Luxury Car Interior: Freshen Up With These DIY Maintenance Tips


Calling All Luxury Car Owners!

Car maintenance is important no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Both the luxury car interior and the exterior will look new if general DIY maintenance is performed on a regular basis. We know it can be intimidating, so we have provided very useful information related to the total care of your auto.

In addition to freshening up your vehicle, we have also included some easy, yet very important regular DIY engine maintenance tips, such as:

  • Checking the oil.
  • Changing the oil filter & air filter.
  • Proper handling of the battery & spark plugs.

Let’s get right to a helpful guide on keeping the luxury car interior of your vehicle sparkling like new.

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Do it yourself Luxury car maintenance

Helpful DIY Maintenance Guide

1. Keeping Your Vehicle Clean of Harmful Dirt and Contaminants

Whether you enjoy working on your auto, or you find it a chore that you would rather not have to face, it is important to show care. Not only should you care about the maintenance of your vehicle for a more pleasurable ride, but maintenance is also a major factor in the resale value. We have many helpful tips that will make this task easier and even safer for you and the environment.

There is always the option of a professional car wash or an expensive detailing job. The cost of a car wash is relatively inexpensive, but you have no control over the products used and the quality of the car wash is often low and normally does not include the interior. Obviously, detailing by a company would be of a much higher quality, but is quite expensive and inconvenient. If you choose to Do-It-Yourself, you have control of the cost, time, and quality of workmanship.

There are many vehicle cleaning products available on the market for both the exterior and luxury car interior. However, some of these products contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is important to become aware of the market and make the best decision for your individual preferences and needs.

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Luxury Car exterior

2. Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Vehicle

Normally, with almost everything the rule is: “Clean from the top down.”

However, since the tires pick up far more dirt, grease, and grime than the rest of the vehicle, it is good practice to start with the wheels and then proceed with the top-down method. Your tires will not only look nicer – they will have a much longer life on the road.

You will need a few supplies in addition to cleaning products:

  • Bucket(s) – Two buckets help ensure cleaner water throughout the washing process
  • Wash Mitt or Towel (microfiber only – not cotton)
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  • Drying Towels (again, microfiber only)

Please Note: Dish soap is not a good option, as it requires hot water to rinse, which is not easily accessible in most cases.

Using the top-down cleaning approach, only wash small portions of the exterior at a time to prevent solutions from drying before rinsing. A good practice is to continue to keep the entire exterior wet until you are ready to dry the finish to avoid water spots. Using a microfiber drying towel will alleviate the risk of scratching the finish.

There are also some very easy tricks for cleaning your headlights, such as toothpaste (with baking soda) and a toothbrush, or simply vinegar and baking soda.

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3. Cleaning The Interior

In order to properly and safely clean the luxury car interior of your vehicle, it is important to identify what cleaning products (organic or chemical based) are best for your type of upholstery, dash, and accessories. Many products are manufacturer recommended; but, again, if you prefer organic, you will still need to understand the types of products that are best for your specific type of interior.

You will also need:

  • A vacuum (either household with attachments or a commercial dry/wet vacuum) Get Yours Here
  • Glass cleaner (chemical based or vinegar) – available in spray form or convenient wipes
  • Microfiber towels (prevents scratching, lint-free, and picks up more than regular towels)
  • Upholstery cleaner (all natural or chemical based) – be careful of harsh chemical sprays

Regular cleaning helps alleviate build up and makes for ease in the overall cleaning process.

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4. Helpful Guide To Easy DIY Engine Maintenance

Everybody is busy these days, but the consequences of poor engine maintenance lead to systematic and chronic problems.

If you are the Do-It-Yourself type but feel a bit intimidated concerning the engine of your vehicle, we have some very easy-to-follow instructions related to:

  • Oil maintenance.
  • Changing the oil filter and air filter.
  • Checking spark plugs and battery charging.

Oil Maintenance

The oil is the blood of your engine. It is imperative that you have regularly scheduled oil changes every 3,000 miles in most standard vehicles. Periodic checks should be routine to ensure the proper amount of oil remains in your engine at all times.

  • Always wait a period of at least 5 minutes after shutting off the engine before checking the level of oil to ensure all of the oil has drained back into the engine well.
  • Only use the recommended oil for your particular vehicle (e.g., synthetic, synthetic blends, regular motor oil).
  • Check with the manufacturer if you have any questions.
  • Please make sure you know the proper procedure for disposing of the used oil.

Changing The Oil Filter

A clean oil filter is very important in that it prevents dust and particles from entering your engine. Changing the oil filter can be tricky because it involves tapping into the gas line.

Follow this link for a comprehensive guide to this process.

Changing The Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt and particles from entering your engine as it takes in air for combustion. A dirty air filter can not only affect the engine’s performance but also can greatly reduce gas mileage. It is a very easy process to change your air filter. To learn how to change the air filter, please click this link.

Checking Spark Plugs

To start your vehicle, the spark plugs ignite the gas and the air that ultimately creates combustion. Worn or damaged spark plugs greatly affect gas mileage and can lead to even more serious issues. It is important to check your spark plugs regularly. The following link and chart will assist in identifying problem areas with your spark plugs.

Charging The Battery

Car batteries usually have a long life if your vehicle is driven fairly often and the battery is not too old. However, severe and prolonged cold weather can also have an impact on the battery’s life. If your battery will still hold a charge, usually a jumper cable or battery charger will do the trick.

For further instructions, please refer to the link below. If it becomes necessary to replace your battery, please reference safe battery removal and installation.

Learn How To Charge Your Car Battery In Detail, Here.

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