How Smartphones Run The Business world

Ever since its inception, smartphones have evolved from being just a luxury to a must-have item for all business. Back then in the 90’s without the smartphone technology, it was difficult to connect with your clients as quickly as it is now since the growing usage of smartphones. In recent times smartphones allow you to perform your job duties anywhere you find yourself and at any point in time. And this being a significant factor for business growth, provides for significant business increment.


The most significant factor for business growth is through marketing and Ads, which can be easily achieved through mobile-friendly marketing strategies.The world has gone digital now so it can be boldly stated that a marketing strategy carried out via smartphone technology is most likely to hit all your target market. Take Facebook and Amazon Ads for example; imagine the rate of clientele a single Ad from one of this social media Giants would reach.


Since the methods by which smartphones run the business world cannot be fully established, here are, some primary means smartphones has been able to revolutionize the business world in a more professional way

Convenience Of Booking

Gone are the days of long queues for ticket bookings and reservations. Smartphones have made bookings more professional. Booking for a flight ticket is possible via a smartphone; this encourages early booking as smartphones are more handy and preferred than any other means of booking. Same goes for cinemas, concerts, hotel reservations, etc. this allows for an increase in sales, time-saving, customer convenience and professional flexibility. Here’s an excellent example of convenient booking.


Easy Interaction With Clients

An average smartphone user reads notifications at least 1hr after receipt. This allows for a quick and easy means of communication with customers. Via social media interaction, you get immediate feedback on your products and services. The introduction of review pages for customers enables them to respond to your service almost immediately. This particular feature in adversely increase customer service and improves your products too.


Highly Flexible

A flexible business stands more chance of sales increase than a non-flexible one. So how does a company become flexible or what do most flexible businesses do?  The ability to reach out to your clientele whenever however and wherever is what flexibility entails. Even if you are away from the office, your customers can still be able to keep up communication with you. The higher your flexibility as a business, the more you show your clients that you are the one to go with. With a smartphone, you can organize business meetings anywhere, schedule interviews and also initiate conference calls. Cell phones increase your ability to multitask.

Makes Online Marketing Easy

Not only does smartphones aid in advertising your products and services, but it also provides a cheaper means of product advertisement. In the early days of internet usage, most people don’t have access to the internet for an extended period. What they do is hey log-on to the internet, surf for a while and then log-off. With a smartphone, your customer base is connected to the internet 24/7. Logging on and logging off is now a thing of the past. Over 90% of Adult Americans own smartphones. Being a necessity, it is convenient to say that smartphones have created a ubiquitous mode of connectivity to your clientele. According to eMarketer, 66.5 billion US local search queries were done in 2015 via smartphones which by far supersedes that of desktop users.

Global Access

Excellent communication is highly essential to successful business practices. In recent times, smartphones have made it possible to contact clients across the globe. If you travel internationally, you can regularly keep in touch with your clientele. Most smartphones have features that enable you to call for a long period without having to go through the cost of a long distance phone call. With a smartphone, you can write emails, send documents, and access the internet. Smartphones have improved a lot of businesses by allowing international clients gain access to lots of information first hand. Mobile friendly adverts and websites is a preferred choice for in-depth engagement of your customer base.