Japan’s automakers look beyond scandals to future

Japan is a nation known for many things. Respect for authority, a commitment to quality and a deeply rooted culture of honor. This all made the various scandals that have cropped up periodically in recent years all the more surprising. Nissan openly admitted to using unauthorized safety inspectors and as a result has suspended local car production until such a time as the muddied water has settled. Kobe Steel, a company that supplies the raw material for the building of cars has admitted to forging figures on aluminum and various other materials for decades. Takata a company that produces and sells airbags, sold exploding airbags, leading to both the industries largest ever recall of vehicles, and to their own eventual bankruptcy. It is apparent that things aren’t quite what they used to be.

Still, the Japanese automakers are doing their best to move past these numerous and harmful setbacks, with the current goal of using the show to bring forth there latest and greatest in bleeding edge technology from hydrogen powered concept cars, which while not having worked out so well for the Hindenburg, I’m sure has come a long way since then with all caution possible put towards making it as safe as possible. Also completely redesigned all electric cars will be making appearances at the show. With all this effort thrown into making the show a hit, its no wonder the Japanese Automakers are so worried about the show being a flop because of recent events. The idea that domestic consumers will shy away from it because of it is by no means a great stretch. Its exactly the type of thing that would make people step back and reassess a situation.

Nissan which leads as the worlds number one seller of electric vehicles,  is keeping this years model of the marquee an unknown as of right now. If remembered correctly, in the 90’s the marquee was an all steel frame tank that could be t-boned by a Humvee and still come out alright. Having remembered this behemoth of yesteryear, you gotta wonder where they’re going with it now almost 30 years later. Undoubtedly it will be different as the only statement released in regard to it is that it “embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.”, which while vague is still a relatively promising notion.

Toyota is releasing a new Hydrogen powered concept that will supposedly beat the range of their current hydrogen powered sedan by a factor of 50 percent. Also by Toyota is “the fine comfort ride”, a vehicle that can move between regular driving mode and an automated mode where it drives itself, and during which the seats are able to swivel to face each other creating a mobile meeting room. 

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Also being unveiled is the in car Assistant, Yui, serving as a navigator and copilot of sorts. In the future Yui will learn to recognize her users emotions and needs and anticipate what they want and where they want to go. Yui will be implemented into various other devices besides just the car, such as the i-Walk device being released by Toyota.

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All of the releases by the Japanese companies aside, executives do worry that Japan will fall behind China regardless. Both China and Germany are releasing more EV vehicles than japan currently, and if they are to stay competitive in that field Japan will be forced to make adjustments for that or risk losing that portion of their business to China which intends to ramp up production of EV vehicles even further with an emphasis on quality as well as aiming to dominate the market in regard to automated intelligence and self driving cars. All together Japan is capable of making their comeback and are still competitive overall, but to ensure their spot isn’t stolen they require the initiative to develop further and meet the demand for EV vehicles with expanded production, or risk falling flat, and losing it all.

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