Luxury Holiday Escapes in Malta, Europe

Romans, Normans, and the British are some of the empires that have claimed this exceptional beauty. Owing to its strategic location, it has played essential roles in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Malta, a melting pot of ancient culture and an opulent storybook of history, is European country rising to fame due to its architectural and ethnic culture.

In this briskly moving time of the generation of the Internet, one might want to find something special during the holidays. Malta offers all of its beauty to any tourist who is willing to drown and be revived by its allure. If you are planning to have some luxury holiday escapes in Malta, Europe, here are some places you should never miss:

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Diving in Comino and Gozo

50,000 people come to the country annually to experience the best diving center in the Mediterranean. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Malta’s diving centers can let you see underwater wonders of extraordinary landscapes and wrecks. Comino and Gozo are abundant with a myriad of shore and boat dive sites waiting to be explored.

“Game of Thrones” locations in Mdina and Rabat

              The famous TV show Game of Thrones filmed in some locations in Malta. You can embody the Song of Ice and Fire with these locations from the first and second season: King’s Landing Gardens, Tower of the Hand, the fortress of the Battle of the Blackwater, the Red Waste, the Baelish Brothel, and King’s Gate. The medieval city of Mdina also offers great landscape view of other countryside locations.

              After exploring Mdina, you can travel to the nearby Rabat, where a monastery is used as the Red Keep. Luxury hotels are available in Rabat to keep you comfortable as the day ends.

Grand Harbour

  • The center of Malta’s rich history and the home of the British Royal Navy in Men until the 1970s, the Grand Harbour is among the most famous landmarks in the country.


  • It was once the center of crucial ship repair work, and this was the most concentrated bombing area during the war. The guides in this place can bring life to the place and let flashes of the war slide through your very eyes.

Island of Gozo

  •  Off the coast is Malta is the small but rich island of Gozo. Tourists enjoy the rugged countryside and dusty trails leading to Qala Belvedere, Calypso Cave, Simar and Ramla valleys, Malsalforn Bay, Inland Sea, Fungus Rock, Ta’ Pinu, Kersem Heights, and Xlendi among others – all of these on a quad bike.


  • Gonzo is also rich with shopping centers and food parks.

St. Lawrence Church in Vittoriosa

  •  The St. Lawrence Church in the historic town of Vittoriosa feature a wild past of ancient battlement and fortification rich of stories. One of the oldest churches in Malta, this church was said to a gift from the Normans back in the 11th century.


  • The Baroque interior and pink-tinted marble columns complete the marvelous scenery.


  • When you are done with the church, you can walk through Vittoriosa and learn more about its history.


  •  Valletta was built on the remnants of Ottoman Turks’ Great Siege of 1565. It was an artistic military architecture, designed to be impenetrable for enemies – and so it was for around 200 years.


  • The fortifications standstill today as modern-day glories of great history all laid out in a 1-kilometer walk that starts at the tip of the great peninsula that played a vital role in the Great Siege.


  •  St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the gem of Baroque art and architecture, can also be found in Valletta. It was the conventional church for the Knights of St. John, the same people who built Valletta from the ground. Inside is every inch covered with either marble, gold or paint.


  •  Overall, Malta is one big escape from the modern world run by fast-pacing technology. It is a sweet break for the ones who want to go back to basics and enjoy the marvels and wonders of the Baroque art and natural wonders.

 Holiday accommodation

There are a lot of accommodation options in Malta. You can find a hostel for €20 per night, hotels range from €60 a night to €450 a night depending on the star rating and facilities. Holiday makers can also book apartments on websites like Airbnb which starts at around €35 per night. There’s also the all-inclusive hotels. It’s basically like a cruise ship where you have all the food and other extras like spa and gym access included in the booking price. Then there’s villas to rent in Malta with large swimming pools, comfort and privacy. A secluded villa can be very peaceful as opposed to hotels or apartments.

Final thought

It is impossible to list everything you can find in Malta because if anyone is ever capable of doing that, it would be an awesome feat. Malta is just full of eye-flattering spectacles, history-rich culture, jaw-dropping sensations, and breath-taking sceneries. Make your holidays be days full of awe and astonishment as you explore the unlimited surprises of Malta.

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Happy Travels!

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