Getting A Luxury Car Without The Luxury Price

If you’ve been considering upgrading your ride to a luxury car, or maybe just want to reward all your hard work with your dream car, you probably have noticed that the costs can accumulate faster than you expected! You’re not alone! The price of luxury seems to get steeper and steeper with each passing year. This not only has to do with the value of the brand name, but also with all the new bells and whistles these cars come with. No longer are leather seats and a nice exterior the only qualifying factors for top-model cars. We have entered the era where the technology in cars defines their class and thus their price.

Not all hope is lost if your dream car seems out of reach! When buying a new car, you are not only paying for the brand, the design, and tech, but you are also paying for the privilege of being the first person to drive that beauty off the lot. That privilege also comes at a hefty price. Typically the moment you drive your car off the lot and onto the road, the value of your luxury car has plummeted down to the wholesale price. 

Enough With the bad news!
How do I get a luxury car cheaper?

If you’re looking to save a little cash and still get into that new car, you definitely have options available! One way to get that new ride is to purchase a used or certified pre-owned car

Now I know you may be thinking: “I don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems!” but that is rarely the case if you do your due diligence. Often times you can get excellent used cars that will last you for many years to come or even that are almost as good as new! 

2016 BMW 3 Series
The 2016 BMW 3 Series is still considered one of the best used luxury cars to buy in 2017!

Remember that instant depreciation we talked about just a bit ago? That applies to someone who may have bought that same car, realized it wasn’t for them, and took it back to get something else shortly after. It’s a hefty price to pay for jumping the gun on their purchase, but that price is on them! It definitely pays to take advantage of someone else’s indecision. 

Auto Guide has some great recommendations for great luxury cars to buy used!

What should I look for when purchasing a used luxury car?

There’s a saying that the best used car to buy is the newest one you can afford. This is definitely good advice packaged into a simple saying and it’s worthwhile to listen to. Unless the model you’re looking for is a bit older, shopping around and keeping the age of the car in mind is a great practice.

Beyond that, here are some tips that can help you during your shopping experience.

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Have the vehicle scanned & inspected.

Even if the vehicle looks perfect on the lot, any reputable dealer should have no issue taking a car computer to it to show there are no errors appearing. Not only does it show that no errors or issues are hiding beneath that beautiful exterior, but it will also give you peace of mind when taking your new car out!

If you aren’t well versed in the auto-repair world, having a friend of mechanic you trust come with you to give a once-over is also a great idea.

Check the center command system & electronics.

Not every issue in a car can be found from a scanner.  Make sure to check all the interior electronics to make sure there are no glaring defects or damage. This car is going to be yours hopefully for years to come, so spending an additional 10-20 minutes checking every gadget is definitely worth the time.

Check for modifications

If the previous owner was an enthusiast or just a tinkerer, you may find that the car has been modified in some way. It is always good to ask if the dealer is aware of any after-market modifications that has been made to the car, and always check it over yourself as well. These modifications can not only jeopardize any remaining warranty the car may have, but if improperly installed it could cause serious problems down the road.

If everything checks out, it's time to check out!

If you’ve found a great deal, or even haggled for a better deal, and everything looks great on the car, you may have found the gem you’re taking home!

Not only will you save yourself the frustration of the instant-depreciation from buying it new, but more than likely you will have a nice luxury car that didn’t cost you anywhere near what the last person paid.

Be sure to buy yourself a new pair of shades with all those savings and take your new ride out for a victory lap!

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