How to Select the Right Party Bus Rental Company in Boca Raton, FL

Everyone likes to attend a party. But not many people realize how one travels to the event can make a big difference on the overall experience. In order to ensure a memorable drive to a party, the mode of travel must fulfill three conditions: fun, comfortable, and affordable. A bus rental service in Boca Raton achieves top marks in this respect.

Hiring a bus rental company in Boca Raton, FL is a smart choice when it comes to attending an event with a group. Whether attending a prom, bachelorette party, wedding event, or a sporting occasion, party bus rental is certainly a cost effective and fun way to travel with a throng.

When it comes to selecting the right bus rental company in Boca Raton, it pays to spend some time in doing your home work. Here are some tips to select the right party bus rental company so that you have a fun and safe time riding to the even with the group of family members or friends.  

1. Select a Licensed Company

You must always select a party bus rental company that is licensed to operate in the state where you reside. Some companies operate a bus rental company without any registration or license. In case the bus has been involved in an accident, your traveler insurance company might not pay due to travelling in a non-certified bus or coach. 

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Also, you can’t take any action against an unlicensed rental bus, in case the driver drops the group midway due to some altercation.  You won’t face such problems when you hire a licensed bus rental company in Boca Raton.  

2. Ensure Newer Model Vehicles

The model of the bus is an important consideration when hiring a bus rental company. Make sure that the vehicles are not too old. Modern rental buses not just look more appealing and clean, they are less likely to break down due to a major mechanical fault similar to an older model vehicle.  

You should trust your gut when inspecting a vehicle. If you feel the vehicle is not safe, you should consider looking for another bus rental company. Safety of the passengers should be the number one concern when looking for a vehicle for hire.  So, you should never select a bus rental company that has a fleet of poorly maintained old model cars.

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3. Enquire about Customer Service

Another important consideration when selecting a party bus rental company in Boca Raton, Fl, is the quality of customer service. Make sure that the company that you hire has a reputation of going the extra mile in treating the customers.  

You can find about the customer service reputation of the company by reading online reviews and testimonials. In case most of the customers complain about having bad experiences with the company, it’s best that you cross out the company from your list right away. If the company maltreats most of its customers, chances are that you will be treated the same when you hire their services.

4. Ask about the Drivers

The competency of the drivers should be an important consideration when selecting a bus rental company in Boca Raton. The driver should be competent, courteous, and above all without any criminal record.

Make sure that ask the company whether it sends the drivers to refresher courses for safe driving practices. Also, make sure that the company conducts a thorough background check before employing the drivers. In addition, you should enquire whether the drivers have state issued driver license. Never hire a bus rental company that does not pay attention in vetting and training the drivers. Get verification that the company has a strict policy for the drivers against the use of drug and alcohol while driving.

5. Enquire about Additional Charges

Before hiring the bus rental company you should enquire about the total rental charges. Find out whether you have to pay tips or arrange for accommodation of the driver during the event. Your trip may have delays due to unforeseen incidents. You should enquire what extra charges you have to pay in such an event. Be sure to ask about the final bill that you have to pay when everyone is dropped off at the end of the event.  

6. Ask about Bus Safety Features

An often overlooked feature when hiring a bus rental company is the safety features of the vehicles. Make absolutely sure that the bus comes with antilock braking system (ABS), safety belts, and other safety features. Make sure that the company has regulations about the number of hours driven each day to avoid fatigue. A lax attitude towards the safety of the customers should not be tolerated at all costs.

7. Entertainment System

Make sure to ask the company about the entertainment system present in the vehicle. No one likes travelling long hours in a vehicle. So, it’s important to enquire whether the bus will have a DVD player, LCD TV, beverages, and other systems for the entertainment of the guests. You don’t want to bore the guests even before the party has started. By making sure that the vehicle is fully loaded with entertainment will ensure a fun and memorable journey.   


Whether you want to hire a wedding bus rental, bachelor party bus rental or a bachelorette party bus rental, the above tips will help in making a smart choice. While price is an important consideration, you should not forget other factors such as safety, driver competency, customer service and number of years in the business. A1Alimo is confident that its bus rental services will satisfy all your requirements.

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