Versatility of Limos for various events

Limos are a symbol of luxury and elegance, the epitome of class and style. Limo rentals are the ultimate luxury vehicle – they combine style with class to transport you safely to your destination. With an increase of variety to choose from and an endless itinerary of destinations, limos are becoming more and more popular. With each limo rental, you can expect its own personality, and choosing the limo rental is essential for various occasions and events.

Just like shopping for clothes, limousines should match your event! This article lists different types of limo rentals which could suit your style, event, and personality. Make sure that your limousine suits your personal style and event, and here, we discuss the different types of limo rentals available for hire, with a small summary of each option.

1. Town Car Limousines
This is the classic, chauffeured transportation limousine. It is extravagant, traditional, classy, reliable, yet inexpensive. It can accommodate up to 10 pampered passengers in style. Because of its flexibility, inexpensiveness and reliability, it is a good limo rental choice for proms, weddings, and corporate events. It is an excellent limo rental as it is professionally acceptable and classy enough for any formal or informal event.

2. Stretch Limos
Stretch limos are a great choice for a large party. They can accommodate up to 20 passengers and come in all different types of makes and models. There are larger models like SUV limousines, and smaller models like town car limos. Because of their massive ridership capability, these types of limo rentals are ideal for birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings, prom with friends, and bachelorette parties. They have great amenities that include entertainment, bars, flat screens, and more! Inquire at your local limo rental dealership.

3. SUV Limousines
SUV limos rentals are currently the most- sought after limo on the market for many reasons. As the preferred and prevalent vehicle choice for hire, SUV limos are perfect for individuals looking for elegant transportation. They can hold up to 10 passengers, featuring many unique, comfortable amenities and features that are coveted for their luxuriousness.

  1. Limo Buses
    Limo buses are basically party buses. They include a wide range of luxurious entertainment options and can fit a huge amount of people, 40 passengers comfortably. They are furnished with comfortable seats, glass counters and flashy lights. They also include disco rooms, dancing poles, drinking zones, smoke machines and in – house restrooms. The party goes where you go!

  2. Hummer Limousines
    Hummer limousines are massive, as they hold up to 24 passengers. It is the most highly requested SUV limo because of its style and amenities. SUV limos feature a stocked bar, dance floors with neon light and mirrored ceilings. Because of their large capacity, they are the preferred choice for weddings, proms, and bachelor/ bachelorette parties. In addition to these amenities, they have full bars, dance floors and bright, extravagant lighting systems.

  3. Lincoln Limousine
    Lincoln limousines, just like town car limousines, offer timeless style and grace. Despite this model of limo only being around for a decade, it is a popular choice for business meetings, conferences, graduations, dinner parties, and weddings. It can be used as an excellent and classy choice for formal events, and will suffice informally. They accommodate 14 persons and packed with unique services for entertainment and safety features to ensure the best ride. They are great for pick -ups and drop offs at the airport from business meetings and corporate events.   


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