Eco-Friendly Transport Tips

Are you trying to live a more eco-friendly life? Here are a few tips on how to travel green.

Compensate For Flying

Flying has recently become much more affordable and convenient. Some airlines travel specific paths to lower costs, and others simply add more planes to their fleet. Regardless of how convenient it is to fly, economical does not equal eco-friendly. The carbon emissions from planes still contribute to air pollution. While airlines are constantly striving to improve their performance, those who are concerned and interested in going the extra mile are able to help contribute to an environmental cause. For example, you can purchase a carbon offset, which cuts back on greenhouse gases. Two of the airlines that allow passengers to do this are United and Delta. Individuals flying with these airlines can go to their website and look up how much of a carbon footprint they are leaving behind as a result of their flight. The website translates that data into a monetary figure. Passengers are then able to either give miles or money toward a project aimed about carbon reduction.

It is important to note that not everyone is pleased with offset programs. There are complaints that the data from the carbon calculators isn’t quite right; the argument states that the charge does not factor in seating class or extra luggage. That being said, it is still a simple, straightforward way to contributing to a cause.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S is an all-electric car that performs like top-quality supercars. Being eco-friendly can't get better than that!

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

You can make a choice when you get there to take a greener mode of transport than you normally would. This may mean taking public transport for the remainder of your trip. It may also mean considering the car or campervan you will hire. Perhaps instead of a gas guzzler you go for a greener auto that will save on fuel and be more energy efficient, it may also have lower insurance.

Autopilot in a Tesla Model S

Save Paper, Use E-Documents

Whenever you have the option of receiving a document as an e-file, do that instead of printing it out. There are many papers that you simply don’t need to have a hard copy of and that you might just lose anyway.

If you can get an e-document that is easily scanned at airports and other places, do that instead. It’s not only good for the environment, but it is easy for you as well!

Shop Smart

If you are going on vacation it is best to pick up food to eat at your destination. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, only pack food for the trip. Unless you are traveling to a place without a grocery store, you are likely going to spend more and burn more gas on the way.

Hire A Transportation or Limo Service

If you are traveling and need to get around a city, renting a car is often less eco-friendly than taking a hired ride. Not only are some cars in our fleet full EVs we know the most efficient ways around our cities.

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