How To Prepare For The Perfect Prom Night

“Looking at my own prom photograph reminds me of how significant that moment was – and how fleeting life is.” – Mary Ellen Mark

Dancing, dates, and staying up late! Few events signify the coming of age quite like prom night, it is what most students look forward to the moment they step onto campus for the first time as a freshman. Prom is more than a mere dance party, it is the perfect ending to the final chapter in the book of adolescence.  There is a lot of planning that goes into making prom a night of class, luxury, and entertainment.

To prepare for prom night, here are a list of things to consider

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Transportation To Your Destination

  • Nothing says class like a luxury car. Your journey is just as important as the destination and a luxury car rental will ensure that you have a memorable ride.


  • With vehicles featuring collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and traffic jam assist, parents can take comfort that their teen is traveling safely.


  • With amazing features such as leather seating, heat and a massage functions, and panorama glass roofs, teens can relish the taste of luxury.


  • For the classiest cliques, we suggest the party bus. Allowing for 10 or more occupants, party buses allow squads to enjoy state of the art sound systems, plush leather seating, stylish designs tinted windows for the ultimate in privacy, and flat screen TV with satellite capabilities. Get warmed up for the evening by enjoying a party on the way to the party.


  • Limo services are synonymous with the luxury party scene. Feel like a celebrity as you and your friends pull up in a sleek, stretched, stylish ride. Having a chauffeur keeps party-goers on time and out of trouble so the parents can relax.

Prepare For Imperfection

  • Ladies, that adorable clutch by your side is more than just a statement piece. You will need the obvious essentials for the big party like your driver’s license, a credit card, cash, your school ID, an emergency contact card, and your prom tickets but you will also need beauty supplies.


  • Prom night photos are how the night will be immortalized, you need to look your best. Bobby pins and a ponytail holder are a must if you plan on dancing, this will give you options on how to keep that mane tamed.


  • You should carry a small tube of mascara, your lip color, and an oil blotting pad to keep you looking fresh all night. Although we all intend to eat and drink with perfect poise and class, you should carry stain rescue provisions for you and your date, a stain stick or wipes will do.

Dine In Style

  • Whether you have chosen a luxury car, party bus, or limousine to take you to your destination – you, your date, and company will need to make a pit stop either before or after the party for dinner.


  • Make a reservation in advance to ensure that you and your group will be able to refuel. Be sure to confirm some key restaurant policies that may affect how you prepare for the night.


  • If anyone in your group has any sort of dietary restrictions, make sure the restaurant is able to accommodate, some may not have allergen free work spaces for those with sensitivities or the venue may have limited options.


  • Some restaurants will automatically add gratuity to the bill for certain party sizes or they may be unwilling to split a bill 8 ways with different forms of payment.


  • Make sure that your group knows what time they will need to leave so that the party will be on time to the dinner reservation. It may be easy to get caught up in the excitement and lose track of time, but remember that the restaurant is holding a table for you with the expectation that you will be there.

Appreciate The Moment

From the clothes you wear to the ride you take, Prom will be held as one of the most memorable nights of your life, that is why it is important to plan ahead to ensure the night will go as smoothly as possible. Remember, It is more than just a party, it is a rite of passage. Although the details are important to make this night YOUR night, remember to have fun and do not sweat the small stuff. Prepare for what you can and laugh off all the rest – it will make for a good story later, I promise.


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