How Important is Speed and Performance in a Modern Luxury Car?

When we talk about luxury cars and the image they cast, the words ‘speed’ and ‘performance’ rarely come to mind. This is because historically, the luxury car was a symbol of opulence and comfort, and the only vehicles with any manner of performance were racing cars, which were quite the opposite of opulent and comfortable.

The Melding of Performance and Luxury in Modern Times

The clear distinction between a performance-oriented vehicle, and one that is built for luxury, lies in the way it carries itself on the road, and the way it responds to the driver’s tactile commands. This distinction has existed throughout history, even when there were no cars.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S redefines the idea of an electric luxury car without compromising performance.

Horse-driven carriages came in several classes, but the most popular among them were the quick and efficient messenger carriages, and the comfortable and opulent stagecoaches. Fast forward to relatively modern times, and the distinction was clear in the way a Formula One car and a luxury limousine performed. The former was blisteringly fast and quick on its tires, and the latter was somewhat slow yet very well poised; not to mention comfortable.

Practical Examples of High-Performance Luxury Cars

Up until a few years ago, the concept of high-performance in a luxury saloon was considered absurd and needless. However, with the advent of smoother and more efficient engines, as well as power transfer systems that minimize wastage of power, it has become possible to meld performance with luxury in the modern car. An example of this is the current line-up of German luxury models such as those from BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

What’s particularly special about these three brands is that no matter how low-tier their vehicle may be, performance-wise, it would still pack a decent enough punch to provide sports car-like thrills to the driver.

Then there is Cadillac, which has historically been a luxury-oriented brand. In recent times, they have had the distinction of making the most powerful sedans in production, and their future models are reputed to continue this new trend. Both the aforementioned German models, as well as the American offerings are used by limo rental services, which is perhaps the biggest proof of the relevance of speed and power in a modern luxury car.

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This then leads to the question of whether performance and speed are actually necessary in the modern luxury automobile, or whether they are, and always will be, a novel feature that only a select few luxury cars possess. In order to answer that, let us see all the merits of having a luxury car or limousine that also performs well.

Advantages of having Performance along with Luxury in a Limousine

First and foremost, we have to consider the fact that drivers’ attitudes towards performance are changing with the new engine technologies that are currently present in the market. Today’s engine is lighter yet more powerful, which allows manufacturers to squeeze more power out of the engine. This is advantageous for the limousine of today, since it will have the luxury that is requisite for a positive passenger experience, and the performance that allows it to stay efficient when it comes to arriving on time.

The advantages are not just limited to timely arrivals, since more power means a better driving experience for the driver as well. The more comfortable and content a driver is with the car, the better the passenger will feel, since they will be the ones arriving on time, and in an efficient manner. Exactly the reason why we see more limo rental companies adopting cars which have superior performance.

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