Calling a Limo Will Never be the Same

Times are changing, everything’s improving and your limo experience will only keep getting better! 

Genuine driving extravagance has for quite some time been characterizing by the escort – being driven rather than driving yourself. Regardless of whether in a limousine, town car, limo car or a premium SUV. Get ready for the future of tech! Your standard limo rental service will be doing a level-up!

What method will driving extravagance be characterizing when everybody is being driven inside completely independent vehicles?

Renault investigates this inquiry with the all-new EZ-Ultimo idea, a comfortable traveling living room upon request by the ride. Hour or day, offering a progressively extravagant and private option in contrast to ride sharing. 

Profound Jump With Luxury Ground Transportation

Renault has completed jump in the excellence of our independent, electric future over the previous year. Starting with Symbioz driving/living idea and stretching out during this present time’s EZ arrangement (From about a year ago).

Recently demonstrating how independence can be adjusted toward ordinary ride-offering to the Geneva-appeared EZ-Go. Moving forward the bundle conveyance with the EZ-Expert presented a month ago.

  • The new car completes the EZ’s family tree, taking a gander at a progressively premium type of self-sufficient ride-offering to the EZ-Ultimo.

Renault’s luxury ground transportation would contend with the Ubers and taxi administrations of things to come. Meeting fundamental urban and rural driving needs. The Dimension 4 EZ-Ultimo, in the mean time, would live more remote up market. Where the present private vehicle and limousine administrations work together.

While the EZ-Go is intend to stack up to six individuals, the EZ-Ultimo is leaning toward three or less, giving people a progressively private, personal driving background for:

Limo Companies Are Moving Towards a New Standard In Luxury

“As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride-hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge,” explains Laurens van den Acker, Renault SVP of corporate design.

“Embodying this revolution, EZ-Ultimo offers a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider. Inspired by contemporary architecture, and completely integrating in future smart cities, EZ-Ultimo will provide an exclusive experience for all.”

Much more than your basic airport shuttle, the EZ-Ultimo estimates a large portion of a meter (1.6 feet) longer at 5.7 m (18.7 feet), its wheels pushed out in a 3.88-m (12.7-foot) wheelbase. All that space is utilizes to make an ultra-open parlor for its three travelers.

Guaranteeing they’ll feel alright, making the EZ- Ultimo arguably the best limousine on the market.

Renault’s “restrictive experience” starts when the luxury ground transportation arrival. Within milliseconds of its VIP-type customer exiting their pick up point.

The limo cars’ entryway slides forward to give travelers access, and like the Lagonda Vision Idea. The edge of the rooftop swings up to expand the extent of the passage for progressively agreeable entrance and departure.

Doorway To The Future Of Limos

The door is definitely big enough. Before the entryway opening, the parlor seat – by all signs, the #1 VIP situate – slides to the entryway from its driving position at the front of the vehicle.

The #1 traveler can thud down promptly and pivot and slide again into the right spot. Looking as the unmistakably second class #2 and 3 travelers situate themselves on the back seat.

  • In addition, the storage compartment region deals with baggage with a slide-out cabinet framework.

Limo Inside

Once inside, travelers appreciate a home-like environment completely roused by inside structure and dressed with the best wood, cowhide and marble stylistic theme and trim.

The new limousine has combined the past with the future when it comes to limo transportation. Giving its lodge a traditional vibe with retractable simple controls, lights and parlor seating. In other words, the entire thing feels more like a lodging than the inside of a car. For instance, to call it a town car would be an insult!

Window tinting? Check this out: The new limousine features a faceted glasshouse that gives protection from the outside world. A full all encompassing rooftop gives characteristic light surge access from above. Cool hu?

Business Travel Will Never Be The Same

In conclusion, the new limousine additionally offers another curve with its “enlarged article involvement” (AEX). It’s reveal wow’ed the crowed and tech professional from around the world.

Renault teamed up with the French distributing company, Groupe Difficulties. Teaming up, these guys assembled a progressive method for developing communication content. The AEX delivers customized content by constructing an intelligent, voice-instructed interface that can decode content. Reading the substance anyone might hear and give the perfect blend of internet based life-mix.

In other words, travelers can utilize their extra time for the standard self-governing vehicle exercises:

  • Visiting with one another
  • Loosening up the time away
  • Work on the go
  • Getting a charge out of computerized content

Excellence In Customer Service Will Never Go Out Of Style

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