Concert Travel 2018: Why Chauffeur Service Is The Best Choice!

Summer is the season for road trips, especially for traveling to concerts and music festivals. Using a chauffeur service to get there can really help you make the most of your summer concert or festival travel.

Keep reading to find out how.

Five Simple Ways A Chauffeur Service Will Improve Your Concert Experience

# 1) Reliability and Security

When it comes to getting to your concert, not just any driver will do. For the best experience, you want a chauffeur service. Chauffeur meaning, a professional who has gone through extensive training, not only in driving a limousine.

This is someone who will be at your service, from the moment they pick you up to when they open the door for you to make your entrance.

Booking a limo rental is more reliable than an Uber because you know that your driver is a seasoned professional rather than a stranger who just needs to make a few extra bucks.

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# 2) Speed and Ease of Access

Your professional chauffeur is paid to drive on a regular basis and is quite familiar with the roads that you will be traveling. That means that your driver can get you to the venue the quickest way possible if you’re in a hurry.

  • You can even go the scenic route if you’d like to take it a little slower to enjoy your luxury travel.

You won’t have to worry about parking because your chauffeur can drop you off right at the front door like a VIP.

  • No more missing half of the show because you’ve been circling the block in search of a parking space!

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# 3) Getting the Most for Your Money

When compared with the cost of a taxi service, the limousine price is considerably more affordable.

For one, only a few people can fit in the taxi.

  • If you’ve got a large crew, you would need multiple vehicles and those costs add up quickly.
  • With the initial charge for the ride, plus the cost of additional passengers, and then the mileage rate, it can easily become a headache.

By booking a limousine rental, everyone can ride together so you know that everyone will arrive at the same time. There’s no need to call and check in to find out where all of your friends are when they’re right there with you!

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# 4) Getting the Party Started

Having a great time starts with being in the right head-space. You’re probably going to want to crank up the music and dance your way to the party.

While this is fun, it is also a distraction when one of the partygoers is the driver.

Wouldn’t you rather turn up in the back of a stretch limousine where you can put up the partition and make your own mobile party room?

  • If you’re planning to booze it up before the show, you definitely don’t want to drive yourself.
  • You can hire a designated driver or arrange for transportation so everyone can partake in the festivities together.

Everyone knows about the pre-party at the limo mini-bar, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Luxury limousine interior features the most comfortable plush leather seating and ambient lighting to set the mood.
  • You can Bluetooth your favorite music of the artist you’re headed to see for the ride to the venue.

Going Out As A Group?

With One Of Our Party Buses, Everyone Can Ride!

# 5) Choose Your Amenities

With a limousine service, you’re getting so much more than just a ride. With vehicle options ranging from a luxury car to the ultimate party bus, A1A has the perfect mode of transportation to fit your needs.

No matter your vehicle of choice, trust our professional chauffeur service with getting you there in style and luxury.

You don’t have to rent a limo to go all-out.

  • Groups of three or smaller can hit the town like stars in a sleek Cadillac XTS, Lincoln Continental, or Mercedes Benz S550.
  • Each of these vehicles has great sound options, tinted privacy glass, and premium leather seats.

Add a few more people to the party and you need an upgrade to something larger.

  • Luxury SUVs, like the Cadillac Escalade, can get you and up to five of your closest friends where you need to go.
  • Top-notch sound systems come equipped to play your favorite Bluetooth mp3 or mp4 to kick the night off right.

For the classic VIP experience, look no further than the luxury stretch limousine.

  • Sipping your drink from etched glassware kit for a king or queen will make anyone feel extravagant.
  • When you get to the spot, everyone will wonder who’s going to step out as your chauffeur opens the door.

Want something a bit more extra? Book a party bus!

  • You won’t even worry about what’s going on outside because your entertainment is on wheels.
    • With Privacy glass
    • Beverage station
    • Flat screen TV
    • DVD player
    • Leather seats
    • Room for up to 30 people on board
  • This bus is what’s happening!

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Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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