Here Comes The Bride, In A Stretch Limousine!

It’s your special day and you want it to be perfect. Every little detail must be considered. By planning well in advance and focusing on each task separately, planning becomes much easier.


Wedding transportation is crucial. Accompanied by timelessness as well as elegance, stretch limousines are the traditional choice for the bride. And for a good reason too! However, what about the wedding party? Immediate family, and out-of-town guests?


Let’s take a look at the available options, logistics, and potential costs involved in reserving limo transportation. After setting the date, wedding party size, and ceremony/reception sites. Choosing the best limousine service to meet your needs is our specialty. 



When Should You Book Your Wedding Car? 

This should be done at least 6-9 months in advance, especially if your wedding dates in April, May, or June: prom and graduation season, a time when the best limousine services will be in high demand.


Unknowing of what holiday or special events might occur. Don’t risk booking last second. The early bird gets the worm. Or in other words, the early bird gets their dream limo. 


Next, it’s time to decide who you’ll need to transport to the ceremony, reception, and home. This will depend on your budget and distance, if any, between your ceremony/reception sites. There are some practical solutions and many benefits to hiring a professional limo service.


They understand the importance of ensuring your special day goes off without a hitch and can provide safe, reliable and on-time transportation for any number of people.


There are many types of first-class luxury vehicles, such as Town Cars, a wedding party bus, limo bus, and the classic stretch limousine.


The Destinations

There are three destinations to consider:

  1. The trip to the ceremony
  2. Reception
  3. Getaway


The bride and groom usually travel separately to the ceremony, often accompanied by their respective attendants. Therefore, the type of vehicles you use will depend on your preferences, the size of your wedding party, and your budget.


Average Costs

Most limousine companies require leasing a vehicle for a minimum of 3 hours. Prices generally range from $250-$500, depending on your choice of vehicles. Typically, the limo transportation waits during the ceremony. However, after transport to the reception, you may want to release the limousine cars until a designated time following the reception.


Finally, even though there’s quite a bit of information online by searching Limo Rental Near Me, don’t rely on Limousine Car Images alone. Physically visit the limo company and examine their fleet to ensure they’re suitable for your needs.


In addition, verify the chauffeurs are professionally trained and properly insured and licensed. You’ll want to also inquire as to what type of attire they will wear for your special occasion. Before signing a contract, make sure all of your specific details are verified and included in the contract.


Stretch Limousine

The type of limo transportation you choose can really enhance your special day and create memories to last a lifetime. An elegant stretch limousine has all of the amenities for a red-carpet wedding, as well as style, comfort, and beautiful aesthetics.

The average stretch limousine holds 8-10 people. However, keep in mind that you and your bridesmaids will be decked out in gowns, so you’ll need extra space for comfort and to prevent gowns from wrinkling. 


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Bridal party is too large to fit comfortably in a stretch limousine?

Considering separate limo transportation is ideal for a larger wedding party! For example:

  • Limousine Car for the Bridal Party
  • Party Bus for the Groom / Groomsmen


Either way, your attendants and others for whom you provided limo transportation will need a way to the reception. Typically, the bride and groom take a private limousine car to the reception.


Your wedding party can be comfortably accommodated in a stretch limousine. In addition to leaving the ceremony, you and your spouse can ride to the reception in one of the stretch limousines.


While the bridesmaids and groomsmen can share the other. Hiring a professional limo service ensure the availability as well as precise coordination of multiple vehicles. In addition to on time arrivals!


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Wedding Party Bus

If you have a large wedding party, immediate family members, and out-of-town guests, you may want to consider renting a wedding party bus. You’ll be amazing at the beauty of the party bus interior and amenities available. Designate a playlist of music for your guests to enjoy, as well as snacks and beverages.


Times and locations for pickup and drop-off points can be scheduled in advance. This is a great practical solution to coordinating safe and fun transportation for everyone. Make sure you specify the minimum/maximum number of passengers in advance to ensure everyone can be comfortably accommodated.



Luxury Ground Transportation

With affordable limousine service, you’re provided with the best in luxury ground transportation. The professionally-trained chauffeurs are dressed in the classic chauffeur attire and your own personal concierge will ensure your limo transportation experience is the very best.



In addition, you’ll enjoy comfort, style, safety, and security to all of your destinations. You’ll receive the red-carpet treatment, including complimentary champagne and your choice of music.



Benefits of Hiring a Professional Limo Service

 Luxury transportation is an important factor when planning for the big day. Your wedding day is the day where you’ll want everything to run smoothly.


Letting a professional handle all the driving is ideal for any event that involves punctuality. Your guests will arrive to the desired destination on time as well as in luxury.


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Benefits of hiring a professional limo service are:

  • Epic photogenic moments
  • Arrive safely, in style, & on time
  • Sit back relax without the worry of battling traffic
  • Personal concierge services
  • Peace of mind
  • Red-carpet treatment






Written By: Margie Lubin


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