoying fresh air and good healthy exercise.


Foodie Holidays

This is a fairly new trend. 2019 may very well prove that food plays an important role in the decision making when it comes to travel destinations. Some of the most popular vacation hotspots are based around cuisine.

Whether it’s fine dining, street markets, cultural and traditional eateries, or wineries. Additionally, there’s been a dramatic increase in the desire for restaurants that offer organic food and vegan options. This trend has been recognized around the world and is more available than ever.


Weekend Getaways

This year will also be the year for more frequent weekend getaways due to better quality transportation and available flight routes. Planning travel itineraries around a 2 to 3-day time frame allows vacationers to take short trips to different destinations throughout the year, focusing on specific areas of interest for each trip.


In high demand this year is highly personalized itineraries, accommodations, and amenities. Everyone wants to feel special and what better way than individually-curated adventures. As well as explorations. Additionally meal preparation designed and created specifically for you.


Photo Opportunities

Social media has played a huge part in this new trend. Instagram, Facebook, other platforms entice travelers to search for the best photogenic backdrops to share across these portals. Some plan their entire trip around getting the perfect shot. There’s an abundance of professional photography services around the world. To help ensure your special moments are captured on film and available to share online.


Traveling in a Group?

The best way to travel with friends and family is in a stretch limousine or a Party Bus rental. It’s more convenient and affordable than car rentals or taxicabs and far more reliable than Uber. With luxury ground transportation, a professional chauffeur and personal concierge will assist with your luggage and personally ensure your safety and comfort to any of your ground destinations. There is always room for everyone!


Water Wellness

Water has always been a huge draw for many travelers, whether it is water sports, activities, or enjoying time relaxing on a beautiful stretch of beach. However, 2019 adds a whole new concept – the healing effect water can have on individuals through underwater yoga. In addition wave meditation, and sound healing. Look for wellness through water to be an important trend this year.


Nature Calls

A brand new up and coming trend revolves around the beauty of nature combined with creature comfort. In 2019, we will experience more indoor gardens, all-season terraces, and scenic views in hotel design. There’s also luxury-tented jungle villas, as well as igloo-type villas in snowy regions. Both offering a view of the starlight sky and lush backdrop. These types of accommodations are growing very popular around the globe.


Most Popular Destinations for 2019

The predictions are in for the most popular destinations in 2019, including:

South Africa


However, locations such as Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco are growing in popularity due to luxurious vacation spots and high-quality services. India, Brazil, Portugal, and Indonesia are renowned for their cuisine. In addition, cultural offerings and the Caribbean has made a huge comeback following the recovery from hurricanes last year.

Finally, we could never leave out France, Israel, and Germany as some of the best countries to visit. Within the U.S., trendsetters are traveling to lesser-known cities this year and Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia are more popular than New York and Los Angeles for 2019.


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