Easy DIY Maintenance to Keep Your Luxury Car Running Like New!

Whether you own a luxury car or a common sedan appreciating your ride includes more than just driving it. Often times some slight DIY maintenance can bring a whole new level of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. Check out these simple tips to take better care of your auto and enjoy it that much more!

Do-it-yourself car repairs are not only about doing your vehicle’s oil change, but also it refers to everything that you can do fix in your car from using jump starter to start your car to changing fuel filters.

The fear factor is the only hurdle in convincing yourself that you can manage car repairs. However, you need to understand that your car is a resilient machine and there are lots of repairs that can become easily possible with your confidence.

Replacing A Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is used to filter anything that falls in the fuel line such as dust and particles before it goes into the engine.

Replacing the fuel filter may sound a daunting task because it involves tapping into the gas line.

Just don’t change it during a lightning storm and you’re good to go!

Check out this Article that sums up the process.

Replacing An Air Filter

There are some quick and simple replacements that can be done on your car. It also includes replacing your car’s air filter.
Generally, you just need to unscrew the plastic lid placed on the side of your car’s engine, remove the old filter and put the new one in its place. 

A dirty filter can directly affect gas mileage and car’s engine performance.

The purpose of the air filter in your car is to prevent dirt and particles from going into your car’s engine when it takes in air.
A clean air filter is very simple, yet important way to maintain optimal performance of your vehicle.

Check & Replace Spark Plugs

The spark plug ignites the gas and the air that together cause combustion. When these start to wear out, it causes the gas mileage to go down, and will eventually cause problems starting your car. Left without replacement it can cause worse issues on your car.

Simply check every once in a while to make sure your spark plugs. This image below can help you know what you’re looking at:

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Charging A Dead Battery

With older cars that aren’t driven often, you may find yourself with a dead battery. Before replacing it, check out how to charge your car battery using jump starter,

but it continually bothers you again and again, then you need to change your battery. You should learn how to safely remove the old one and install a new battery to avoid getting stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

Doing Your Oil Change

A car’s oil change should be done every 3000 to 7000 miles in order to avoid having contamination as well as to maintain your engine’s performance.

Make sure to find where you can dispose of your oil before doing it at home!


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