Limo vs. Party Bus For Weddings: What Wins and Why?

Handling affairs during weddings is too much of a hassle for most couples. Considering the implications, most couples often hire wedding planners for the big day.

While wedding planners offer solutions to a lot of things, they often get bamboozled when choosing between a limousine and a party bus for the transportation of wedding guests.

Both limousines and party buses offer unique benefits.

While limousines offer a touch of elegance and style while making the journey to and from the venue a bit more personal, party buses are optimized for larger numbers of people looking to have a bit more fun.

Knowing that the confusion can result in some wrong decisions, we take up this opportunity to help you decide which way to go.

Party Bus for Weddings

The advantages of a high-end party bus cannot be ignored. The atmosphere of unparalleled grandeur created inside a party bus is not rivaled by many.

If you are looking forward to having an upbeat time with guests on your wedding while moving towards the location, the party bus is the perfect option. Many party buses have an on-board bar, and brilliant light shows for the guests to enjoy.

If you are of the opinion that having fun when travelling to the wedding is as important as the event itself, a party bus might be the right option.

Set up with colorful lights, flat screen LCDs—and in some cases, even dance floors—a bus is the right option to get guests hyped up before they make it to the reception.

The only downside of a party bus for your wedding is that they don’t give off the style that you might be looking for. Coming to your wedding in a rolling nightclub doesn’t project the elegance and style that most couples hope for in their wedding. If elegance is what you are truly looking for, a limousine may be a better option.

Limousine for Weddings

Nothing beats the look and feel of a traditional, classy limousine that emits unparalleled style. Stretched wedding limousines are spacious and provide you with a comfortable ride to and from the location. Limousines really are a thing of elegance and beauty, so if you want your wedding to be all about class and elegance, there is nothing better than a limousine.

Since your wedding day is probably the most special day of your life, you want to make it memorable. A limousine equipped with features like real leather seats, high-end furnishings, mini bar, surround sound entertainment system, and of course a professional chauffeur can be that one addition that makes your journey more convenient.

You can even bring in some of your closest friends to have fun while making it to the venue.

Furthermore, limousines are cheaper than luxury party buses. Therefore you can save big and spend that money on other aspects of your wedding.

The Verdict: Which Options Wins?

While the final verdict depends on couple preferences and the bride specifically, we can give a general overview of which option is the best.

Although a party bus, hired from a party bus rental, ensures you have a fun time, the idea of coming to your wedding in a rolling bar is not really the most elegant. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t choose one for your guests. A party bus will allow your guests to get the party started even before they reach the venue.

Limousines, on the other hand, are elegant and relatively inexpensive. A stretched limousine, hired from a limo rental service, has all it takes to leave a lasting impression in the eyes of every guest in the wedding.

Moreover, bidding farewell to all guest while the bride and groom head to their hotel room makes up for perfect wedding photographs, and above all, is an experience to remember a lifetime.

Both, a limousine and a party bus, offer a fun time. While the bus gives you comfort and functionality, a limo gives you class, comfort and style.

Wondering where you can hire a limo or bus for your wedding? You’ve come to the right place.

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