Common Traveling Mistakes That’ll Make You Say, “I’m Never Doing THAT Again”

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

As a business professional it’s important to travel and meet potential clients face to face. It’s essential to have a business meeting with your team to keep them updated and on track of the current project / job at hand. Business professionals also travel to business conventions and events to keep motivated and learn new innovative ideas to better engage with your audience and clientele.

Or you’re traveling to see family? Maybe look forward to that limousine service to pick you up from the airport cause you’re planning that luxury vacation to Hawaii with the love of your life. Everyone needs that get away every once in a while, it’s what keeps our sanity!

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Whatever your reason is for traveling just remember to be careful not to make common travel mistakes even the best of travelers can make. It’s easy to fall victim to these mistakes since we don’t really think about them, cause whose thinking about the small things when we are trying to get to our desired destination?

We’ve got you covered! Let’s start with Common Mistake #1: 

Not Using Public WiFi

This one is the most common mistake people cause make since phones can automatically just hook onto 3G / 4G services, so we don’t really think about it since we are technically still receiving service.

  • However, this could be dangerous for travelers, since your phone’s soul purpose is to contact people (just in case you need to call or reach someone for emergencies). 


  • When your phone is searching for that 3G / 4G service, it drains your battery from your phone a lot faster than just hooking up to local WiFi. The last thing you’ll want is a dead battery when trying to call mom, or to check in on the kids & spouse while you’re away from home.

Ways To Prevent Such Travesty:

1) Hook up to any public WiFi. Airports have free WiFi you can use. If you’re not at an airport, then a local Cafe’ or Coffee Shop (Or even a McDonalds) will have WiFi available.

Traveling To Miami?

Here are some Brew-tiful Coffee Shops Worth A Sip

2) Invest a power bank: Is a portable charging box, excellent to charge most electronics that use a USB charge. People usually use them for their phones, however, you can also use them for Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, IPods, and Tablets. 

  • Forgot to charge your phone before you hit the road? No worries, a power-bank will bring your deceased phone back to life!

3) Charge Your Phone While Driving: To prevent a dead phone battery, charge your phone in your car while driving. By the time you get to your desired destination, your phone will be powered up for usage.

  • Using a limousine / luxury car service? Just ask your chauffeur!


Passwords are important when keeping your identity, phone and debit cards safe from thieves who pray on unaware travelers. You can easily fall victim to this mistake, so before you hit the road or take that ride to the airport, set passwords up for everything.

Debit Card? Be aware of your surroundings when punching in your debit card code from purchasing a coffee to using an ATM. Thieves love to pray on unaware travelers. Don’t fall victim!

  • Keep your debit, credit cards, ID, or other important documentation somewhere safe where you know FOR SURE you’ll never forget or leave them somewhere on accident. Phone wallets are a good choice to protect your documentation since most people wouldn’t dare to leave behind their precious smart-phone they’ve spent so much on.

Password For Your Phone: When coming up with a password for your phone, please DO NOT make it an obvious password.

  • 1234 or 4321 isn’t a strong password. Please, just don’t. Be more labirent with your pass-codes You don’t want a pass-code anyone can guess, especially if you keep important information on your device.

Even your laptop and tablet: Yes, even your laptop and tablet should have a pass-code. Better safe than sorry!

Posting Locations On Social Media

One of the most dangerous things you could do while traveling is posting your current location and blasting it all over social media. You don’t want people really knowing you’re away. The wrong person might know you’re away from home, and try to break into your home (terrible to even think about I know). But it absolutely can happen to anyone!

Ways to prevent this: 

1) Have a professional ground transportation service pick you up and drop you off at the airport. This way you can leave your car in the drive-way to give everyone the illusion you are home when actually you are away on vacation / or business travel. A professional can drop you off and pick you up from the airport on time and in style.

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2) Don’t post pictures WHILE away. When you travel to a new city take pictures, in fact take as many as you want! Just post them when you get back. You don’t want people knowing your away. Unless they are your mother, dad, family, husband / wife, etc. etc. 

Bring Only What You Need

Traveling light will prevent so many potential traveling issues that anyone could come across.

If you’re taking a flight, travel light. You can bring your luggage on board with you. Ask your airline ahead of time of what dimensions are required to bring your bags on board with you. You won’t have to worry about where your luggage is, or if it’s in good hands with the air-line staff. You should always keep your stuff with you!

  • Ladies, you can bring your purse and pack as much stuff as you need. It’s a good idea to pack toothbrushes, and other small necessities in your purse. It’ll save so much room in your carry-on bag. You can keep your purse on your lap.


  • When you only bring things you need, it’ll stress you less about leaving your bag in a hotel room or bringing important personal belongings to a new place. If you’re deciding to bring an extra Rolex watch along with you, no need, just use the clock on your smart phone instead or use the watch already on your wrist. Leave the Rolex at home.

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Happy Travels! Stay safe and be aware of your surroundings!!



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