How to Decorate a Wedding Venue on a Low Budget

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is a celebration of love, understanding, unity, and passion. It is an event catering to new horizons within a relationship. While others consider the wedding ceremony itself as the ultimate goal, no one can just brush off the importance of the wedding reception, the decorations, the limousine rental etc. etc.

 Wedding reception in a garden with the best garden storage bench in the UK offers a chance for the groom and bride to relax and enjoy their first couple moments as husband and wife while enjoying the fun and festivities brought about by friends and families. This is why most people spend a lot on this big event. The major factor that holds back the execution of magnificent ideas is the budget; however, whatever style it may be, you can always opt for budget-friendly alternatives and solutions to your wedding woes. 

What Not To Do At Your Wedding

              Here are some tips from the wedding organizers at Factory 51 in Brisbane on how to have a beautiful wedding venue on a low budget:


♥ Make Your Tables Pop ♥


Get yards of your favorite fabrics at a craft store, mix and match them up, and create a soft and intimate atmosphere. Combining patterned designs with a plain mantelpiece would always be a great idea to make colors pop, but you are always welcome to experiment.



If flowers and florists are too expensive for your budget, you can always opt for other options other than the traditional blooming centerpieces. More greenery is in, so you can put evergreen, small plants on the table. Small terrariums with a patch of moss can provide a romantic feel on the table.


Colored glassware

Instead of splurging on extravagant centerpieces, you can instead rent sets of colored glassware that can instantly make the colors leap out of your table.

⇑⇑ Make them look up ⇑⇑


Gather up your favorite lightweight fabric and drape your ceilings. For a formal and elegant approach, white cloth is handy. With these, you can go lighter on your table decorations, which are normally more expensive, as people’s attention will be brought upwards, admiring the beautiful scenery at the top.


Lanterns or other hanging decorations

Who said that decors should only be on the table top? You can hang lots of paper lanterns of neutral colors in different sizes to give a fresh look at the reception. Likewise, you can also hang flowers instead of going heavy on table centerpieces. This way, it can give your guests a more spacious and fresh ambiance.

♥ Opt for picture-perfect backdrops ♥

Photo wall

A photo wall would be a nice idea to decorate your plain walls. This can be made up of your engagement photos, or even family pictures from the side of the groom and bride. These pictures can also be good conversation starters for guests and relatives to reminisce some memories in this special family occasion.


Backdrops and Backgrounds

In this modern world where people pursue the Instagram-perfect life, backdrops and backgrounds are essential. When you cannot afford venues with awesome landscapes, create a photo booth that has a stunning focal point as a photo backdrop. Use easily customizable materials such as balloons, paper flowers and colored paper to give depth, color popping, and elements of geometric marvel.

♥ Use Calligraphic Signage & Menus ♥

Printed materials are not only harmful to the environment but also quite pricey. Get some recycling points by using old chalkboards emblazoned with beautiful writings for any signage you want. You need not some professional calligraphers, a family member who has raw talents or invest in young talents to do the job.

♥ Flare Up Some Dramatic Lighting ♥

Candles and lamps

Using the candles and lamps on top of the tables can serve dual-purpose – as a centerpiece and as a source of light. When paired with some dramatic effect, it can create dimension and a magnificent scene of dancing lights.


White Christmas lights

Dig up your box of Christmas decors for some Christmas lights. These small flashes make good designs for anything you want to highlight on your special day and can make a totally different story within the wedding reception. 

 While it is true that wedding is all about the feeling, it is important to have wedding receptions as big parties to be an avenue for the union of two families. With a little creativity on your side, advanced planning, and some do-it-yourself effort, you can have an elegant event without booming up the expense list.

Always remember that there are no rules to wedding receptions, and you can make the best out of what you have if you let your imagination take you.

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