Free Desktop Programs Every Business Professional Should Have

Non-stop flights, back-to-back meetings, finishing reports from the back of a limousine—it’s all in a day’s work for today’s professional.

As a business professional, most of your work relies on computing. You will want to know that you are using the best, most reliable tools for the job. What you may not realize, however, is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for authentic business software.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular software available as Free Desktop Programs that every professional should have.

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LibreOffice & G Suite 

For: The Business Professional


A free alternative to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is the successor to OpenOffice. This powerful office suite is compatible document formats created with Microsoft products.

Now you can: 

  • Utilize the same clean, high-quality documents as your colleagues, without monthly or yearly subscription fees.
  • Create and edit word documents with Writer, Create Spreadsheets with Calc, and Design Presentations with Impress.
  • The suite also includes programs for diagrams, databases, and formula editing.

G Suite

Like LibreOffice, G Suite offers a free solution to your need for office suite software. The main difference with G Suite is that it is cloud-based.

G Suite apps include:

  • Docs, a Word Processor.
  • Slides, for Creating Presentations.
  • Sheets, for Managing Spreadsheets.
  • App Maker, which allows you to create your own custom business apps.

Since G Suite relies on Google’s server for storage, rather than your computer’s hard drive, you can access your files anywhere that you have internet connectivity. This opens the doors for you to work from a traditional office or the back of an elegant limousine.

Limo Meaning:

A limousine is a large, luxury automobile, especially one driven by a chauffeur. The limousine car interior typically features seating along the back and sides of the vehicle, as well as a privacy partition to separate the chauffeur and passengers.


Looking for free Photoshop online?  GIMP, or, GNU Image Manipulation Program is an excellent alternative to the Adobe software. GIMP’s image editing software is available for most operating systems, including:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

The program is loaded with features and customization options, plus it is highly compatible with third-party plugins. Its user-friendly interface makes GIMP easy to work with, no matter if you’re a long-time graphic designer or a novice photographer new to image editing.

Visit their official website for the GIMP Free Download. Then snap a photo of your limo inside and try out your new image editing software!

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Trello is great as a way for your team to stay on the same page with a visual representation of current or upcoming tasks and projects. The idea for Trello stems from the Japanese Kanban, “visual signal” or “card” method used by Toyota’s manufacturing line workers as far back as the 1940s.

You can create as many kanban cards or lists as you need to organize your business using the free plan. There’s no need to be stuck in a conference room when you have such incredible tools at your fingers tips.

Stay structured and easily keep in contact with your team back in the office, all while you’re being chauffeured via limo service.

Chauffeured Meaning:

There are drivers, and then there are chauffeurs. Driving around in a strange city, whether as a visitor for business or for leisure, can be stressful. Chauffeur service provides the benefits of having someone else drive you around with the security of riding with a licensed professional, as well as the added perk of arriving at your destination in style.

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With Wave, you get a great free accounting services app. Additional features include payment processing and payroll management, but to access those services you have to pay for the add-ons.

Free features include the ability to create and edit reports, access invoicing, and do tax calculations. Don’t worry if you forgot to add the limo price into your expense report.

You can track income and expenses through Wave, so you can add a line for the limousine hire right into the report. 

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Online Customer Relationship Management from the all-in-one system. Capsule lets you keep information for:

  • All of your Leads
  • Vendors
  • Contacts
    —as well as—
  • Current Customers and Vendors

The CRM allows you to give other members of your Team access to the information they need. Thus, allowing Sales and Customer Service Teams the ability to keep up what each Team Member has done so far.

This improves efficiency by eliminating the need to call and email other departments for progress reports while providing a centralized location for data storage.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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