Forget about Wi-Fi! What Is Li-Fi? New Technology For Business Professionals

We love the interwebs!

Everyone uses the internet, from business professionals to children and with new technology, even our pets can communicate with us through the network speed of the internet.

But, what if there could be a faster and safer way to communicate? One without emitting high-frequencies of radioactive waves that penetrate our body’s tissues, speeding up our cells faster than we can comprehend?

What if we could save time, money and work more efficiently from anywhere than just where there is “wi-fi” or a 4G, soon to be 5G data transfer tower?

Did I mention saving the planet? The cell towers that run our connections are usually gas powered, contributing heavily to polluting the earth.

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Data Lifi Techonology

Behold, The Solution For
All Business Professionals:

What in the world is that?

I’m glad you asked. Li-fi is hands down, the solution to all of the problems I listed above. Here’s the scoop!

Li-Fi is short for Light Fidelity. This incredible system is run from VLC or, Visible Light Communication. This works much like Wi-Fi by running a way to wirelessly communicate at an extremely high speed and data transfer rate!

Imagine it like this:

  • With Wi-Fi, you have a router.
    • This router sends signals through to a tower that receives the signal and sends one back.
  • With Li-Fi, you have a light bulb.
    • Common LED bulbs found in your home or local store can transmit 224G of data per second, which is jaw-droppingly over 100X the amount that Wi-Fi can.

When you use Li-Fi, you eliminate the middle-man and your data is being sent much smoother and faster with less risk of crashing or getting lost.

The term, “Li-Fi” was created by the University of Edinburgh, Professor Harald Haas. While in the midst of a TED Talk in the year of 2011, Professor Haas had a vision that one day, light bulbs would act as wireless routers, and he was right!

This could be the biggest breakthrough in technology for the world, affecting everyone, and perhaps offering you ways to grow your business that you had never imagined prior!

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Visible Light Tech

How Does It Work Though?

Through the visible light spectrum.

We know that like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi transits data wirelessly and we know that it does so through the visible light spectrum, but just how does this work?

Li-Fi works by having a power source go straight to an LED light.

  1. Once the light gets power, particles that we know to be photons, are then released.
  2. LEDs semi-conduct the light from the lamps.
  3. The signal intensity of the light is what determines how much received data is collected from the photodetector.
  4. After detected, the light and data are then redirected into an electrical current and sent to the receiving device.

Li-Fi sounds like a luxurious upgrade in comparison to the harmful radiation that Wi-Fi and 4-5G towers put off!

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Li-Fi Technology Can Be Used Anywhere LED Lights Are

Where Can Li-Fi Be Used At?

Up high, down low!

Li-Fi is powered by LED lights. This means any LED light would be able to offer you access to the internet no matter where you were, as long as the LED lights were available.

Consider This:

You won’t have to worry about turning on, “Airplane Mode,” during a flight when there is work to be done. Imagine not having to pay for a hotspot just to take the internet on your limousine ride.

At the current moment ‘in the USA’, Li-fi on airplanes is banned, but not for long, hopefully!

Or even better, bask in the reality of not relying on 4 & soon to be 5G that is destroying the very structure of our living cells.

Li-Fi is a solution to many and a must have for all! It is currently available in selective areas of the US and other countries across the globe. By 2024, we hope it dominates!

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Cell Tower Destruction

What’s So Bad About Wi-Fi & 4-5G?

Molecular destruction.

Our bodies are made of 60-70% water. This fluid makes up our blood, tissues, and cells and surrounds each to protect them.

When we introduce microwave radio waves into our personal bubble, we are now introducing irreversible cellular changes.

Wi-Fi and 4-5G are harmful in various ways but mostly because of the amount of radiation that is transmitted in order to send and receive data.

What happens is, our cells are revved up to the speed of the data transfer due to the radiation and heat that comes with it. This, in turn, starts changing the structure of the molecules that make up our bodies on a very teeny tiny level.

As this goes on, cellular atrophy and impairment begins and affects our hormones and even our thought patterns as well as disrupting our bodies biological clock.

Li-Fi removes this option and provides a much safer outlook for the future of the internet for families and business professionals alike, which is what we all are hoping for!

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Business Technology

How Can Li-Fi Help Business?

It’s easy!

Li-Fi is a simple conductor of the interwebs by using LED electricity. Presumably, this could even become solar-powered LED lighting and internet but that’s a bit in the future to go off on.

This little change can bring booming success to any professional business or corporate office.

Li-Fi could be used as a main provider of power to large places like:

You can use LED overhead lights in your office and power up each desk with internet. How convenient!?

If driving in your vehicle or while riding in luxury ground transportation, you can avoid using up all of your “unlimited data” with a wireless hotspot from your phone company. Take the internet on the road with you when your car uses LED headlamps.

You can see that the possibilities will become pretty much endless as we continue on this journey to discovering Li-Fi. Some discreet companies in the Southeast of North America offer Li-Fi services.

If you’re up for it, wait another year or so and Li-Fi should be hitting the market for many regions and years to come!

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The internet is the major source of information and the leading network for communication between families and business professionals across the globe. Li-Fi is becoming worldwide so you can take it with you in the future. When planning an upcoming trip, stay up-to-date with what amenities your car service offers.

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Written By: Dee Haller


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