Gaining Consumer Trust In Car Connectivity

In this day and age, where technology grows ever more complex, day by day, and not only our phones, but our cars have become computers, people want to know a few things. They want to know if this technology helps or hinders them. Does it protect us ,or pose an added threat if something does goes wrong. These and many other questions abound, but the answer to them, is never quite as clear as we hoped, more so melting into the proverbial gray area that is the middle ground between yes and no, good and bad, light and dark.

Individuals who presented in Brussels at the Connected Cars Europe 2017 conference believe unity is the answer. That the industry as a whole, all the networking, applications, services and manufacturing must be made to work together as a cohesive whole, chugging away like a well oiled machine with the sole purpose in mind of delivering unto the customer everything that has been asked of them, with all the assurances of safety and security possible. This is as good a plan as any, and if implemented well, without any interference from one company or the next, it could in all likelihood work to the desired effect.

A big part of this plan, is the creation of automated cars, and not just a car that can drive itself, but a truly automated vehicle, one that is capable of communication with all other cars on the road, alerting them in milliseconds of any accident that may occur. These are the aptly named “Talking Cars” of our future. Ranking in automation from 0 to 5, they stand at the pinnacle of 5, a summit we have not yet been able to climb to. Tesla is beginning manufacturing of cars in the 3 to 4 range, in that they are capable of driving without human assistance, but do not yet have the technology to communicate among themselves.

In the end though, what do automated cars mean for us? What do they mean for we the people who will be buying them, being driven by them, and putting our trust in them? Well the most glaring difference in my eyes is that accidents will become all but nonexistent. Short of mechanical failures machines don’t make mistakes. They don’t go 70 on a street where the speed limit is 30, they don’t run red lights, and they certainly don’t get drunk on a Friday night and decide to wing it and drive home anyway. So in theory, it will be safer, much safer.

What though, does this mean for the limousine service of the future? In all likelihood destinations and addresses will be preprogrammed, pickup times neatly scheduled, and the limousine itself will almost never be late. Party bus prices will drop, as they will no longer need a professional driver, only a “party facilitator” if you will, with the job of a DJ while simultaneously watching to make sure all the rules are followed within the vehicle itself in lieu of the driver. The limo service of tomorrow could very well consist of a fleet of “talking cars” or “talking limousines” and a small group of people in an office somewhere to answer the phone calls, schedule the pickups and make sure the whens and wheres are kept in order. It’s almost funny to think that 10 years from now when you search up “car services near me” you will mean exactly that, a car. No well dressed driver in a pressed suit come to get you, just you, and whoever else you’ve brought along, if anyone.

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There are a few companies preparing for this future, so near yet feeling so far away. In Germany data is being analyzed to help create the next generation of technology that performs faster and at a higher level than ever before, but with speed there must also be usability.

A machine that has been made faster than any other of its kind, but that breaks down periodically is unacceptable. Of course perfection is impossible, but to be marketable it must be as close to perfect as possible in order to be marketable at all. It truly will be a challenge, making something never before seen, and having to get it right the first time or fail entirely.

There can be no half measures here, the automotive industry if it hopes to conquer this monumental feat cannot settle for the familiarity of the gray area. They must either go for the gold or give up entirely. 

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

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