Packing For Business Travel : Essential Items To Bring Along

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

Packing for business travel isn’t really so different than packing for vacation. Just like you would for any other trip, the first step is to make a list. It should include everything that you need to take with you. Prioritize by placing the most important items at the top.

Business Packing List

Identification—And Several Backups

You know how embarrassed you feel when you’re you’re out to dinner and realize that you forgot your wallet? Now imagine doing that, but in the security line at the airport. Don’t attempt airport or business travel without your ID.

You’ll not only hold up the line behind you, but you might miss your flight. Make sure that you have the necessary ID when you need it, and bring a backup just in case!

  • Driver’s license (valid) or state ID
  • Passport (valid)
  • Birth certificate and/or Social Security card, if necessary
  • Business Licenses
  • Trade licenses
  • Operating documents
  • Any other badges or ID that may be necessary or helpful
  • First aid certification card
  • Security clearance passes

Travel Documents

Many airlines and other transportation companies let you access your documents via smartphone apps. While this is amazingly convenient for most people, pack a backup. Print out copies of your documents ahead of time.

  • Keep these on you in case your phone dies or won’t scan at the checkpoint.

Transport Tickets & Passes

Many public transportation vehicles won’t take cash or accept only exact change. If you have a pass of any kind, keep it on you. No one wants to end up late or stranded.

Itinerary – Flight Information

  • Don’t try to memorize flight, gate, or terminal numbers.
  • This information can change.
  • Keep a copy on you to cross-reference with the most up-to-date information.

Luxury Ground transportation

Having access of booking information for your airport limo shuttle is ideal.

Booking information will assist you in locating your limo chauffeur once you land. However, no worries, there will be a sign with your name on it! Easy find.

Boarding pass

Having to scan your boarding pass and ID will be ongoing throughout your airport venture. Keep your pass and ID handy at all times.

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Business Trip Packing List

Popular forms of carry-on include the traditional briefcase, leather satchel or deep purse.

Additionally, whichever form of carry-on you choose be sure to not to forget the essentials.

Printed Copies Of Reports Or Other Documents

Don’t rely on technology for your corporate meeting presentations. Having a slideshow is great, but don’t make that your only visual aid. You don’t want to risk showing up empty handed if your laptop goes missing or gets damaged.

Working in the corporate business world, you’re constantly dealing with papers. Keep them organized on the go with a portable office supply kit. Fill a cosmetic bag or pencil case with small quantities of your most used items.

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What Do You Do With Business Cards?

Never walk into a business meeting—or anywhere, really—without business cards. Every conversation is a networking opportunity. You don’t have to shove your card at everyone you see. However, it’s best to have them in case your work comes up, even just in passing.

Proof of Travel Insurance

From trip cancellation to a medical emergency, travel insurance policies can really come in handy. International insurance policies are best so that you are covered while traveling anywhere. I want to share my impressions and feelings about Ativan. It all started with what I heard about it from my mother-in-law. She then lay in the hospital, as a soothing pill of Ativan for the night. But she is very sensitive and nervous. Yes, any normal person will be nervous on the eve before the operation. So they gave it to her. She slept perfectly all night, woke up cheerfully. And already less afraid to go to surgery. Well, which of these will be a normal night’s sleep and naturally will be broken in the morning. And I was still tormented with pressure. So we decided with my mother-in-law that I tried to solve their night problems with sleep. It was a year ago, Ativan in pharmacies then and now sold only by prescription. I tried a half of the tablet. It really helped. I quickly fell asleep from him and slept well all night. And so I acceded to it.

Depending on your policy, you may be able to get coverage or reimbursement for unexpected situations.

Lodging/Hotel Reservations

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination to find that there’s no record of your stay.

Having your own proof of confirmation could make the difference in getting settled in and scrambling for last minute accommodations.

Clothing & Attire

This may sound like a given, but put clothes on the list.

Then break it down into types of clothes, or write out outfit descriptions. Remember, not every minute will be spent in a business meeting. You’ll need some everyday clothes, too.

Think of your clothing in terms of a luxury car:

Something comfy, like the plush leather seats of limousine interior.

Business attire that is sleek and classy, like a stretch limousine.

Perhaps, you want a nightlife outfit. Think about something flashy and fun, like a party bus. Looking for something traditional, go dark like the tint on limousine windows.

Additionally, shoes need to be sensible. Meaning, wear something reliable and trustworthy, like a limo driver!

What Is A Limo Service Without Its Chauffeur?

Limo Driver

When traveling, it’s important to make sure that you pack all of your necessities. Sometimes the greatest accessory, though, is a reliable limousine rental.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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