Executive Travel: Amenities To Expect From a Charter Flight Service

Corporate travel is considered a given for most business executives. However, just because something is necessary, don’t mean that it has to be boring or inconvenient. Once you’ve experienced executive travel with a charter flight service, you won’t look at airport travel the same way again.



Business Flight

Booking a charter flight for business event transportation is less about luxury for its own sake and more about convenience. In other words, the amenities on board are curated for comfort, productivity, and maintaining your lifestyle during the flight.



Comfortable Travel

Forget about paying more for an airline seat with extra room to stretch your legs. Not even first class on a commercial airline is as comfortable as traveling in a private jet. Each model has its own features, but they typically provide larger seating, more headroom, and the ability to move freely throughout the aircraft.

For Example: It’s not uncommon for business jets to have wrap-around seating, similar to that in limousine cars. Other common features are large tables for where you can work, eat, or even relax with a board game. Larger private jets may even have full bed and bathrooms onboard.



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Productivity In The Workplace

Having enough workspace is just one aspect of private aircraft that allows for greater in-flight productivity. You have likely heard of executives taking business calls or entertaining clients in limo transportation. However, what you may not realize is that you can also conduct meetings in the air!


Not only can you bring clients along for an in-flight meeting, but you can also communicate with colleagues on the ground. In-flight Wi-Fi means that you can make:


  • Video calls
  • Access documents in cloud storage
  • Work performance that require internet access


Not having to put your work on pause until you land allows business executives to travel with little downtime.



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Professional Lifestyle

Typical clients who use a charter flight for executive travel aren’t necessarily looking to travel in luxury. Most are actually looking to maintain their lifestyle.

At a public airport, you have to battle traffic along winding roads as you look for the right terminal or parking area. You then have to lug your bags through the airport, wait through long security lines, and remove your coats and shoes for screening. These procedures take a lot of time. So much that most people arrive at the airport approximately two hours before their flights.

Compare that with private aviation. You can book a charter flight with as little as a few hours notice. If you own the plane, you may even be able to fly with a few moments notice.

Once onboard, you won’t be surrounded by sick strangers or crying children. Instead, your fellow passengers may be your:

  • Colleagues
  • Clients
  • Friends


The in-flight menu isn’t limited to a prearranged assortment of dishes. Instead, you may find a full kitchen capable of preparing anything from a basic burger and fries to a hearty meal of steak and potatoes. Private aviation gives to the freedom to enjoy your own lifestyle, even on the go.


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Luxury Travel Expert

Another major perk of charter flight executive travel is the ability for high-profile clients to travel inconspicuously. That doesn’t mean that they are hiding anything, though. The reasoning here is comparative to why VIPs use Town Cars or limousine service.

Yes, luxury ground transportation is often more comfortable that traveling in other types of cars. However, it’s also about security and moving efficiently.

If a celebrity were noticed on a commercial flight, he or she may be overwhelmed with fans looking for a chance to get close. This disturbance could delay the flight, or even create an unsafe situation for the passengers. High-profile clients use limousine cars with dark privacy tinting for similar reasons.


Private Aviation

Travel Safety

Booking a private charter flight is often thought to be safer than flying on a commercial airline. This is due, in part, to char flight services maintaining a fleet of newer jet models. Commercial airlines may use the same planes for many years to get the maximum usage out of the aircraft. Although, some feel that the older commercial planes are more likely to have mechanical or other failures.

There are other reasons that private aviation could make travelers feel safer. Some people are uncomfortable around strangers, so the lower passenger capacity alleviates some of that stress. Still others have a hard time sleeping in public and prefer to travel on a business jet with a private bedroom.

Whether or not there is any factual basis to these feelings, the perception of increased safety is important to high-profile and executive travel clients.



Saving Time and Money

In the business world, time is money. Therefore, traveling quickly and efficiently is even more important than the flight’s price tag. In fact, a charter flight may even come out cheaper than some commercial flights.

This is especially true in cases where the passengers split the flight’s operating costs with the pilot. In these cases, the total cost of the flight is calculated with regard to the flight’s length, type of plane, number of passengers, and other variables. Then, those total costs are split by the number of passengers to determine the final cost.

Determining your savings will ultimately depend on how frequently and how far you fly. In addition to monetary savings, you will definitely save time with a charter flight.

You won’t have to worry about finding driving directions to the proper terminal or making sure to wear comfy shoes for the walk from the parking area to the airport itself. For most private flights, your airport shuttle can take you right to your flight. You can also forget about connecting flights, airport transfer time, or long layovers. That’s because your private flight will head directly to your destination.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith


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