Legitimate Or Phony? How To Validate Your Limo Service

Every once in a while we come across something that looks too good to be true.

Has this happened to you? Have you ever went all-in on a purchase that ended up to be a sham? If you have, it’s not your fault entirely. Sometimes, things just are not as they seem, but perhaps, fabricated to be appealing.

If that’s the case for your limo service, you will want to take a look at these key signs that the company is legitimate.

How does a phony limo service appear differently?

#1 ) Check Out Their Website

The first thing you want to investigate is their limo service website. We live in a world of technology and networking through online marketing. A website is one of the first things legitimate businesses accomplish so that they can market appropriately.

These are qualities that make a business stand out from the rest while exuding success.

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#2 ) Dive Deeper Into Their Content

If they have a website, and a blog, the second thing you want to pay attention to detail with is their content. You can easily evaluate who their audience is and if they even care about who see’s their limo service business.

Content that is resourceful and valuable to the reader will be a healthy sign of legitimacy, as well as:

  • How current is the content?
    • Are they paying attention to making at least 3 posts per week?
  • Do they have many followers?
    • People will follow content worth reading when people know what they are talking about.
  • Is their content engaging?
    • The content on their blog should be relevant and interesting in a range of topics related to their services.

With showing that they are wise to the way their business of limo service works, they can build trust with their readers and clients.

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#3 ) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Majority of the time when a business becomes legitimate, they quickly discover the usefulness of using social media to their advantage. Your limo service should have social media pages that are connected to their website.

The most popular social media for businesses are currently:

  • Facebook – To easily connect and share your thoughts.
  • LinkedIn – A professional version of Facebook to list your accomplishments.
  • Instagram – All about showing off the photos.
  • Twitter – Considered a news site, great for updates.
  • Medium – A place to share content and read articles.

If your limo service has any of these sites, you can check them out and feel a little more at ease about what you’re going to sign up for.

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#4 ) How Well Do They Promote Their Services?

Have you ever even heard of this company before? Have you seen them around the internet? Sometimes, if they are still growing you may not have, but sign up on their website and see if they send out any promos or newsletters.

A promotion would be some sort of deal, like:

  • Party Bus Package for 15 passengers
  • Motor Coach Tours 10% off, (etc.)

A newsletter would tell information and any upcoming events for the company, like:

  • Chauffeur Appreciation Day
  • Roadshow events for limousines

If you don’t know, there’s only one way to find out. Check around, sign up for their emails and see what happens.

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#5 ) Is the Chauffeur An Expert?

We’ve all had that experience where we get in the passenger seat of someone who drives like an idiot, making us really uncomfortable. When you are driven by an expert in professional chauffeur service you should feel at ease.

You’ll be able to tell a phone from a professional by how they drive:

  • A professional –
    • Drives with two hands.
    • Doesn’t spend time on their phone.
    • Takes turns slowly so you don’t spill your drink.
    • Offers you privacy and allows you to enjoy it.
  • An amateur –
    • Drives with one hand.
    • Is caught texting and driving.
    • Eats food while driving.
    • Speeds and takes turns too fast.
    • Talks your head off the whole time.

Chauffeurs are experts in the limo service industry and as bodyguards. When it comes to safety, you want to make sure that is what you are getting.

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#6 ) Branding Tactics

Have you ever walked up to a store, opened the door and witnessed a logo or ad that looked really out of place? It looks pretty unprofessional.

Sometimes you can differentiate a phony business from a real one when you recognize things like this:

  • Various logos and names for their brand.
  • Not being clear on the company services.
  • Advertisements that are not consistent.

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Attractive branding that follows along consistently with every other topic on this list is what you want to see from a limo service company. If you haven’t seen it yet, then that should be a big red flag. Check out your resources. Make sure that the limo service you choose has a great blog like this one.

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Written By: Dee Haller



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