Luxury Prom Experience, Best Tips and Tricks

Limo, luxury, friends, the hair-do, shoes with epic shine, the perfect dress, sharp looking tuxedo, it’s almost prom night and it’s right around the corner. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, you only get to have an event like this once in your life. It’s a night where luxury and class is everything. So making it a night to remember for the rest of your life is ideal. Every detail is important and sometimes people tend to overlook important steps when preparing for their special night. Here are a list of important details you might have overlooked when preparing for your luxurious prom night:

A Bright Smile

Smiling is the most beautiful thing anyone can wear, so bring your best smile to prom! It’s ideal to change up your toothpaste at least 3 weeks before the day of prom. Changing up your toothpaste to a product that can better whiten your teeth 3 weeks prior will give you the proper amount of time for your smile to whiten before your big day. Spend the extra money on a better toothpaste, trust me. A brighter smile will make all the difference. Another thing you can do to achieve a brighter smile is going to the dentist a week in advance. The dentist can professionally give you a teeth cleaning and provide a cleaner and whiter smile.

Tan lines

So you were at the beach a couple of months ago and you have still have tan lines on your shoulders. If you’re a girl this can be a problem since the trendiest of all prom dresses are strapless. Be sure within 2 weeks in advance to work out your tan line to even it out. The best way to do that is to lay out in the sun 15 to 20 minutes a day (don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun can be brutal for your skin, and plus you don’t want to be a lobster for your prom night). It’s best to use a good ultra healing lotion after coming back in the house right after laying out in the sun, it’ll assist in achieving your goal of evening out that tan line.

Finding The Right Look…and Shoes

Be sure to assemble formal attire that defines you. It’s your big night that brings together class, luxury and extravagance. Attending prom is the night you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make every awesome detail count, as well as your choice in attire. Go all out and don’t be cheap when purchasing your extravagant prom dress or renting your sharp tuxedo. How about the icing on the cake? What do I mean? Shoes of course! For the ladies be sure you wear heels (or classy flats) that will make things easy for you to walk around (and dance) in. You don’t want to look like a baby deer walking for the first time, so awkward. So be sure you’re wearing a pair you can comfortably walk in. For the guys a nice pair of loafers. Deep brown and black are safe go-tos since they go with anything. An awesome hint of enhancing shine on loafers is using something as odd as leather couch cleaner. It sounds weird but it really works! Shine up those kicks and be a rockstar at prom!

Deciding On Who To Go With And The Proper Transportation

Thinking about asking that special someone to prom? Why not impress her with flowers, chocolates, and….a limo? Every girl want to be treated like a princess for their prom night. It’s a defining event of extravagance and luxury. Why not make it a special one?

Carpooling with a large group of friends? Depending on the number of passengers you can rent a Stretch Limo that can accompany up to 8 people. Carpooling with more than 8 people? Ever heard of the Luxury Stretch Suv? It’s a luxurious Cadillac Escalade which can transport up to 15 passengers. Wait, now your friends are bringing their friends. Not a problem! Our Luxury Party Bus can accompany up to 30 people! Our Ford f-550 Minibus is a party on wheels! Dvd players, good music, and awesome friends you’ll never forget your amazing night of prom. With tinted windows you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world. You’ll never forget something so amazing!

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Remember when renting a limo or any luxury transportation to read these import guidelines that more parents overlook before renting a limousine:

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Remember, when looking around for limo rental for prom, as a parent you should be aware of the key elements of safety, reliability as well as authentic and professional Limo Rental Services. Your child will never forget you taking the time and effort to make sure their prom night is a magical and an unforgettable experience. Have a safe and luxurious prom experience.


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