How The Limousine Became a Symbol Of Luxury

“In New York, there is always something to look at, but it is all infinitely more interesting through a window in the backseat of a limousine.”

― Anna Godbersen, Bright Young Things

What Defines Luxury?

We all want to experience a life of value. This experience is easily made possible for many by simply having a sweet ride. Limousines invoke a feeling of class and represent luxury and comfort. You don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy the amenities of a high-quality limo ride. There are many reasons why someone would book a limousine. What’s yours?

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How It Began

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.” – Edward Gibbon

The concept of Limousines is quite simple and one that began rather early on in the 1700’s.

  • The word “Limousine”, originated from the French area, “Limoges Province”, formerly referring to a hooded cloth that the French shepherds wore to guard themselves against stormy or windy weather.
  • Now, the Limousine that we have come to know and love so, is describing the vehicle in which stands out from the rest, The Stretch Limo.

The notion of privacy is what originally set Limos apart from regular vehicles.

  • Chauffeur’s have existed long since horse and buggy and are still a very important position.
  • To this day, you can still find Chauffeur For Hire careers because limousine companies offer something you cannot get from a regular vehicle, a truly incomparable experience.

A Link To The Past

“I have scattered the seeds of the future.” – Daphnes Nohansen

In the 1700’s it started in Limoges Province, with French shepherds who would cover their heads to protect themselves from the sometimes risky weather while courting wealthy clients around on horse and buggy.

  • It was this innovative behavior that gave the spark to the original concept for Limousines, as their cloaked head was often referred to as a Limousine.

In the late 1800’s and Early 1900’s, The French Province, Limoges developed the first engine-powered limousine.

  • This new invention was similar to the horse and buggy, where the driver sat under a now hooded area that was separate from their clients.
  • It wasn’t until later when Americans kept the creative process going.

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Later in the 1920’s, the only variance between a regular car and a limo was that a 1920 limo had 2 compartments, a lot like our taxi cabs and police cars of today.

  • But, that all changed within a few years when a man from Arkansas, USA, engineered America’s very first limousine in 1928.
  • However, they weren’t referred to as limos but as “big-band busses”, named after the big bands with big instruments that they frequently booked for travel.

    Fun Fact: President Franklin D Roosevelt used to ride around in an armored Cadillac that had previously belonged to Al Capone.

Beginning in the 1930’s, more vehicles of transport we’re coming out onto the scene and we called them, cars. But, men in business didn’t fancy their lack of fancy.

  • Wealthy people needed to feel like a step above the rest.
  • Thus, the stretch limo was perfected and given to the public.
  • Limos in this time were used mainly for the famous to commute to and from their movie sets along with the wealthy to explore the cities around the hotels that they reserved and for the Presidents.

Around 1960, we really got to work with the design and customization of Limousines for travel.

  • The president, John F. Kennedy was even chauffeured around in a stretch Lincoln Limo that reached up to 33 inches when stretched!
  • It was safe to say that Limousines were quickly becoming the Status Symbol of the bountiful and people really had their eyes on it. 

Half Of A Century Later

“Society moves slowly toward civilization, but when we compare epochs half a century or even quarter of a century apart, we perceive many signs that progress is made.” – Lydia Marie Child

1980’s were a success in the invention of even longer limousines.

  • It was a normal occurrence to see locals fawning over the 54-inch vehicles as they pass along the streets.
  • It wasn’t long before these Limos turned into party busses, used for special occasions such as for weddings and proms and even used by celebrities to showcase their entrance.

1990’s-2000’s offered a promising future for the Limo company as we began to introduce the desirable features that we now enjoy today such as the 20 seats, open bars, advanced audio engineering, beautiful light elements, internet, and so much more.

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What About Limos Today?

“Everybody has their 15 minutes, and those 15 minutes should be spent in a private limo and a private airplane. It’s the ultimate.” – William Shatner

Currently the most desired avenue of business travel for celebrities and citizens alike, limousines are the top choice in transportation services and have become affordable for nearly everyone and their style of needs.

  • We use limos today to shuttle passengers to and from the Airports, to safely pilot clients to and from their Corporate Meetings, for various Special Occasions whether it be a wedding or a prom an is a preferred service with the use of our Travel Managers and more!

Today, most Corporations want you to arrive home safely after business meetings in which you must travel to.

  • Often, because of this concern, they will provide you with a limousine service to establish that your safety is met by a professional.
  • Personal Chauffeurs always have your best interest in mind.
  • It’s choosing reliability and receiving a service that you can count on.

At A1A Limousine and Airport Services, we have a pleasing selection of amenities to accompany your luxurious travel experience. Click here to get in touch with our Professionals to help you into the best ride of your life and you can stay longer than 15 minutes.

Written By: Dee Haller


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