Calling All Party Goers: Hottest Dance Clubs in Miami

Ready to bust a move in South Beach? You’re in luck, Miami is home to some of the world’s greatest dance clubs. 

Party seekers travel from all over the US to get a taste of the luxurious night life of Miami’s famous dance clubs have to offer.

Are you and your fellow party goers ready to book that flight to Miami? Lets go!

Fort Lauderdale or Miami: Which Airport Is Right for You?

You survived the air ride and your Limousine Chauffeur just transported you to your hotel in style. Ready to party? Jump into your raddest party attire cause it’s about to go down ⇓⇓⇓




Let’s Party!

House Nightclub

1915 NW Miami Ct., Miami, FL

Looking to raise the roof or bring the house down?

  • You’re in luck cause House Nightclub is the go-to party house.


  • It is designed to serve as a “fully integrated concept nightclub” and boasts stunning 3D panoramic projections, holographic images and other innovative sights and sounds you simply won’t find elsewhere.

With ease, they deliver an awe-inspiring experience that guests are sure to appreciate: 

1)  An Awesome choice if you’re trying to skip the quiet bar-scene, and go for the night life thrill!

2) The perfect place for you and your girl to grab a drink and live it up!

3) Got that promotion from you new job? The perfect place to grab some friends and celebrate.

4) Party lights and glowing decor, defiantly animates the place creating the ultimate party atmosphere.

Wall Lounge

2201 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL

Looking for that Disco-tech party scheme?

  • Wall Lounge always deliver the dance club experience people imagine when they think: Miami & Dance Club.


  • If you’re in Miami you cannot miss the chance to experience the Wall Lounge.

Here is what this dico-tech themed dance club of a lifetime delivers:

1) Hosting a variety of events throughout the year, making it one of the most interactive night clubs to encounter on the strip.

2) This thriller keeps it interesting with new DJ’s regularly, ensuring you can get your groove on with a wide range of music.

3) The unique disco atmosphere will make it feel like the 70’s again with a twist of modern tech.

4) With a glowing atmosphere you’ll be attracted to this disco-tech oasis like moths…rad party hungry moths!

Club Space

34 NE 11th Street, Miami, FL

An Out of this world nightlife wonder. 

  • This unique Space themed night-club delivers a high standard dance floor and bar lounge, where you can either boogie with the rest of the party animals, or take it easy and lounge at the bar. Either way, you can’t go wrong when you choose anything space themed. It’s out of this world!

Why you should choose Club Space as your take off for your Miami night-life adventure: 

1) If you and your party goers been club hopping all night and all else on the strip is closed, you can count on Club Space to be left stayed open and party all night to sunrise long.

2) The “place to go” for dance music in Miami, Club Space offers a distinct mix of lighting, sound and visuals to create an exceptional dance club experience.

3) Club Space has been a Miami favorite for over a decade and continues to provide pulse-pounding music that brings dancers to their feet night after night.

4) Furthermore, Club Space continuously hosts guest DJ’s, enabling you to get off your feet and dance to the vast array of music. Club Space knows how to deliver Night-Life


1906 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL

Embark on a sensory journey. 

  • Ah yes, the classier taste of Miami night life experience, Bâoli. Delivers an elegant atmosphere pulling your into it’s 5 star hospitality and serving-up top quality dishes.

To experience the best of Miami’s nightlife scene, there may be no better choice than a visit to Bâoli:

1) For years, Bâoli has offered a superior mix of sophistication and sass, making it a favorite for Miami residents and visitors alike. It often remains a popular choice among A-list celebrities as well, which means there’s a chance you could meet your favorite TV or movie personality at this unique destination.

2) This elegant nightlife destination provides superb food & refreshing drinks. Expect you as well as your party goers to enjoy a delectable meal and burn off the calories by dancing it off on the dance floor. 

3) Hosts exclusive/private events (You need to check out before hitting Miami): Bâoli’s Exclusive Events 2018

4) The perfect place for night-life / or date night. What a way to impress the girl!

Put Your Shades On & Travel in Style

Any night out in Miami requires certain level of planning and presentation.

However, when it comes to traveling to any of Miami’s top dance clubs, you may encounter problems if you drive into South Beach on your own or select a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber.

Driving into Miami can be tricky, especially for those who are planning to attend a dance club. You may encounter traffic along the way, and after you reach your final destination, you may be forced to pay for parking as well.

In addition, ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber employ drivers who often are only focused on going from fare to fare. And with the “surge pricing” policies sometimes in place with these services, you may end up paying high costs for low-quality ground transportation.

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