What to Do If Your Luggage Goes Missing

“The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage” – Mark Russell

1) You took all the necessary steps off booking your flight ahead of time.

2) Made it to the airport bright and early so there’s no way you could miss that flight.

3) You just HAD to be seated next to that obnoxious guy who did nothing but snore the whole flight. 

::Things People Really Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes::

Finally, the plane made it’s landing and you’re ready to catch that chauffeured limo rental just waiting for you to undergo that luxurious ride to your desired destination. But…wait a minute…you’re missing something!

Unable to find your luggage after your flight reached it’s final destination? It can happen to anyone, no need to panic, your bags may have gone missing in transit. 

However, there are steps you can take that can alleviate this situation which could happen to anyone:

Don’t Panic

Easier said than done, hu?

How dare we say “Don’t Panic”, you have that expensive laptop you need for work inside that suitcase! It’s okay we get it. Be aware, panicking would just making finding your luggage much more troublesome. 

Problem: You decided to panic instead of staying calm of the situation. You’re giving the airport staff (and everyone else around you) a difficult time. 

Solution: Panicking only wastes time. Time is money. Ever heard of that saying? Well it’s true. If your there for business travel, wasting time shouldn’t be on your list of things to do. Although your luggage is temporarily missing, it’s unlikely that it’s lost for good.

  • It’s natural to feel worried when you can’t find your personal belongings in a public place. Take a few minutes to re-collect yourself as soon as you discover your luggage is missing, then calmly report the incident to the airline immediately. It’s defiantly not their first rodeo relating to this situation. 

Keeping Your Cool On Check

  • Always remember, airport staff are people too. They are people who are just there doing their jobs and will be more than happy to assist you in locating your missing luggage the best they can. 


  • No one wants to help someone who’s rude and disrespectful. They are PEOPLE too. Remember your first job in customer service? You hated it when Mr. Sir-Yells-A-Lot made the situation that could have been handled calmly difficult. Don’t be that guy. Be someone you’d want to help. 


  • Did you know you may be able to recover “reasonable expenses” from the airline if your luggage goes missing?Typically, an airline will work with you to ensure your lost luggage is recovered and sent to you as soon as possible. They’ll most likely cover various expenses until your luggage arrives.


  • To optimize your return from the airline, be sure to keep copies of your receipts. That way, you have a paper trail that you can provide to the airline for any essential items you need to purchase (clothing, toothbrush, etc.).

 Remain in Touch with the Airline Until Your Luggage Is Recovered

It could take days, weeks or even months for an airline to recover your luggage.

  • But those who remain persistent will dramatically improve their chances of getting their luggage faster than others.


  • Don’t be afraid to contact the airline if you ever have concerns or questions about the status of your lost luggage request.


  • Remember, the longer it takes the airline to recover your lost luggage, the less likely it becomes that the airline will be able to find it. Travelers who stay informed, however, will be able to ensure airline personnel are aware of the missing luggage and are doing everything they can to retrieve it quickly and efficiently.

 File a Claim If the Airline Officially Declares Your Luggage as Lost

  • In the event that the airline cannot locate your luggage, you’ll need to file a claim to ensure you are reimbursed for the cost of items that were included in your bag.


  • The airline will usually require you to complete a claim form, which means you’ll need to describe exactly what was in your luggage.

Claim Form: An official document that you use to request an amount of money from an organization, when you think you are owed it.

  • In addition, it’s inessential to note that many airlines establish a maximum claim allowance that is indicated on the back of any airline ticket.


  • This means if there’s a set limit for a lost luggage reimbursement, you may be unlikely to receive full value for cameras, laptops and other high-priced items that go missing.

When it comes to airline travel, it always is better to err on the side of caution. Therefore, if you have expensive items, you may want to bring them in a carry-on bag.

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