Don’t Do This At Your Wedding

Congratulations you just got engaged!

Now’s the time for planning that luxurious wedding you and your other half been dreaming of .

First thing’s first, you’ve got to plan the basics, tablecloths, plates, forks, spoons, decorations, flowers, candles, Limousine Service, Party Bus Rental, a DJ, photographers, the beautiful location etc. etc. But who wants a basic wedding with overdone decor trends?

Everyone is tired of seeing the same old decorations over and over again. 

We are tired of seeing the same decorations over and over again. Time to make your wedding more personable and original! Lets try not to make any mistakes.

Here are some things you need to avoid when planning wedding decorations….

Those Hideous Overused Jars With Candles In Them

Look, we get it you want to give your wedding that laid back hipster vibe by decorating your wedding with those hideous mason jars.

This was okay….years ago. Please don’t do this to yourself or your guests.

These mason jars will definitely be a conversational piece, “Why on Earth did Sheryl chose mason jars?”

What You Should Avoid: Mason jar candles

The Best Detour:  Less is more, try using just regular tall candles or just keep it simple n’ easy with those adorable little candles that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Or even better, you can use those adorable string of lights! Not only do they lit the area with the perfect kiss of light, they are perfect and can be reused for other events and much easier to store.

Your Car

As much as you love that 4 door 93’ Honda it’s realistically an eyesore. Today is your day for luxury and class. Also, it’s your wedding day, you already have things you need to worry about…like….getting married for example!

Be sure to hire a reliable Limousine Rental for the bride and all her bridesmaids, she’ll need all the room she can get for that majestic poofy dress.

Benefits The Bride Will Have Using a Limo Service:

1) All the room she’ll need for her and her bridesmaids, they will all have just enough space to fit everyone as well as everyone’s flowers, beautiful dresses and gorgeous updos.


2) There will be delicious beverages complimentary from the mini bar to keep the bride and all her friends hydrated and refreshed.


3) Custom playlist music of your choice so everyone can jam out to add sparkle to this magical day.


4) No need to worry about how to get to point A to point B, we’ve got that covered for  you. Sit back relax and enjoy the company of your cherished bridesmaids.

For the guys? We’ve got you covered, how about a Party Bus Rental! Yeah that’s right, a party on wheels!

“Why not just a limousine rental like the girls?”

It’s cause you’re not girls, you’re men! And men need more space. It’s weird to be too close to another bro.
The party bus is a party on wheels, way cool!

Why The Bros Should Go For The Party Bus Rental:

1) You love your groomsmen, which is why you chose them to be a part on your special day. However, you also want your space. The Party Bus can usually fit around 15-30 people, so if there’s only 8-12 of you, then that’s cool too. All the space you guys need to not be too close and weird.


2) Just like the limo rental, it includes a refreshing beverage station so the groom and his groomsmen can stay refreshed as well as energized!


3) The incredible party bus service includes a TV with a Dvd player, so you and the guys can watch football and get even more hyped about the day! The only moment of the day you guys can actually watch the game, so binge as much as you can.


4) A Luxury Car Service is always the perfect ground transportation choice for a wedding day. It creates a majestic atmosphere as well as gives the best opportunity for those elegant inspired photo opportunities.

The Cake

We all know the traditional wedding cake, it’s huge spongy, delicious, loaded with pounds of icing and….heavy. Anything can happen while transporting that hefty ginormous cake. Not only are they a gigantic reliability, they’re also overdone and outdated.


What You Should Avoid: Basic wedding cake.

What You should Aim For: Delicious decorative cupcakes and cake pops!

Cupcakes and cake pops are personable and portioned seized. No need to cut up a trillion slices of cake for everyone, cause they’re already to go!

Or maybe try something different from traditional cake all together. Maybe a giant cookie cake, brownies, or a cinnamon-bun tower wrapped in bacon. Get creative! It’s your big day and make it as personable as you want.


Fake Flowers (The Cheap Kind)

Some people prefer real flowers at their wedding, it traditional, beautiful, and permeates the air with the fresh scent of flowers.


However, sometimes it’s cheaper to just use fake flowers. You, your bridesmaids and guests can keep some as a keepsake from the wedding to remember.

There’s a correct way and a wrong way to use fake flowers at a wedding. Using fake flowers could either bring out the elegance and vibrance of the event, or can make your wedding look cheap and dull.


Fake Flowers Is A No-Go: At your wedding you’re most likely going to use professional photographers to take luxurious and elegant photos of your dream wedding so you can have to remember for the rest of your lives.

Sometimes, when you have a reception somewhere where it’s dark “flash” setting might occur.

Cheap Fake Flowers: They will throw a shine back in the photos making it look absolutely fake, cheap and destroy the whole elegant setting.

Don’t Be Cheap: Use the better quality fake flowers. If you’re at a craft store or a hobby establishment ask an employee there about which false flowers will be the best for photos and weddings. I’m sure you’re not the only one who asks this, so ask away!

You can use beautiful fake flowers to decorate the Luxury Car, Party Bus or Limousine Rental (whichever one you end up getting). Real flowers will NOT survive the drive, however fake flowers will, and will turn the photo opportunity into an amazing one. Be sure to ask the Limousine Service about using flowers ahead of time so they can properly prepare!

Please, PLEASE do NOT contribute to these awful overdone wedding trends. Be sure you do it right, your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity (for most people) so make it a majestic one.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.