How to Ensure an Unforgettable Business Meeting

Business owners know the importance of making the best impression on their corporate clients. During business meetings, it is not only important to look professional but also ensure maximum comfort of all the guests.  

When it comes to renting the most comfortable transportation, nothing beats a luxury limo service. A limousine service can make a business meeting an unforgettable one for the clients. What’s best about the luxury car service is that it is not that costly. Considering the wonderful amenities included inside the luxury vehicle, and the comfort and peace of mind it offers throughout the ride, the cost of the limo service is worth it in the end.

A Reliable Mode of Transportation

The best thing about a luxury limousine service is that it is extremely reliable. As a business owner, you expect high efficiency and reliability. Time is money and you would want to make the most efficient use of your time. With a luxury limo service, you can expect to arrive at a meeting on time. 

The experienced chauffeurs are trained and experienced to ensure that the passengers are dropped off to the desired location safely and on time. The experienced chauffeurs will keep an eye on the traffic and take the best route.

Top-Notch Conveniences

A limousine consists of modern amenities that will ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the passengers. Every business owner understand the importance of being in a good mood during the meeting. A positive frame of mind generally leads to clarity of thought and a positive outcome. A luxury limo service will ensure that you and your clients arrive at the business meeting in a good mood. The comfy leather seats, beverage station, high quality entertainment system, tinted privacy windows ensure optimal comfort for the guests.  

Conduct Business-On-the-Go

Probably the best thing about a luxury limo service is that it allows you to conduct business on the go. The tinted windows ensure complete privacy inside the vehicle. 

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You can go over the details of the business with the client that can be discussed in detail at the meeting venue. The client will be more receptive to your ideas when in a highly relaxed and comfortable mood inside the limo. The luxury car service will paint a positive image of the business that will increase the chances of a favorable outcome of the meeting.  

In the end, a luxury car service will create a highly positive impression on the client. It is a cost effective mode of transportation that offers great benefits. Apart from being a reliable mode of transportation, a luxury car service also ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the guests.

A1Alimo is a trusted name when it comes to limo service in NY. We have a team of experienced and licensed chauffeurs. Also, our fleets of limos are fitted with all the modern amenities that can ensure maximum comfort for the guests.  Our luxury limos have tinted windows, beverage stations, high quality entertainment system and much more. If you want to know more about the luxury limos, you can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222, or send us an email at  

Plan your Wedding to Perfection and Ride in Style this Wedding Season!

With the wedding season around the corner, it is high time you start preparing for your special day. Procrastinating and putting of everything till the very last moment can turn a dream into a nightmare, as fortune favors the prepared! Of course everyone has so much on their plate these days that it is incredibly difficult to take out time and plan a wedding to perfection, but what you have to realize is this symbolic day marks a turning point in your life.

How to plan your wedding to perfection?

Getting married is a sacred bond that signifies the love that two people share is pure and eternal. Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter, so why would you let little details tarnish such a magical day? This is exactly why it is imperative that all the lucky people out there who are about to get married plan every single detail out. It is impossible to plan a wedding to perfection as there are so many aspects people have to consider including venue, budget, guest list, catering service and the general ambience of the wedding. These days people are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a wedding venue that best suits their requirements, but even if they manage to find one those venues are often booked in advance.

So start your venue hunting soon or risk losing the perfect venue to someone who has booked it months in advance. Once you finally find the perfect venue for your special day, the next aspect you will have to consider is the catering service and general ambience of the wedding. This will require impeccable dedication and attention to detail, as this is one time you should not compromise in any way. Create a layout and decide the theme of your wedding, take out time and make sure everything is decided in advance!

How to ride in style to your wedding?

Finally when you have worked all these intricate details the last and arguably the most important is handling your wedding transportation logistics. Most people over look this aspect but has the potential of becoming extremely detrimental if not handled correctly. If you booked a serene little venue outside the city, how do you expect a majority of your guests to arrive?  Or do you plan on whisking away your loved one in a sedan? This is exactly why you should consider contacting a limo service.

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There are many different limousine services out there so make sure you do your home work before hiring these services, imagine renting a limo and the driver shows up late? Or hiring a shuttle service for your guests that does not have adequate accommodation? So make sure you hire a limousine service that specializes in providing dependable wedding transportation, as their incompetence has the potential of ruining your day. Just follow these three steps to help make sure you hire a competent car service,

  1. Conduct research about the various services in your area.
  2. Request for a referral, insurance and all required licenses.
  3. Cross evaluate each detail.

If you simply do not have the time to follow these steps, then consider calling A1A Limo service, as providing you the perfect mode of transportation for your special day is our priority. We take every aspect into perspective including travel logistics, accommodation and an array of other factors to make sure that you comfortably ride in style for your special day! You can call us at 561-622-2222 or email at and leave the rest to us.

Common Questions revolving around Limo services

Since it is not every day that people consider hiring a limo service for a special event or a night out, they often miss out on these limousine services as there are so many common misconceptions that deter them. However renting a limousine is quite simple but has the potential of making something boring, extra ordinary! This is exactly why we have carefully articulated a list of common questions people have about limousine services, these questions are as follows

How many different sizes of limousines are available?

There are many different types and sizes of limousines available for rent in the market today, however generally there are 6 types of limousines which are mentioned below. The capacity of each of these limousines depends on the design and model of the vehicle

  • 18 passenger Super Stretch Limousines
  • 10 passenger super stretch limousines
  • 8 passenger stretch limousine
  • 6 passenger stretch limousine
  • Stretch sedans
  • Luxury sedans

Is renting a limousine service very expensive?

Due to the extravagance that limousines entail many people have the common misconception that these vehicles are very expensive. However due to the sheer amount of competition available in the market today, many limousine services offer their services at extremely attractive prices. Each of these limousine services have instilled their business persona in their services and have different prices, however you can easily rent a limousine for a understandable depending on the services you require.

Is anything included in the service besides the limousine?

Yes there are many different amenities included in the rental service if you choose a renowned limousine rental service. Each limousine will include a co-operative driver, some edibles and other amenities to keep you entertained while you cruise around in the limo.

Do I have to pay the rent if the limousine is waiting outside?

Even though you are not physically present in the limousine in scenarios if you are bar hopping with friends or attending a concert, you will be charged for the wait time. This is due to the fact that the limo will wait for you outside to make sure that your journey is completed safely and in style.

For more information about limousine rental services or to hire one please call us at 561-622-2222 or email at We at A1a limo service are considered to be the pioneers in the limo industry and offer complete transparency in our services!

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5 Reasons Coach Buses Are The Best For Long Trips

Reclining seats

Seats made from luxurious plush material are adjustable and have a footrest to turn any long ride into a trip of indulgency.

On our buses, everyone gets a window or an aisle seat. So, you don’t need to worry about getting squashed in the middle and having to fight for arm rests.

Coach buses also offer extra leg space to make your travels as comfortable as possible. Feel free to stretch your legs either in the isles or in the extra spacious seats.

Extra legroom/No middle seats


 Our tour bus offers the latest technology to burn fuel cleanly, this reduces emissions and the impact we have on our environment. Coach buses produce the smallest carbon footprint of any mode of transportation. By riding on a coach, you cut your emissions by 55-77% instead of flying or 85% instead of driving.

Overhead storage

You can free up more room around you by putting your carry-on baggage in the storage compartment above your seat. Suitcases and luggage are stored in a compartment underneath the bus. Pack a small bag of essentials to have with you while traveling on the bus. Overhead storage space above each seat is limited. Pack only what is comfortable to have on your lap or at your feet.

Personal power outlets

Keep your devices fully charged on all your trips with outlets all over the bus available to almost every seat. Having a fully charged phone and laptop in essential to travel to a new location to conduct

Available at your convenience are a wide variety of luxury cars, limousines and party buses. Stay safe, comfortable and professional and feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at (561) 622-2222. We are looking forward to assisting you with your luxury rental car!

9 Ways That Limo Service Optimizes Your Experience

Improve your travel experience with a limo rental service

Have you ever attended a meeting or event, in which you wanted to stand out from? Maybe it was a business meeting, or a job interview. Maybe it was even a wedding, a social event or a ride to the airport. Regardless of the situation, the anxiousness of arriving caused you to have a severe uneasiness, which made your stomach whirl.

Well I’ve got news for you – A LIMOUSINE SERVICE. This servicewill improve your travel experience, and get rid of the horrific symptoms that accompany a crucial meeting or event. It is the simplest way of reaching a destination in style and comfort, while making a positive statement about yourself.


Here are 9 ways in which a limo service optimizes your experience:

1.Provides a Luxurious Touch.


When arriving to any destination, the greater the entrance, the better. In certain situations, we like to call attention to our fine taste in style. This limo service will provide us with the latest limo selection, in order to make a great impression.




Imagine getting picked up for your wedding, a business deal, or a meeting in a very old, half broken car. That wouldn’t be a great idea, would it? When it comes to any setting, especially a work related environment, image is crucial. Arriving to an important function in a luxurious limo rental can cause immediate interest. This act of renting a limo can show the partner, business person, or significant other how serious they are about the occasion and how important the other person is to them.

3. Price


Our daily lives take up a lot of time and money. Because of the reliability of a limo service, the user does save a good amount of money, and time. Imagine how terrible it would be if you missed your uber ride, or it did not arrive on time. Then you had to call a cab, and you’d be spending more time and money.


4. Reliable.


The pick-ups and drop-offs are pretty much at any location and there is really no wait time. With that said, if you’re a person who has to be on time and prepared, then a rental limo service is the service for you. Because of the grand reliability that the user can have with the limo service, he or she will easily de-stress and relax about the setting of the environment which they will be heading to.

5. Make a Great Impression


This dramatic entrance will definitely show that you take your job seriously, if used for an interview or business meeting. This impression will be unforgettable for the person who is witnessing the mysterious person coming out of the limousine.

6. Convenience


For work related travel, a limousine allows the businessperson to feel relaxed and not have to worry about various aspects of the trip. This is a luxurious limousine service, not a taxi or cab. The soft seats, the cleanliness and the brand new smell of the limo can allow the user to feel comfortable, and not have to worry about how the other person will feel about their form of travel.

7. Fine Service.


The fine service that a limo service provides, allows the user to feel safe and satisfied with their personal experience. The limo service provides a Chauffer, which will handle everything for the user. Because the limo company understands the needs of the user, he or she will be able to fully accommodate the user based on the situation.

8. Wide array of luxurious limousines


There are so many different types of styles and colors for limos. Some options for businesses are: Hummer Limousine, Sedan Limo, SUV Limousine, Lincoln Limousine, Limo Bus, The Stretch Limo, Stretch Limousine, etc.


They are also loaded with various amenities that help one feel comfortable. Depending on your budget and needs, there will be a variety of options for you to chose from.

9 Memorable experience


Whether you are heading to your own wedding, a friends wedding, an engagement, a business meeting, an interview or a birthday event, The limo service is the best way to go. You will remember not only the limo, but what a positive moment it was. Because of the reliability and convenience of the limo service and its amenities, you can easily remember the great experience that you had. The look on someone’s face when they see you coming out of a limo, the fresh feeling when you are going into the limo and walking out, the amazing impress that it made on your boss, future girlfriend, or business partner, these are all of the wonderful memories that can arise after using a limo service.


Here are some suggestions for places or occasions in which you may like to rent a limo:


  • A Bachelorette Party
  • A Wedding
  • A Birthday Party
  • A Prom Night
  • A Wine Tour
  • An Airport Pickup or Drop off
  • A Business Meeting
  • A Job Interview
  • A Trip Around a City
  • A Tour

Always remember that a limo makes a great gift. No matter for who the limo is or for what occasion it is for. Traveling in a limo is always a fun idea. The great thing about a limo service is that, just as you may dress an outfit up or down, you can also dress the limo up or down depending on what event you are using it for. You can travel anytime, whether it is on a weekday or a weekend. You can travel with family, friends, Coworkers or your boss. Always remember, when in doubt, a limo is always a great idea! It is the best idea actually.


At your convenience are a wide variety of luxury cars to chose from. Other than luxury cars, there are also a range of automobiles like limousines and party buses. Feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at (561) 622-2222 for your next booking.


3 Reasons Why A Limo Rental Is An Efficient Airport Service

3 Reasons Why A Limo Rental Is An Efficient Airport Service

Do you have an upcoming vacation or business trip? Book a limo rental to make your travel experience more efficient. There are many ways to get to the airport. Did you know hiring a limo rental is known to be one of the best airport car services?

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire one the next time you need a car service to the airport:

A Limo Rental Is Reliable

3 Reasons Why A Limo Rental Is An Efficient Airport Service
Book a reliable limo rental with A1A Limo to take you to the airport.

Missing your flight is a traveler’s worst nightmare! This is where a limo rental comes in to the rescue. How? There are limo service providers that will track your flights for you and be up to date of any delays or adjustments in your flight schedule.

Imagine being late for your flight? That means your travel plans have to be cancelled. Oh no! But if you hire a reliable limo rental as your airport service, they’ll be there 15 minutes before your scheduled departure to ensure an on-time drop off.

If your flight is cancelled, inform your limo rental provider about the cancellation. Don’t forget to tell them about your new flight schedule!

Hiring A Limo Rental Saves You Time

3 Reasons Why A Limo Rental Is An Efficient Airport Transfer Service
Need to save time? Book a limo rental as your airport service rather than driving to and from the airport.

Time is money which means in order to be more productive and efficient, we need to save time. This is a working principle not only at work. It something that’s applied at home and in school. Guess what? This is also applicable when traveling.

Vacationers always want to make the most out of their time when traveling. They want to spend it more on going on adventures and making memories. For corporate travelers, you may need to make some phone calls or send some emails before your flight, but how can you be productive if you are driving? You can’t.

If you hire a limo rental, a designated chauffeur will drive you to the airport. All you need to do is sit in the back, do all the things you need to accomplish before you check in and board the plane. By the time you get to the airport, you have nothing else to worry about! You’re done with your tasks and you are on time for your flight.

Save Money With A Limo Rental

3 Reasons Why A Limo Rental Is An Efficient Airport Service
Save money from parking fees and unreliable car services. A limo rental is the best airport service you can book to pick you up and drop you off before your flight.

You may think a limo rental is going to be expensive.

Think about this:

Parking fees, sitting in traffic, getting lost in the city is going to cost you more than you realize.

Hiring a limo rental as your airport service can help you save money by eliminating your worries. You don’t need to commute! Just sit back and relax while your chauffeur provides a smooth ride to and from the airport.

Do you have a big presentation? Corporate travelers can rehearse for a business presentation in the back! The comfort of a limo rental may even help you land a new deal for your company.

The next time you travel, make sure you book an airport service that’s reliable, time-saving and efficient. A1A Limo has one of the best limo rentals, airport services and luxury black car services that you can choose rely on. What are you waiting for? Visit our website and choose from the luxury cars we have in our fleet or click here to book one today!

Safe travels everyone!

Party Bus Rental Facts: Why Should You Rent A Luxury Party Bus?

a1a party bus rental can make your parties 100x more fun! Book one now!

You don’t have to worry about transporting large groups for your party anymore. A1A Limo offers party bus rental services to put a twist in your parties.

Our luxury party buses are comfortable, flexible and affordable. Whether you hire it for proms, bachelor or bachelorette parties and even weddings.

At A1A Limo, we take great pride in our selection of our executive vans and buses, and our variety ensures that you will never be disappointed with your selection. 561-622-2222


Affordable Luxury Car Service Vs. Uber And Its Hidden Costs

As technology continues to evolve, it’s been easier for us to gain access to anything online including a luxury car service.

In this world where ride-sharing services have taken over the car service industry, nothing really beats the experience wthat you get from riding a luxury car service! Despite the class and air of prestige that you feel when you’re riding a luxury car service, many people still end up using Uber. This begs the question, is it really what it’s cracked up to be?

Here’s why Uber is not cheap compared to booking a luxury car service:

Whether you have a party or a guest that flew in to see you, A1A Limo can provide you the best airport car service that will fit your needs.

You have privacy when riding a luxury car service compared to an Uber

While Uber may sometimes be affordable (except when there’s surge pricing), but there is a caveat. There is the possibility that you may have to share it with a stranger. Not just one, sometimes it’s two or even three!

Sharing a ride with someone we don’t know may spark feelings of uneasiness; with a luxury car service, you can embrace the comfort and solitude riding alone or maybe with a friend or a family member.





A1A Limo is committed to providing us with high quality customer service and experience!

An Uber experience can be a hit or miss

A luxury car service will provide you with professional chauffeurs have a history of accountability. These chauffeurs are committed to providing excellent service! As for Uber, the app finds the nearest driver around your area and it tells you who is driving it. This tell you that with Uber, anybody can be your driver.

Now, do you think you can put a price on comfort and a pleasant experience?

To make sure you book the best luxury car service company, book one today when you visit



How to Find the Best Limo Service

Do you have a special event coming up? Hosting or planning a party can be a pain sometimes especially if you want it to be fun and memorable. Sometimes we even run out of ideas on how to make it the best party ever. The best limo service may just be the answer to your party prayers.

Do you want to know a secret?

Sure, I’ll tell you. But first, just imagine sitting inside a cozy limousine with your friends or family and just laughing the night away. The next day they rave about how great your party was in that comfortable and truly unforgettable limousine experience.

Are you liking this idea? 

Good news! I’ll show you how to find a top rated limo service or party bus that you can use for your special event and here’s how:

Want to Find the Best Limo Service? Online Reviews are a Great Start!

A1A Limo has the best customer reviews that you can find online.

Looking for limousine and party bus rentals can be daunting at times and a little scary, too especially for first timers. Online reviews can help you narrow down your search. But then again, these online reviews vary from one person to another and their tastes might not be the same as yours. Don’t worry, there’s still another way to find a party bus or the best limousine service. The most reliable websites to refer to for customer reviews are google reviews, Florida Bride Magazine, The Knot or Boca Raton Tribune.






Referrals from Friends and Family

A1A Limo party bus services are approved by family and friends.

That’s right! Your friends and family may have hired a top rated limo service at some point and if they refer the same company to you, that means a lot. Not only are they helping you end your search for the Best Limousine Service, they also help you save your time searching and just focus on having a good time.

Still not convinced? Here’s the best method that everyone turns to.




Online Search for Party bus and Limousine Services

A1A Limo can easily be found on Google.

Google is going to be your best friend at this point. You won’t have to do much now, just type in ‘Best Limo Service Near Me’ or ‘Top Rated Limo Service Near Me and Google will show you all the results of the best limo companies out there. By using the keywords ‘Best Limousine Service Near Me,’ you won’t have to look any further. Google will give you a list of the best limo companies that you can hire around your area.

It’s easy isn’t it?

But you know what’s easier? Visit and book the best limo service today!

4 Tools for Simplifying Expense Reports

Let’s face it – expense reports can be a hassle, particularly for business professionals who rarely, if ever, have time to spare. Fortunately, numerous state-of-the-art expense reporting tools are available to help you manage your business costs.

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Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.