Ready To Throw An Epic Beach Party? You’ll Need Party Transportation!

High tides, good vibes.

Summer is just around the corner. You know what that means? Party transportation! Get your sandals, sunblock, and beach towels ready. Cause the party is just getting started.


Beach parties are evolving and party transportation is ideal for transporting a party of anysize. Getting your feet sandy and laying out in the sun is only a fraction of what a beach party entail.



Definition Of A Beach Party

A party hosted on the beach, usually involves sandy feet and flip flops.


In addition, volleyball, coolers full of refreshing beverages, good music (there’s usually that guy who brings his acoustic guitar and jams out). As well as someone always cooking on the grill (hot dogs & burgers).


Let’s not forget beach towels, tanning oil and volleyball!


However a beach party can be more than just some good times on the actual shore itself…



Bar Hopping

When planning a night of bar hopping, it’s ideal to plan your ride ahead of time. Booking a town car service for your bar hopping ventures can really make your night of partying safe as well as worry-free. The right transportation service can drop anyone off to their hotel, or home.



Grabbing Lunch / Dinner

After laying out on the beach catching some rays, getting hungry is inevitable. A transportation service can pick you up at a designated area and luxuriously transport everyone to their desired restaurant destination. In addition, count on that AC to be blasted! Cause a professional got you covered.



Visiting Attractions / Making Stops

After walking alongside boardwalks / downtowns of the beautiful beachside, cool down by attending indoor activities:


  • Indoor Ice Skating
  • Escape Rooms
  • Local Malls
  • Boardwalks
  • Local Downtowns
  • Concerts


You name it! If there’s a destination you want to be, your town car service can get you there luxuriously as well as on time!


Make It Big With A Party Bus Rental


A beach party is the easiest of parties to prepare for and never fails. You can’t go wrong with that beachy atmosphere and it’s cool breeze cooled by the ocean, soft sands, and gorgeous coastal waters.


Ready for that epic beach party?

Ready when you are...

You’re going to have a shell of a time!!



Shells are an excellent kiss of decor when setting up a beach themed party. Bringing a touch of the seashore to the dining table by arranging shells (every color and size you can get your hands on) as centerpieces.


No need to be perfect, just make shore (ba-da-bum) they are towards the center so your guests don’t get sand all in their food.



Colorful Beach Signs

Set the atmosphere by hanging up trendy beach signs all over. In addition, you can find them anywhere you go, it’s summer, so all stores all going to have them.


From Walmart to Target to even the Dollar Tree! Make sure if the party is going to be held outdoors, to be sure the signs are weather resistant. You’d want to reuse them for your next party.


  • Sunshine and palm trees are a must on the beach. Consider placing a pair of inflatable palm trees and hang the banners between them for the perfect effect. Complete with coconuts they are a necessary decoration for any beach party.



Ocean Scene Setters & Backdrops

Even if you party inside, you should let the guests see the water. Beach scene- setters and backdrops will give them that view. It’s pretty hilarious, and will be a perfect conversation starter. All that would be missing will be the seagulls and the breeze.




Keep the Guests’ Needs in Mind

Another creative beach decoration idea is to fill a large pail with sunglasses, small beach balls, and sun lotions. The guests can grab the item they need whenever they want. Also, you should place mini coolers or cool boxes filled with drinks and ice at the table.



Create the Perfect Party Ambiance

A creative idea to decorate the dining table is to fill the glass hurricane vases with shells and sand. You can place the vases both inside and out.


In addition, balloon bouquets will look wonderful as well. Just remember that helium will wilt in the heat. Instead, you should fill the balloon with air and hold them up. You can even stick the balloons in the pail of sand for creating a festive ambiance.


Furthermore, tables should be covered with bright colors. Like a bright colored table cloth! Using table clips and tapes to ensure that they don’t get to dance with the winds is always an excellent idea.



Food Menu Items

Selecting the food items for the beach party need not be challenging. Start with the party items like hot dogs and burgers — they are a must for any beach party. Don’t forget the mustard, ketchup, mayo, and BBQ sauce.


Don’t forget the buns and charcoal for the event as well. If grilling is not an option, you can make sandwiches and wrap them inside wax paper. Turkey and roast beef are good options as well.


Additionally, you should consider serving individual bags of pretzels and chips. Consider buying disposable cups having lids and fill them with fruit salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad.


Finally, haul a cooler with iced drinks including water, bear, soda and carbonated drinks such as fruit punch and lemonade. For desserts, you should select brownies or cookies.



Luxury Party Bus Rental

Want to transport you and your party goers to the ACTUAL beach, but don’t want the party to stop there?


We’ve got you covered! A professional chauffeur will handle all the driving for you, while you and your party goers lounge in the back of the party bus and enjoy the finest amenities this luxury car service has to offer. Refreshing beverages, good music, a dvd player where you and your guests can watch a good movie while you guys travel towards the beach!


Furthermore, limos can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 15 passengers. The luxury vehicles are equipped with various amenities including beverage station, surround sound stereo.


Additionally, TV with DVD players, fiber optic lighting, individual climate control, and Satellite radio.


Full-size motor homes have comfortable seating with space for the luggage. Providing washrooms for the convenience of the guests. Impeccably dressed chauffeurs will drive the vehicle taking utmost care the guests arrive at the destination not just safe and sound, but also with perfect comfort.


A1A Limo is a trusted name when it comes to limo rentals and party bus rentals in Florida. We have a fleet of modern vehicles that are equipped with modern amenities. Booking a vehicle is as simple as 1-2-3.



Party Transportation

Just enter the ride details including pickup date and time, a number of passengers, the duration for which the luxury ground transportation will be required. Next, choose a vehicle, and then confirm the reservation.


Once the reservation is complete, we will send a professional chauffeur to the pickup location at the specified time.

We have been offering professional services in Boca Raton, Fl since 1986. Providing luxury rental service throughout Florida metro area, and by our affiliates worldwide.


Want to enquire about limo or party bus prices? Contact us by dialing 561-622-2222 or email at



Packing For Business Travel : Essential Items To Bring Along

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

Packing for business travel isn’t really so different than packing for vacation. Just like you would for any other trip, the first step is to make a list. It should include everything that you need to take with you. Prioritize by placing the most important items at the top.

Business Packing List

Identification—And Several Backups

You know how embarrassed you feel when you’re you’re out to dinner and realize that you forgot your wallet? Now imagine doing that, but in the security line at the airport. Don’t attempt airport or business travel without your ID.

You’ll not only hold up the line behind you, but you might miss your flight. Make sure that you have the necessary ID when you need it, and bring a backup just in case!

  • Driver’s license (valid) or state ID
  • Passport (valid)
  • Birth certificate and/or Social Security card, if necessary
  • Business Licenses
  • Trade licenses
  • Operating documents
  • Any other badges or ID that may be necessary or helpful
  • First aid certification card
  • Security clearance passes

Travel Documents

Many airlines and other transportation companies let you access your documents via smartphone apps. While this is amazingly convenient for most people, pack a backup. Print out copies of your documents ahead of time.

  • Keep these on you in case your phone dies or won’t scan at the checkpoint.

Transport Tickets & Passes

Many public transportation vehicles won’t take cash or accept only exact change. If you have a pass of any kind, keep it on you. No one wants to end up late or stranded.

Itinerary – Flight Information

  • Don’t try to memorize flight, gate, or terminal numbers.
  • This information can change.
  • Keep a copy on you to cross-reference with the most up-to-date information.

Luxury Ground transportation

Having access of booking information for your airport limo shuttle is ideal.

Booking information will assist you in locating your limo chauffeur once you land. However, no worries, there will be a sign with your name on it! Easy find.

Boarding pass

Having to scan your boarding pass and ID will be ongoing throughout your airport venture. Keep your pass and ID handy at all times.

7 Biggest Safety Trips For International Travel

Business Trip Packing List

Popular forms of carry-on include the traditional briefcase, leather satchel or deep purse.

Additionally, whichever form of carry-on you choose be sure to not to forget the essentials.

Printed Copies Of Reports Or Other Documents

Don’t rely on technology for your corporate meeting presentations. Having a slideshow is great, but don’t make that your only visual aid. You don’t want to risk showing up empty handed if your laptop goes missing or gets damaged.

Working in the corporate business world, you’re constantly dealing with papers. Keep them organized on the go with a portable office supply kit. Fill a cosmetic bag or pencil case with small quantities of your most used items.

Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use

What Do You Do With Business Cards?

Never walk into a business meeting—or anywhere, really—without business cards. Every conversation is a networking opportunity. You don’t have to shove your card at everyone you see. However, it’s best to have them in case your work comes up, even just in passing.

Proof of Travel Insurance

From trip cancellation to a medical emergency, travel insurance policies can really come in handy. International insurance policies are best so that you are covered while traveling anywhere. I want to share my impressions and feelings about Ativan. It all started with what I heard about it from my mother-in-law. She then lay in the hospital, as a soothing pill of Ativan for the night. But she is very sensitive and nervous. Yes, any normal person will be nervous on the eve before the operation. So they gave it to her. She slept perfectly all night, woke up cheerfully. And already less afraid to go to surgery. Well, which of these will be a normal night’s sleep and naturally will be broken in the morning. And I was still tormented with pressure. So we decided with my mother-in-law that I tried to solve their night problems with sleep. It was a year ago, Ativan in pharmacies then and now sold only by prescription. I tried a half of the tablet. It really helped. I quickly fell asleep from him and slept well all night. And so I acceded to it.

Depending on your policy, you may be able to get coverage or reimbursement for unexpected situations.

Lodging/Hotel Reservations

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination to find that there’s no record of your stay.

Having your own proof of confirmation could make the difference in getting settled in and scrambling for last minute accommodations.

Clothing & Attire

This may sound like a given, but put clothes on the list.

Then break it down into types of clothes, or write out outfit descriptions. Remember, not every minute will be spent in a business meeting. You’ll need some everyday clothes, too.

Think of your clothing in terms of a luxury car:

Something comfy, like the plush leather seats of limousine interior.

Business attire that is sleek and classy, like a stretch limousine.

Perhaps, you want a nightlife outfit. Think about something flashy and fun, like a party bus. Looking for something traditional, go dark like the tint on limousine windows.

Additionally, shoes need to be sensible. Meaning, wear something reliable and trustworthy, like a limo driver!

What Is A Limo Service Without Its Chauffeur?

Limo Driver

When traveling, it’s important to make sure that you pack all of your necessities. Sometimes the greatest accessory, though, is a reliable limousine rental.

A1A Airport and Limousine Company can handle all of your luxury ground transportation needs.

We are based in South Florida, but service the world through our global affiliate network.

Luxury transportation is so much more than just a limo rental. Our personal concierge service provides an extra hand whenever you need one. Event planners can line up your perfect itinerary. If needed, we even offer personal protection services.

Check out our services today to see how A1A can improve your business travel experience. Continue to follow our blog to keep updated on great posts like this one!

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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First Look At Trump’s New Limo: From 2017 ‘Til Now

Creative Commons Up For Use on WikiCommons

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

The New Presidential Limo is a stretched limousine version of the Cadillac XT6, designed to protect the commander-in-chief in the event of a terrorist or assassin attack. Appropriately called “The Beast,” Trump’s New Limo weighs about 20,000 lbs and is built on a heavily modified platform of the Chevrolet Kodiak, a heavy-duty General Motors Truck.

The Big Bucks

At a cost of $1.5 million dollars, it is one of a dozen in a contract with General Motors, estimated at $15.8 million dollars. Cadillac has produced all presidential limousines since the 1980’s. President Trump’s New Limo is the first new presidential limousine to be released since President Obama’s 2009 inauguration and it has been in production since 2014. The drug really helped me in my sex life, and I now feel like a real man, that there is something to be ashamed of. So I always keep the drug with me in case, so to speak, for important negotiations. I recommend it to all men who experience sexual difficulties and problems with intimate life.

How The Limousine Became A Symbol Of Luxury

What’s All The Talk?

Two identical versions of the 2018 Presidential Limo will be utilized in order to create a decoy for the president and the fleet will be under the 24-hour protection and housed by the Secret Service. There has been much speculation about Trump’s New Presidential Limo and we have been following the production since 2017.

There have been several versions spotted throughout 2017-2018 and the final product has been long awaited by the industry. In 2017, we saw a camouflaged exterior, which was not well received. All presidential limousines to date have been black with the exception of President Kennedy’s choice of navy blue.

President Trump’s New Limousine is black with a sleek black interior and is built with of a combination of:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic

Each of these is focused on a different threat. In war and peace, President Trump is traveling in unprecedented security and luxury.

Traveling During Election Time? 

Book An Airport Transport Limo For The Ride!

Features Of The New 2018 Presidential Limousine

While we will never know the full extent of all of the classified design and safety features of Trump’s New 2018 Limousine, here is what we do know!

  • The doors alone are 8 inches thick, with 5-inch multilayer windows, making the doors as heavy as those on a 757 jet.
  • Windows that protect the president from projectiles and biochemical attacks.
  • Seating is for seven, which includes Secret Service personnel.

The New Presidential Limo also incorporates:

Loaded with high-tech features suggestive of the intrigue and mystery of James Bond, the 2018 Presidential Limo comes equipped with the following:

For Attacks:

  • Smokescreens
  • Oil slicks, which can cause any vehicle chasing the Presidential Limo to lose control
  • Tear gas
  • Electrified door handlesMultilayered windows and heavily armored 8-inch thick exterior, sealed against biochemical attacks, including gas or atomized particles and substances, as well as projectiles

For Injuries:

  • A full refrigerated supply of President Trump’s blood supply, along with other medical supplies for on-site and on-route medical assistance

For Emergencies:

  • Run-Flat tires inside extra large wheel wells, allowing the Presidential Limo to continue moving during an emergency
  • Night vision sight and weapons

Extra Special Accommodations

For added safety, the Presidential Limousine is backed up by a convoy of Secret Service personnel and a decoy vehicle that mirrors President Trump’s Limousine. The Presidential Limo sports two flags on each front bumper, the American flag and a flag displaying the Presidential Seal.

Recently, the Secret Service released a photo of the New 2018 Presidential Cadillac Limo, along with its double as it was parked at the Wall Street Heliport in lower Manhattan. They tweeted “The Secret Service is ready to roll into #UNGA 2018!”

Secret Service personnel was tasked with developing the plans for the Presidential Limousine from the ground up to ensure the utmost security for Trump in every possible scenario.

Although the Presidential Limo is designed primarily with this in mind, it is also built for comfort, elegance, and excellent performance.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich & Famous To Enjoy Quality

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You Don’t Have To Be The President To Ride In Luxury 

Whether you are planning a vacation, business event transportation, corporate travel, a private party, or just a night out with friends, you can enjoy the amazing experience and comfort of riding in a luxury limousine with A1A Limousine Services. Enjoy your own professional driver and personal concierge with extensive knowledge of Southern Florida.

In Southern Florida, there is so much to see, including beaches, theme parks, amusement parks, as well as scenic walks. Why deal with the hassle of cleaning sand out of your vehicle. Walk the boardwalks and beaches to your heart’s content. Let your limousine driver meet you wherever and whenever you choose.

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Our Fleet

There is never any need to fight for a parking place or to retrace your steps to return to your car. Why rent a car at the airport when you can relax after a long flight in a state of the art limousine and leave the driving to us. At A1A Limousine, we pride ourselves in being the best in safety, comfort, and dependability, providing luxury ground transportation.

Here at A1A Limousine in South Florida, we have a wide array of luxury vehicles to choose from in our fleet. Small parties can enjoy a pleasurable ride in one of our:

In addition, we can accommodate up to 50 individuals at a time in our party van (sometimes called a party bus) or limo party bus. We also have wedding and prom stretch limousines. In other words, we have elegant and affordable limousines for every occasion.

Call us today to book your affordable luxury ground transportation!

Author: Ryan Lubin

Fall 2018: Upcoming Business Conferences

“Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear,
wherever they might be.”

— Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman & CEO of Arcelor Mittal

A successful business professional never stops learning. Attending business conferences is great because there are always:

  1. Newer technologies being developed
  2. Innovative products entering the market
  3. Fresh methods of leadership being introduced

As you monitor new opportunities for growth, consider adding at least one of these upcoming business conferences to your travel calendar this fall.

InBound – The Top In Yearly Business Conferences

September 4-7, 2018

Boston, MA

The main stage at Inbound presents speakers across multiple disciplines. Rather than surrounding yourself with like-minded peers, this conferences aims to get attendees to think outside of themselves.

The thinking behind this method is to show how macro trends change the future of sales and marketing.

Sharing the stage this year are:

Deepak Chopra—Best-Selling Author, Founder: Chopra Foundation

Shonda Rhimes—Award-Winning Writer, Executive Producer, Best-Selling Author

Tarana Burke—Activist, Founder: Me Too Movement

Ronan Farrow—Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter

Alex Rodriguez—Former Professional Baseball Player, Founder & CEO: A-Rod Corp

The city of Boston has a great historical district to explore.

  • Take the Freedom Trail to landmarks like the Paul Revere House and Boston Common.
  • Catch a baseball game at Fenway Park.
  • Learn about the history of chocolate-making with a tour through the Back Bay.

You can’t leave Bean Town without trying the classic Boston Cream Pie.

  • Try the original at Omni Parker House.

If you get to town early, you can catch the campfire music festival happening at nearby Club Passim from Aug. 31- Sept. 3.

Empower Yourself With Luxury

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Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

October 1-3, 2018

Laguna Niguel, CA

What started as Fortune’s list of Most Powerful Women has evolved into a leadership community for women in business.

This year’s theme of “Redefining Power,” will shape the event’s interviews, panels and breakout sessions with Top CEOs like:

  • Michelle Gass of Kohl’s
  • Kristalina Georgieva of The World Bank
  • Michele Buck of Hershey

Other big names for this year’s conference include:

  • NYSE President Amy Chang
  • Singer/songwriter Jewel

Companies worldwide will have top executives in attendance:

Tech giants:

  • Google
  • Intel
  • Facebook

Financial Institutions:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bank of America
  • American Express
  • Tesla
  • Disney

To cool off after a long day of networking, go skim boarding at one of the area beaches or check out the tide pools.

If you stick around after the conference, every first Thursday of the month nearby Laguna Beach also hosts an Art Walk to several local galleries.

Looking To Hire An Event Shuttle?

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October 11, 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This has even been called Europe’s “number one branding conference.” The venue is not your typical conference location.

For the second year, OnBrand will be held in an abandoned sugar factory outside Amsterdam. This may be only a one-day event, but, the networking potential is phenomenal.

This year’s speakers will include:

  • Emanuele Madeddu—Executive VP of Global Brand Strategy at National Geographic
  • Lisa Hogg—EMEA Marketing Director at TOMS
  • Kristin Cardwell—VP of International Strategy and Business Development at Refinery29

Since the conference will only take up one day, you should stick around and enjoy your time in one of Europe’s creative centers.

To see the city like a local:

  • Grab a bicycle and pedal on!
  • Explore the artsy neighborhood of Jordaan.
  • Take a guided boat tour through the canals.
  • For the adventurous foodie, stop by a herring cart for a “broodje haring” or raw herring sandwich—a local delicacy.


Oct 17-18

Los Angeles, CA

This is not your average conference. This is a two-day inspirational whirlwind in the heart of Los Angeles, bringing together up-and-coming leaders from cultural influents to CEOs.

This summit explores the way media and cultural trends impact our business and personal worlds with attendees and presenters across 70 industries.

For an example of some of the awesome partnerships stemming from past years’ summits, see Lyft and Al Gore’s, “An Inconvenient Sequel”.

Some of this year’s presenters are:

  • Doug Palladini—Global Brand President, Vans
  • Sophia Amoruso—CEO & founder, Girlboss
  • Kandee Johnson—Beauty & Lifestyle Expert & Creator, Youtube
  • Steve Schnur—Worldwide Executive for Music, EA

While in LA, you can feel like a kid again with:

  • A short ride out to the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier
  • Relax on the beach
  • Rodeo Drive is as much a tourist attraction as it is a shopping district.
    • Head there for the ultimate in retail therapy.
  • Feed your inner foodie at the Grand Central Market, where you will find vendors representing all different cultures.

Hit The Town In Style

Book A Black Car Sedan Or Stretch Limousine Here!

Fast Company Innovation Festival

Oct 22-26

New York, NY

One of the longer conferences, Fast Company’s Innovation Festival is not one to miss. With over 300 speakers and 150 sessions, there is much to learn.

The 10,000 attendees are global creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs coming together to move the world forward through innovation.

Speakers this year represent some of the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands and news:

  • Lisa Jackson—Apple: VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives
  • Albert Shum—Microsoft: CVP of Design
  • Chip Bergh—Levi Strauss & Co.: President and CEO
  • Jason Blum—Blumhouse Productions: Founder
  • Several members of the News Team
    • NowThis
    • The Dodo
    • Mic

For this conference, attendees will be spending a week in the Big Apple.

There is no shortage of things to do in the City That Never Sleeps. During the week you can enjoy the NYC skyline from sunrise to sunset.

  • Rockefeller Center is a must-see for anyone traveling to NYC.
  • But, even better than seeing it from ground-level is the view from the Top of the Rock.

At least once, grab an authentic New York bagel for breakfast and a slice of New York Style pizza for lunch or dinner. Stop by the New York City Public Library for a little light reading to wind down.

Pick up something heavier if you really want to make the most of your learning experience. For connecting with colleagues after a session, stop by the Hudson Library Bar in Midtown West.

Destinations That Will Make You Want To Book Your Flight Today!

Global Impact Investor Network Forum

Oct 30-31, 2018

Paris, France

What better excuse to visit the “City of Lights” than business travel? Financial business professionals from around the world will be heading to Paris for this gathering.  Meet active impact investors as those who are interested in getting into the practice.

Presenters include venture capitalists and innovators who are changing the industry and the way that capital markets work.

Attendees in 2018 will hear from:

  • Sir Ronald Cohen—Philanthropist
  • Gloria Coleman—Manger of Climate Finance, Climate Policy Initiative
  • Adam Connaker—Senior Program Associate, The Rockefeller Foundation
    • and many more…

While you’re in town, be sure to make the most of your adventure.

  • Visit The Louvre and try the bread from a traditional French bakery.
  • With famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, there are plenty of opportunities for epic photos.
  • For those who enjoy the macabre, no trip to Paris is complete without a trip to the Catacombs.

For more of a luxury experience, seek out some of the city’s secret clubs. Check out the Experimental Cocktail Club— the birthplace of the Parisian craft cocktail scene.

Paris Fact: The nickname “City of Lights” has nothing to do with lighting, per sé. The moniker stems from the city’s role as the birthplace of The Age of Enlightenment in Europe.

Putin Arrives At Helsinki Summit In Luxury Limo

Web Summit

Nov 5-8, 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

For the global business professional, this conference is a must-attend. One of the largest tech conferences in the world, Web Summit brings together 70,000 attendees from over 170 different countries. Talk about networking!

Held in Lisbon, Portugal, attending this conference could double as a “working vacation.”

  • Visit the Lisbon Oceanarium, Europe’s largest indoor aquarium, for an up-close look at nearly 100 species of sea creatures.
  • The Lisbon Casino is a great place to meet up with colleagues and fellow attendees after the conference.
    • With its bars, restaurants, shows, and art exhibits, the Casino has something for everyone’s tastes.

Don’t Risk Getting Lost While Traveling Abroad

Trust Your Chauffeur To Get You To Your Destination


Nov 10-11

San Francisco, CA

Afrotech, the largest Black tech conference in Silicon Valley, presents 15 talks over two days from tech startup founders and employees. From these talks, attendees will learn tips and tricks for success and get a better understanding of how culture and tech shape today’s world.

This year’s lineup isn’t yet live as of this writing, but you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from last year’s event.

Presenters in 2017 included:

  • Rapper and Chamilitary Entertainment CEO Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Seriki
  • Multi-talented activist/actor/entrepreneur Jesse Williams.
  • Also, Scientists, researchers, and tech-leads from companies, such as:
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Etsy

Have also taken the Afrotech stage with industry advancements.

Talk about a great location! In sunny San Francisco, you can check out famous sights like:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Fisherman’s Wharf

Grab some authentic Chinese cuisine in one of San Fran’s four Chinatown districts.

To see how culture influences modern art, take a look at the over 29,000 works on display at The Museum of Modern Art.

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Conferences can lead you to some of the best places to travel in the US and around the world. To get you to your travel destination in style, consider hiring a luxury ground transportation service.

With service to over 850 cities worldwide, A1A Airport and Limousine service can get you wherever you need to go. Not only will our professional chauffeur service ensure that you arrive on time, we will even get you there early!

A1A can track your flight and have your driver ready to help you with your bags after a long day of traveling.

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Should You Start: A Franchise Or An Original Business?

When thinking of running a business some may come across the question, “Should I run a franchise or an original business?”. Well, they’re both excellent options, however, depending on what direction you’d want to go when establishing your footing as a business professional, will decide which path you’ll be taking.

Depending on what your goal may be as a business professional, you’ll have to decide what road you’ll be taking…

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Remember, when running your business it may come in handy to have someone else take some of the pressure from the hectic business world. Sometimes you don’t want to worry about the little things like, transportation. You want rely on someone who’s a professional and will get you to your business meeting, gathering or corporate event on time and in luxury. 

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The Evolution of Convenient Traveling

Luxury travel and comfort has been the first demand of mankind from the very beginning. We are always working to find the best ways to make our lives easier and convenient. There are many business startups that are only selling the services that will make our life easier and luxurious. If you are a professional business man and you travel a lot then you probably know the fatigue of travelling. You cannot quit traveling but you can choose luxury travel and most of the business professionals never compromise on the comfort of travelling.

Technology, in any case, has changed the way our system works. Things are now significantly more advantageous and less demanding. My folks still can’t get over the way that with a tick of a catch, you can have an auto lift you up or food conveyed to your doorstep. With regards to traveling, technology has enhanced such a significant number of parts of it by ten times. Can you imagine traveling with no access to Google maps, flight booking frameworks, in booking stages, or something as essential as not having the capacity to peruse data on online journals and sites?

Despite the fact that I would have wanted to experience traveling during past times worth remembering, generally, they make traveling just a great deal more helpful and moderate. Recorded underneath are a couple of courses on how technology changed the way we travel.

Booking a Flight

Few years ago, smartphones were not so common and only few people had access to smartphones. There was no concept of booking your flight with the help of your mobile phone. Either you are a business professional or a simple school teacher, the only way to book your ticket for your flight was to visit the nearest booking office and get the ticket by hand. That was not only time consuming but standing is long queues was also a big problem.

With smartphones and internet apps, you can easily book your flight to your desired destination for your business meeting with just single click. Now, you don’t have to stand in the row for tickets. It is the big step towards the luxury travel. If you are a luxury travel fan, then you will definitely love this evolution.

Renting a Car

Car is the most basic need for of luxury travel and every business professional own a car. It is not possible to take your car everywhere in your business meeting. You can travel by car within city or nearest towns but when you visit any other country then you need a car to travel with ease.

There are many businesses in the world that provide cars for rent. Rent a car is not a new business but technology has totally changed the way of our dealings. Now, you can hire a car for your luxury travel and care will be at your location and you would not have to visit any shop to hire a driver or car. Careem and Uber are two most famous car providers that are using technology and smartphones for this purpose.

Find the Best Things to do

When you visit any new place, you don’t know that which one is the best restaurant in the town. You have no idea that which hotel is offering best facilities and where your stay will be economical. Business professional will not only look for travel luxury but he will also want to stay in best hotel. So if you want to find out anything about any city or county, apps have the solution for you.

Some time ago there was no such thing as Trip Advisor where we could read audits on a company’s’ reputation. It was altogether done on dazzle confidence. Presently, we can in a flash read audits on what to do, and in addition, we can in a split second discover novel and fun activities which coordinate your travel style.

GPS and Emails

You have to stay connected with your loved ones and your office. If you are on a professional business meeting then you will have to update your office about your progress and in the past, post was the only source of sharing information. Now you can send any data and information with just a single click from your computer.

GPS have made travelling fun and convenient. If you are new in the city and don’t know about locations and roads, don’t worry as Google maps use GPS technology and can guide you on each and every step.

Travel Hacks – How to travel and Save Money

Traveling the world is a dream at the top of wish list of every kid. However, as we grow up the responsibilities increase and we get so caught up in life that traveling remains a dream. Most of the people have financial issues due to which they are unable to make their dream come true. If you really want to travel the world money cannot stop you. Here we have the best tips and tricks on how to pinch pennies while traveling.

Get cards that do not charge fee

When you are in another country and you want to transact money from your account you will have to pay $3 ATM fee. If you will have to take out the money every day it will cost you a lot. A better solution to this problem is that you should buy the cards that do not cost any charges. It might be dangerous for you to carry cash around. There are some special bank services that will not cost your money on international transactions. It will help you save a lot of money during your journey.

Look for airline sales

If you are planning to have a business travel but you do not have the money for it do not worry. There are special days in the week on which the airline companies offer special discounts.

  • Different companies have different days at which they offer luxury travel sales
  • Find out the days and the sales of offer they are providing
  • Compare the rates and book the flight on the day sale is offered

You will get the chance to save up to 30% on regular days and if it was a special occasion you might save more.

Secret hotel rooms

A secret tip you can use for saving money is booking the secret hotel room services. it is a special service that most of the tourists do not even know about. You will have to conduct a complete research online. You will notice that the hotel rooms will be perfect for accommodation. You will get all the amenities of life as well as the special services. the only difference is that these rooms are available at the cheapest rate which means you will not have to worry about the hotel charges.

Have your favorite meal at lunchtime

If you are on a business trip most of your time will be spent in the conferences and exploring the areas. Being a professional you will have to visit different restaurants with the company. In this situation, you cannot afford to offer the low-cost meal. The best solution to deal with this situation is ordering a complete meal at the lunchtime. When you will compare the charges for the same meal at lunch time and dinner time you will notice the difference. In this way, you will enjoy the most delicious meals at an affordable rate. It is not necessary that you will get the best meals at the restaurants because some of the best meals are available at the street food.

Use the promo codes

There different service providers that are offering the promo codes. There are some gift card services available as well. You can use the promo codes on the flights and other transportation services. On the other hand, use the gift cards in the restaurants or you can exchange them for money. If the gift card offers a free meal make sure that you do not lose this opportunity and enjoy your time.

Look for cheapest transportation services

When you are in a new country the most difficult situation you will have to deal with is finding the cheap transportation services. You can order the luxury car but it will cost you a fortune. It is better that you think wisely. Pay attention to the pay and the distance of your hotel from the destination. You have to calculate the fair of public transportation and private transportation. Make sure you consider the time they will take. This comparison will provide you the chance to finalize the deal that is more affordable so you will not have to waste money.

Bottom line

When you are on a tight budget you will have to take every step wisely. Remember that your enjoyment is more important than your pocket. You have to save money for exploring the area so that you will not regret that you were unable to visit a tourist attraction because of lack of money. There are applications available that will show you cheap offers to help you manage your expenses.


Geocaching: Everything You Need To Know About This New Fun Game


If you enjoyed popular childhood games likes “hide-and-seek” and “treasure hunt” when you were a kid, then you are not too far off from knowing what geocaching is all about. This new game is fast becoming popular in the UK, US, Australia, and other parts of the world.


What is Geocaching Anyway?

Simply put, geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. But this time around, you will be making use of Global Positioning System (GPS) to find the treasures. It is a high-tech game that brings back the sweet memory of games we played as kids by combining GPS-tracking with outdoor adventure. What makes geocaching unique is that it is fun for all ages.


What Does Geocaching Work?

Like I mentioned above, you should think of this game as high-tech hide-and-seek game. It involves participants all over the world hiding what is known as “caches” in public locations and then leave clues for other participants to find them.

In some cases, participants leave a trinket inside the cache or a logbook so other participants can record their presence on the site. Once you found the cache, you can trade the goodies inside with one of your own.


How To Play Geocaching

Are you looking forward to joining in this high-tech adventure? Playing geocaching is extremely easy and fun. What makes this good unique is that it is perfect for adults as well as teenagers who want to join you in the hunt.

You can play geocaching in the following steps:

  1. Get a Dedicated GPS Receiver or Download Geocaching App

In the early days of Geocaching, most players made use of dedicated GPS receiver to acquire coordinates. Some players still prefer this method. However, since nowadays mobile phones and devices have GPS feature, the better way will be to download Geocaching app on your smartphone or tablet from PlayStore or App Store.


  1. Create Your Geocaching Account

To join the game, you will need to create an account on a geocaching website. Creating your account will give you access to all the features on the site along with the caching data. Note that not all geocaching sites are free. In most sites, you will need to get a premium member status before you could get access to some of the best features on the site.

I would recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just one Geocaching site. You can explore as many of them as possible.


  1. Start Finding Caches From your Location

The great thing about this game is that geocaches are hidden everywhere. It is a good idea to always begin your search where you are. You are likely to find some of these caches close to your location.


  1. Choose Difficulty Level

On Geocaching website, you can be able to choose the difficulty level that suits your need. If you are just getting started, you may opt for easy caches and then progress to difficult levels as you get more experience.


  1. Get a Gift Item to Trade

Before you proceed on your search, you might want to find a valuable gift to trade. Some geocaching websites follow a theme. If the geocaching website you are following has a theme, ensure you get something that follows the theme. You will trade this gift for the one existing in the cache once you locate it. Some of the items you can trade include trinkets, bug trackers, and Geocoins.


  1. Locate the Cache

With your GPS, you can start locating caches. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. When you find one, take the gift inside and replace it with your own. You can go ahead and register your presence if there is a logbook available. When you are done, place it back exactly the way you found it. Note that geocaches must never be hidden underground to avoid interference.


Benefits of Playing Geocaching

Geocaching is indeed one game for adults that is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Due to the numerous benefits that are associated with this game, a lot of people all over the world are developing an interest in geocaching. Some of these benefits include:

  • It is very fun to play
  • It boosts mental health
  • it’s a fun way to get some physical activities for adults
  • it relieves stress
  • Improves memory
  • It helps you tap into your creativity
  • It promotes eustress
  • It helps to reduce symptoms of depression



There is no doubt that Geocaching is a very fun game with a lot of benefits. Young and old adults can participate in this game. It is a great way to keep your memory and body activate. Besides, the trekking, biking, and hiking that may be involved in your effort to find caches are good enough exercises. But that’s not all, the joy of discovering the box as well as the surprise of the trinkets inside all combine to make this game a must-do for every adult.

Efficient Ways of Travelling to Your Destination


Travel is a compelling route for businesses to obtain new customers and investors– nothing is more impactful than meeting eye to eye with a potential customer. Vast business organizations are regularly very much prepared for travelling for business trips; they have a uniform method and enough cash to help their professional workers with rich cars to help their development. However, for small professional businesses, travel can wind up overpowering and disorderly for business meeting because of absence of fund to give the correct transport help, for example, luxury cars to ease development to meet with customers. The mix of a set number of representatives and an over-yearning or impossible venture design can put a budgetary strain on private business.


The best moderate and productive methods for heading out to business destination and also getting a charge out of it with luxury cars can be further more clarified as we continue;

Going for business can be energizing, however it doesn’t generally abandon you with enough time to truly encounter the city you’re going by. In any case, your business trips don’t need to be all work with no play! With these couple of basic hints, you can satisfy your work business commitments while as yet getting a charge out of the sights and hints of your host city. Expect the time distinction by acclimatizing yourself. A couple of days before flight for a business meeting or a sumptuous vacation, get used to managing your body check by abstaining from sleeping in or remaining up late. This will enable you to adjust all the more effortlessly to your new time zone once you’ve touched base at your business destination. Your booked hotel and luxury car rental office may all offer you membership to their reliability programs when you make your booking. Taking a couple of minutes to do this will open various advantages and spare important time through utilization of traveler profiles and spared preference, express courses, access to the air terminal parlor to unwind or work, mailing of your luxury car enlist receipt and so on. When you are reserving, look out for the words “or comparable” by the sort of car and the sort occasion which you will require it for business meeting or sumptuous vacation. For instance; if you are determined to an official meeting luxury cars, for example, Mercedes, suv, Peugeots are on the whole great decisions while for lavish vacation luxury cars, for example, Mercedes convertibles, Audi A3 Convertible, Ford Mustang Cabriolet and lots more. Be that as it may, they aren’t generally simple to discover and book. So here is a professional manual for what would you be able to rent where, how to go about it, what sort of rates you should pay, and the admonitions and potential traps to pay special mind to a business meeting or a luxury vacation; Rates change immensely, depending upon the luxury car and the area, however the accompanying are rule with air terminal pickups, crash harm waiver protection (CDW) and boundless mileage. For a Ford Mustang Cabriolet or comparable, Zest Car from Orlando, from Las Vegas, from San Francisco. For an Audi A3 Convertible or comparable, Holiday Autos from Nice, from Pisa. Especially higher. For a CDW yet restricted mileage, Holiday Autos for a Mercedes E-Class Convertible, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Be amicable and professional when you are at your business destination, regardless of whether it’s your customer’s office, a gathering, or another office in your organization. Asking your companions what they like to do at the chance to do in the region is an extraordinary friendly exchange that likewise gives you significant data about the region. Battle your fly slack by tolerating any professional offers from your colleagues or customers to go out after work. They know the best places to go around town, and you’ll make certain to encounter some fun while on your business adventure. Don’t invest the greater part of your free energy amid your business trips divert surfing in your lodging room! Indeed, even with a bustling calendar, there are still a lot of chances to make the most of your destination while going for business. Indeed, even the professionals say you should buckle down and play harder, and with a little research and arranging you will undoubtedly achieve that assignment on your next business trip. Will probably expel an early morning stroll on the beach before making a beeline for the workplace on the off chance that you carried just business clothing with you. Pack a couple of agreeable shoes, a swimming outfit, and your camera to enable you to check out of business hours and genuinely appreciate being a guest in another city.

Communication is the way to any professional arranging or planning. Get some information about your boss’ or customer’s desires and wishes for your business visit. Might they want to eat with you? Is luxury transportation from the hotel to the workplace given? These answers will help you professionally design your own chance amid your business trip. Once you’ve accumulated the majority of the critical subtle elements of your business trip, you can begin to design both your work and individual time. Before you leave for your destination, inquire about some potential nearby attractions, prevalent neighborhoods, and shopping areas that you figure you might want to visit. You’re frequently short on time amid a business journey, and arranging things ahead of time will keep you from losing a couple of hours assembling a venture design. For instance, in the event that you know your organization or customer is furnishing you with day by day luxurious transportation to and from the workplace, request to be dropped off at an exhibition hall or eatery inside strolling separation of your hotel one night.

Gaining Consumer Trust In Car Connectivity

In this day and age, where technology grows ever more complex, day by day, and not only our phones, but our cars have become computers, people want to know a few things. They want to know if this technology helps or hinders them. Does it protect us ,or pose an added threat if something does goes wrong. These and many other questions abound, but the answer to them, is never quite as clear as we hoped, more so melting into the proverbial gray area that is the middle ground between yes and no, good and bad, light and dark.

Individuals who presented in Brussels at the Connected Cars Europe 2017 conference believe unity is the answer. That the industry as a whole, all the networking, applications, services and manufacturing must be made to work together as a cohesive whole, chugging away like a well oiled machine with the sole purpose in mind of delivering unto the customer everything that has been asked of them, with all the assurances of safety and security possible. This is as good a plan as any, and if implemented well, without any interference from one company or the next, it could in all likelihood work to the desired effect.

A big part of this plan, is the creation of automated cars, and not just a car that can drive itself, but a truly automated vehicle, one that is capable of communication with all other cars on the road, alerting them in milliseconds of any accident that may occur. These are the aptly named “Talking Cars” of our future. Ranking in automation from 0 to 5, they stand at the pinnacle of 5, a summit we have not yet been able to climb to. Tesla is beginning manufacturing of cars in the 3 to 4 range, in that they are capable of driving without human assistance, but do not yet have the technology to communicate among themselves.

In the end though, what do automated cars mean for us? What do they mean for we the people who will be buying them, being driven by them, and putting our trust in them? Well the most glaring difference in my eyes is that accidents will become all but nonexistent. Short of mechanical failures machines don’t make mistakes. They don’t go 70 on a street where the speed limit is 30, they don’t run red lights, and they certainly don’t get drunk on a Friday night and decide to wing it and drive home anyway. So in theory, it will be safer, much safer.

What though, does this mean for the limousine service of the future? In all likelihood destinations and addresses will be preprogrammed, pickup times neatly scheduled, and the limousine itself will almost never be late. Party bus prices will drop, as they will no longer need a professional driver, only a “party facilitator” if you will, with the job of a DJ while simultaneously watching to make sure all the rules are followed within the vehicle itself in lieu of the driver. The limo service of tomorrow could very well consist of a fleet of “talking cars” or “talking limousines” and a small group of people in an office somewhere to answer the phone calls, schedule the pickups and make sure the whens and wheres are kept in order. It’s almost funny to think that 10 years from now when you search up “car services near me” you will mean exactly that, a car. No well dressed driver in a pressed suit come to get you, just you, and whoever else you’ve brought along, if anyone.

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There are a few companies preparing for this future, so near yet feeling so far away. In Germany data is being analyzed to help create the next generation of technology that performs faster and at a higher level than ever before, but with speed there must also be usability.

A machine that has been made faster than any other of its kind, but that breaks down periodically is unacceptable. Of course perfection is impossible, but to be marketable it must be as close to perfect as possible in order to be marketable at all. It truly will be a challenge, making something never before seen, and having to get it right the first time or fail entirely.

There can be no half measures here, the automotive industry if it hopes to conquer this monumental feat cannot settle for the familiarity of the gray area. They must either go for the gold or give up entirely. 

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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