Singapore now has a Luxury Car Vending Machine because Dealerships are not Fun Enough!

In the past, you could put a coin or a currency note inside a vending machine, press a button, and get a cold beverage or candy bar of your choice. Slowly, as technology progressed, people began to create vending machines for bigger things, such as electronic devices even. These started out as novel concepts. However, when the manufacturers saw their popularity, they started making vending machines for more and more items.

Soon, luxury cars will be a push-button away!

With time, we began to see some truly crazy vending machines. There were the iPod vending machines in Japan, which dispensed Apple products like they were Cheetos! There are those gold vending machines in the Middle East which dispense actual bars of gold, for whenever one needs pure gold! And now, as a result of the world’s growing obsession with crazy concepts, there is a luxury car vending machine!

Autobahn Motors in Singapore: World’s Biggest Vehicle Vending Machine

It sounds fictional, like something out of a crazy architect’s bucket list! However, not only is it currently in existence and operation, but it is paving the way for similar concepts all over the world. The structure, which is basically a storage and viewing facility for used luxury cars, works just as a vending machine does, with a lift and delivery system that is based on a fish-bone elevator style.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Porsches are just a few among the vast array of brands which the facility holds. The structure, which rises to 15 stories, is capable of delivering the car to the user in a matter of minutes, which saves both time and energy on part of both, the potential customer, as well as the sales personnel.

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The customer can look through the tire inventory and choose the vehicle that best suits their specifications. The vehicle is then delivered to them for a closer look, via the lift system, which brings the car down to the ground floor. All of this is done through a sophisticated, automated system which does not require input from any human operators, and is capable of functioning on its own.

A total of 60 cars, which includes luxury sedans that can be used by limo services, can be stored in the facility. After the customer has viewed the car on a tablet or through a fully-integrated and custom designed app; they have to make the payment of the car, at which point the automated system is put into motion. The car is then delivered to them immediately, without the need for a driver having to deliver it personally; saving time and effort.

Practical Advantages of the System

The system is still in the early stages, and it has already begun to demonstrate a number of uses and advantages. Following are some of those advantages.

  • Containing cars within vertical structures helps minimize crowding and saves a lot of space. This is especially true for crowded cities such as Singapore, where traffic is already a problem and parking spaces are rare.
  • Limo services can benefit from such a concept due to the storage-related advantage. The appropriate limo could be stored in the structure and released on to the road for the journey as soon as it is requested. Because limo services have larger cars than the usual rent-a-car, they can actually benefit a lot here.
  • Dealerships can catalog and store their cars according to class and type, in separate structures. This is one sector in which the concept is already in use. Even manufacturers have begun to install intelligent vehicle delivery systems, which are a step above the robotic manufacturing line.

The limo services industry in the US is growing, and with it, the number of luxury vehicles (from the standard limousine to the exquisite party bus). The limousine itself is quite a large automobile, starting from the full-sized luxury sedan, all the way to a stretched SUV. The space required to park and store said vehicles is immense, which is why it would be extremely beneficial to limo services and the city where they are situated, if such facilities were to be installed.

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