How To Not Get Lost In A New City

Travel is the only thing you buy….that can make you richer.

You’ve been cooped up in your office working harder than ever. You’re starting to get real tired of that new intern Tim, he messes up your coffee order, wrong coffee…

every time,

just you tho,

and only you.

Traffic to and from work is an absolute headache, made you wish you hired a Luxury Ground Transportation Service to get you from point A to point B efficiently.

On top of that the workload is driving you mad! You feel as if it’s time to get away from the hectic business world and take a luxurious break! A breath of fresh air and a new atmosphere is good for you every once in a while. It’s natural to want to get yourself out there and explore a new city.

You just booked your flight, packed your bags…..

and now flying to a city…..

you’ve never been before!

After dealing with Annoying Passengers your plane finally reached the desired destination.

It’s natural for you to want to explore the area, but be careful! It’s easy to get lost in a new city as well as dangerous, especially when you’re traveling alone.  

You can easily get engulfed while exploring a new City, and eventually find that you are lost.

But, no need to worry!

It could happen to even…..

the greatest of Travelers!!

Reliable Ground Transportation

To avoid getting lost in the first place you should have hired a reliable Luxury Car Ground Transportation Service. You’ll be transported safely as well as efficiently to your desired destination. A Professional Ground Transportation Service can drive you to and from the airport, as well as drive you to your desired destination. It’s cheaper than a Taxi cab and much more reliable.

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It’s Easy!

You can book your trip in no-time! Hiring a professional driver ahead of time, will ensure someone will be waiting for you as soon as your plane lands, and you can get to your desired destination safely. so no worries!

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Pull Yourself Together!

It’s natural to feel panicked when getting lost. But don’t! Easier said than done right?

Yeah, but trust me on this one, when you panic you can’t think straight, and panicking won’t solve anything, ever.

What Causes Panicking?: An overwhelming anxiety and fear that takes over the brain and causes panic. Mostly caused by overthinking the current situation / problem. They can strike out of nowhere and be terrifying.

How To Resolve It: Take a few deep breaths, and rethink the situation. Think of solving the problem at hand rather just thinking of worst case scenarios.

Also, it’s better to not travel alone. If you have any kind of social phobias, and most definitely prone to having panic attacks, bring a friend with you on your adventure. A friend can be a great support for you and help you get through it!

Reading A Map

I know this is going to sound crazy,

but what if you’re lost and your phone is dead?

And maybe there’s no good service where you are.

In the prehistoric era, around the 1980’s people used devices called “maps” to figure out how to get somewhere. Not the app, it’s made of paper, usually folded conveniently for travels.

Weird hu?

Well they still exist! No Wifi or 4G required. All you need to do is open it up and read it.

How do you read a paper map that’s not the phone app?

We took the time to decipher these hieroglyphics for you and came up with this:


  • Reading the “Index”. The index has all the cities alphabetized and sometimes numbered; A, B, C, D, and so on… / 1 2 3 4 and so on…

          The map will be in a “Grid” format, and to find a city you’ll have to correspond with the                  index. For Example: a city’s location might be “C2”.


  • The “Legend” is usually located on the front or back of the map. It’s a small box used to show different types of roadways on the map. Using a combination of Thumbnails and colors, the Legend can show you the type of roads through your route. They can show Rivers, One Way Streets, Traffic Lights, Bridges, Churches, Train Stations, Railroads, Shopping Malls, Factories, Gas Station, Resting Areas, Etc, Etc.

  • “Compass Rose” will show you whats, South, East, West, North of you. You have to use an ancient device called a “Compass” to be sure you are heading the correct direction. Using these tools together can help navigate you to your desired direction confidently.


  • The “Scale” is usually located near the Compass Rose or Legend. It measures the distance from one place to another. You can use a ruler, or finger to measure the distance from your current location to another city.


  • Most of the time “Landmarks” will be noted on the map. Using landmarks can help you navigate where you are and follow your progress when traveling.


Be aware of the landmarks around you. Whether it be a major landmark like a Statue in The Park, a Tall Building, or a Science Center, Etc. Etc.

Never use common places like McDonalds, or any other chain. They pop up everywhere you know!

Try using places that are major, if you can’t find anything like this, then use places like mom n’ pop shops. They are original and one of a kind.

You can also use nature as a landmark!

Stranger Danger

You’re an adult and we get it, but no matter how old you get you should always be on alert of your surroundings when traveling to a new place.

Be aware of strangers when traveling, especially alone, and avoid asking directions from one.


If you must ask for directions from someone ask an employee in a local coffee shop. There will be others in the facility so you’re not alone, you can ask someone who know the area well, they can most likely give you the proper directions.
Much more safe than asking a stranger from the street.

Jobs Fill Your Pockets, Adventure Fills Your Soul

Getting yourself out there and traveling is good for the mind as well as the soul. You’ll have the opportunity to get inspired and give yourself a break from the hectic business world.

Traveling can promote heart health, walking around and exploring from place to place is excellent for blood circulation. It can also shift your perspective on life! Learning new cultures and a different environment from a place you’re used to can make you re-think the way you see life! I didn’t think I’d be sexually challenged, but life decided otherwise. At the age of 45 years I faced with the fact that there was desire for intimacy, but I could not bring it to the end. I decided not to go to a doctor and saw the advertisement of Cialis. I bought it and began reception on instructions. A month later, there were no problems with sex, but the reception continued and took the full course. The wife didn’t even know. It took six months after the end of the course, so far without relapse.

To undergo an amazing traveling experience hiring a Professional Luxury Car Service is the best option for you! No hassle, no stress, convenient, class and efficiency is the way to go!

Traveling is amazing for you as long as you’re safe and smart about it. Try not getting lost !!


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