Limo Car Service Is An Eco Friendly Alternative

It may come to no surprise to learn that the transportation industry is a heavy contributor to harming the environment that we live within each day and you may be amazed that a limo car service can help! 


But when you consider the fact that everyone has somewhere to go, and that it takes fuel to get there, you may begin to wonder where all this fuel comes from and where does it goIn the beginning, it’s pumped from the earth under dangerous conditions that actually have been known to cause harm to the planet.


It is then transported by large vehicles that use more fuel to bring it to fuel pumping centers where consumers purchase multi-grades of fuel for high prices and contribute endlessly to the pollution problem.


There’s An Eco-Friendly Solution:

Limo Service!

What makes a limo eco-friendly?


Fuel Efficiency

When you consider how much fuel is used for transportation, you can indeed agree that it is a lot. There are many vehicles that use fuel nearly non-stop and that is not friendly for the ecosystem.


Buses are always running and slowly on high amounts of gasoline. All of the people using public transportation are creating the constant stops on buses that never turn off for their passenger experience.


Trains have been used for centuries across nations for transportation of things large and small, including people! However, trains pose an excessive amount of locomotive exhaust from their steam engines leaving the air stiff.


Taxi Cabs are probably the worst due to their prices and constant prowling for customers. This, in turn, consumes and wastes gas like no other, further contributing to the pollution problem.



Would You Like To Ride Eco-Friendly?

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Have you ever carpooled? It’s similar to public transportation in the fact that you probably don’t know the people you are riding with too well and it’s definitely not as crowded.


Forget about mainstream public transportation! The great thing about renting a limo car service is that you can expect those who choose to carpool with you to be business professionals already.


If they can afford to ride in luxury ground transportation, there’s a high chance that you will be compatible in the company of them.


Plus, you get to experience a comfortable ride with plush seating and temperature controlled interior.


Carpooling saves on gas and the carbon pollution that comes along with large buses, trains, Uber’s and taxi cabs. Save the planet when you choose a limo car service by having fewer cars on the street.



How Can Hiring a Town Car Service Be Fuel Efficient? 

Excellent question! A town car service is more than just eco friendly, for the earth. In addition, it’s friendly to the busy roads itself! 

Well, when you hire a luxury ground transportation service to get you to your destination: You’re preventing more cars on the roads. Especially when you carpool! Carpooling is fun as well as cost effective.


Efficient financially! Splitting the bill is always an ideal way of saving your wallet potential emotional damage. 


Remember: You don’t have to give up gas powered transportation entirely. Just be smarter about it! 

  • Carpooling
  • Hire a professional driver (a.k.a. limo driver)
  • Choose a company whose up to date on fleet maintenance 



Types Of Fuels

(E85) FlexFuel is an ethanol-based gas that is renewable and is known to produce 60% fewer emissions to damage the ozone layer, compared to regular fuel. BioDiesel is said to emit up to nearly 90% fewer carbons and gases than average fuels.


(LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas has a significantly lowered carbon content than gasoline and burns cleaner than both gas and diesel combined.


(CNG) Compressed Natural Gas is arguably the best in fuel as it emits even fewer greenhouse gas emissions than all of the above. It’s not only more natural, but it is safer.



What Is Hybrid

Running your car on a battery means less fumes. It’s a pretty common thing for limousines to run with hybrid engines, I mean, it just makes sense to if you think about it.


Not only does running off of hybrids save money for the limo car service by having to stop less for gas. There is less fuel you need to put in and also, the battery power helps to run all of the electronics and amenities needed for luxury travel.


Hybrids run on both gasoline fuel and battery power. However, the fuel hybrids use is most likely to be FlexFuel and thus bringing hybrids up to a higher standard in the transportation industry.


When choosing transportation, a limo car service is a great alternative to any other mode!


Limit Your Carbon Footprint On The Planet

It’s true. We all will leave something behind for the world to recognize us by, so why not choose to leave something less?

Less is best, they say, and in the case of reducing greenhouse emissions and limiting the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet, it’s the right way to go.

You can accomplish this by driving less when you hire a limo car service to transport you around as you travel.

Other ways to reduce your carbon footprint are to:

  • Reduce your consumption of electricity
  • Use fewer gas-powered devices



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