Most Important Items To Pack For Travel

Traveling for that big professional business meeting? Or travel for that luxury vacation to take your mind off of work? Maybe you’re traveling to sign that new business deal with your potential big client? Or taking your beautiful luxury car out for a drive across the country? Well, pack your bags you’re going traveling! Be sure to load your suitcase with the right essentials, and use your suitcase space efficiently. Cause really, who wants to bring more than one bag? Be sure to pack the things you need that most people tend to overlook when packing. Here are some of the most important things you need to pack for travel that most people forget:


Have you ever traveled across the states, sat through a 3 hour flight, checked into your hotel room just to find out you forgot your extra pair of socks at home? All of them, you didn’t pack any except for the ones that’s already on your feet. You have that professional business meeting in a few hours. Now you have to take the time from your business travel to pick up a new pair of socks. No one wants to smell day old socks during any business meeting. Also, a clean pair of socks are good for your feet. When you wear old socks for too long it cause cause health risks for your feet health (such as fungal infections). We don’t want that. So when packing, always remember to pack an extra pair of clean socks.

Extra Pair Of Shoes

You traveled for that professional business meeting and you brought only one pair of shoes. They are the ones already on your feet. They are nice shiney professional leather loafers perfect for any professional travel, for only the professional half that is. Let’s say you already hit it big on that business meeting and landed a new client all in one afternoon. You still have a day left before you have to leave for flight home. You’re in a beautiful city, next to a very upscale downtown area. Perfect for a walk, but not in those loafers. You’re feet will hurt and on top of that you’ll ruin your good shoes. Always pack an extra pair of walking shoes. You never know what beautiful cities you’ll come across during your professional travels.


Comfy Everyday Clothes

Anytime you business travel it’s always a good idea to pack your professional clothes as well as your comfy everyday clothes. When you’ve finished your work you need to go out and explore what’s around you. You might be in New York, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, California, or where ever! Use this opportunity to explore beautiful cities, visit famous museums, dine at famous restaurants, or see a good play. Wear your nice everyday clothes and don’t forget your trendy sunglasses when exploring a beautiful city, it might be a sunny day.

An Extra Dress shirt and Tie

If you’re traveling for a business convention for the weekend, be sure to pack an extra dress shirt as well as an extra tie. You never know what could happen! You could be drinking your morning coffee reading the paper when, oops. You accidently spilled some coffee on your best button-up shirt and tie. But thankfully, you packed some extras. Always smart to think ahead!

The Right Bag

The most important on this list is using right bag. When I say right bag I mean luggage you can pack a whole lot of your necessities in, but at the same time it’s small enough for it to be a carry-on bag when air traveling. Be sure to find something lightweight with the right dimensions. The usual dimensions for carry-on bags on planes are 22″ x 13″ x 9″. Carry-on sized luggage can make your professional travel a whole lot easier. As soon as the plane lands you can just take your carry-on and go, and not have to worry about waiting around for luggage service to unload the bags for pick-up. When on business travel, time is everything. Smaller lightweight luggage is easier to carry around, you won’t have to lug around a bulky heavyweight bag everywhere you go.

In conclusion, when traveling far distances you need to pack all the right essentials. From socks, extra pair of shoes, comfy clothes, an extra suit, tie and packing everything in a lightweight efficient bag for traveling, it’ll make your life easier in the traveling world.


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