Legendary Bachelor Party Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Either you’ve heard of bachelor/bachelorette parties or you’ve been to one. Whether it was a standard night with your friends just having a few beers and singing karaoke. Or a luxurious night out with a classy limousine rental, traveling to one of the best downtown cities in the world, enjoying fine wine, and spending it all with the greatest people you love so much you want them to be a part of your special day, your wedding.

However, you can easily make irresponsible and dangerous mistakes which can turn

your elegant night into a…

real life…

horror flick!

Reliable Transportation

Congratulations, you’ve been chosen to be the Maid of Honor / Best Man. What an honor! Not only is your best friend getting married, but you get to be an important part of that person’s biggest day. But now’s the time to buckle down and start brainstorming cause it’s your job to plan the big bachelor/bachelorette party. The pressure is all on you! You probably don’t even know where to start. It’s okay tho, we got you covered. Let’s start with the luxury ground transportation:

  • Before renting a limo service let’s think about how many people are actually going to be tagging along through this adventure.


  • If it’s a group up to 15 people, then a Stretch Limousine SUV would be the perfect size for you.   


  • If we’re talking about 15 – 30 people, then you’re quite possibly looking for a Party Bus rental.
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Reasons why you should aim for the party bus regardless:

1) All the room you will need to have an extravagant luxury drive through the city where you, the bride and all her closest friends can have plenty of space to lounge while listening to your favorite tunes, drinking refreshing drinks from the mini-bar, and having the time of your life. You’ll forget all about the outside world cause you and your friends will be all about the party on wheels.


2) You’ll get the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the night life with everyone. A professional chauffeur will be doing all of the driving, so no worries! You’ll get to your destination safe and efficiently.


3) Ever hosted a party and some of the people you’ve invited arrived late because they got lost in their journey looking for the party destination? With a Party Bus you won’t ever have to worry about anyone showing up late, you’ll all be carpooling together!


4) Heading to a downtown in a city you know nothing about? You won’t have to map out the routes since your professional limo driver can handle all of that for you. How convenient!


5) This is a big once in a lifetime celebration for the Bride and Groom, make it a memorable one they’ll always remember. From the lights, to the mini bar full of refreshments, his/her favorite music, and a spacious luxury party bus they can lounge in, they will most definitely appreciate it.

Make It Legendary

As we’ve mentioned before everyone wants a bachelor / bachelorette party they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, nothing too boring or vanilla. Don’t be that person who plans just a normal night out with friends and have the audacity to call it a “bachelor party”.  Don’t be that person.

Make this bachelor / bachelorette party

a legendary one.

Lame: You plan a bachelor party for just the afternoon.

Legendary: Try to spread the bachelor/ bachelorette party throughout the weekend. Don’t just make it a day long event. It’s better to have an amazing weekend than just a day. Also you’ll have more than enough time to do all the things you’d want to do as well as explore all the places you’d want to explore (All the epic downtown areas for example).


Lame: You plan an epic bachelor party, but you make all the groom’s bros pay for their own beers. It’s frowned upon to make people pay for their own drinks during this epic night out. Never expect guests to pay.

Legendary: Even though it’s frowned upon to make the groom’s bros pay for their own beers (cause it shouldn’t be expected of them), however, if they insist on paying the tab or contribute you should definitely let them. It’s an awesome gesture that shows they are good bros to have around and respect the fact nights out like these aren’t free.


Lame: Take embarrassing photos and post them all over social media. Hmmm…maybe not. Don’t be that guy, or let any others post about the bachelor / bachelorette on social media anywhere from 12am – 4am. If there’s going to be drinking involved you don’t want to make the mistake by posting a photo that’s going to hurt the bride or the groom. Remember, they have family on their social media.

Legendary: Take a nice photo of you and the party group exploring the downtown throughout the weekend. Don’t take too many photos. This is the night about making memories. Everyone should be out socializing and having a great weekend rather than waste your time with your face buried in your phone trying to take photos and videos of the event. The socializing and interaction with real people is better in real life rather than through a phone screen, trust me.


Lame: Spending the whole weekend drinking. No. The weekend isn’t just about drinking and exploring downtown areas.

Legendary: Switch it up a bit! Yeah, it’s nice to have a few beers to celebrate but what about hiking? Or river rafting? Maybe something a little more extreme like bungee jumping? Parachuting? (Plan it with the bride or groom before making any extreme choices) Or quite possibly a relaxing fishing weekend somewhere with great weather and breathtaking scenery.  


Lame: Transport everyone in your 4 door 93’ Honda….is everyone going to fit? Will the car make it to the destination?

Legendary: Hire a professional Limousine Service (If you want to upgrade to: Epic Maid Of Honor / Best Man of all time a hiring a  Party Bus Rental is the way to go to transport you and your party goers to the desired destination).

On a Side Note…

Remember to celebrate safely. Be sure to have reliable transportation as well as be aware of your surroundings. You and your party goers need to stick together and keep good communication throughout the epic weekend to be sure everyone celebrates safely as well as epicly! Congratulations to the Bride and the Groom, and good luck to the Maid of Honor and Best Man who are putting forth the epic effort of planning an awesome weekend!



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