Airport Pick-Up : Why You Might Need an Airport Shuttle

Let’s talk about airport pick-up. Invariably anytime you travel via airplane, you need to find a way to get to the airport and then back home. There are a few steps involved in this:


  • Knowing your flight number and which terminal you’re leaving from.
  • Research the weather ahead of time, so you aren’t caught unaware.
  • Check the traffic ahead of time (any accidents or backups will delay your travel time)



The not so good options:

Driving your own car

Which is great, and you can listen to whatever you want on the radio, but you must pay for parking, which isn’t cheap, and then there is the question of putting your trust in an airport parking garage to keep your car safe until you get back


Looking For An Airport Shuttle Near Me?



Your friend can drop you off and pick you up

However, you’re never sure if they will show up on time and well, sometimes they aren’t the best drivers. What about returning the favor one day when they need it? Or the smoking? Or the speeding? Probably best to not deal with that.



Calling an Uber or Lyft for airport pick-up

This involves getting into a stranger’s personal vehicle. Were you in the mood for rap? How about evangelical preaching? The smell of their perfume or cologne? No? What about the safety of the car? Do you know when the last oil change was? How about the tires?



Calling a taxi

Taxis aren’t always readily available, and rates vary depending on where you are. There are always so many things to consider and plan for.



When to Arrive at the Airport

Let’s face it, travel in all its iterations is inherently frustrating because of everything involved, even if you are going on vacation. If you travel alone, it’s a little easier, but with more than one person, the time involved can be multiplied. Just like your flight, getting to the airport takes planning. As stated before:


  • Allow for travel time, weather, parking and bringing your luggage into the terminal.


  • Have all the proper ID’s, your boarding pass and a large allowance of patience.


  • Allow at least 2 hours before your flight, especially if you are leaving out of an international terminal, to get through security and baggage check and get seated comfortably on the plane.



Airport Parking

One of the hardest things, at least when I have traveled, has been parking at the airport. First you must get into the lot, and hopefully you will find a good spot. Here are a few handy tips:


  • Park your car in a well-lit area
  • Don’t bring any valuables with you (if you do lock them in the truck) 
  • Double check your car windows & doors (lock em’ up!)
  • Bring attire adaptive to weather change



Limo Transportation

Let a Professional Handle the Driving for You

Hiring a professional driver to handle your airport pick-up costs as much, if not less, than a taxi. Your driver is there to get you to the airport, in comfort and relaxation.


Traveling for vacation is leisurely at it’s finest! Although business travel isn’t so stress-free. Can be quite hectic! Here’s your best bet, you can hire a limousine / town car service to get you to your desired destination.


Limo drivers take cleanliness of their vehicles very seriously, so you can rely on a clean ride for sure. In addition, you’ll be driven by a chauffeur who knows the roads from the back of their hand.



These drivers experience these routes on a daily basis. As well as being knowledgeable on which flights come out of which terminal.


Local drivers are also familiar with the area you may be traveling to and can offer suggestions on places to eat and interesting sightseeing attractions.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be wealthy to afford to drive in a stretch limousine. Everyone deserves luxury ground transportation, it isn’t limited to corporate travel.


A professional driver is your personal concierge, and his (or her) job is to greet you, make you feel welcome, and get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare and a whole lot less stress.


You can just sit in the back and have some coffee or a drink, watch a little television and relax on the way. He can help you bring in your luggage, but he can’t help you with the TSA. Sorry.

Limo Car Service Is An Eco Friendly Alternative

It may come to no surprise to learn that the transportation industry is a heavy contributor to harming the environment that we live within each day and you may be amazed that a limo car service can help! 


But when you consider the fact that everyone has somewhere to go, and that it takes fuel to get there, you may begin to wonder where all this fuel comes from and where does it goIn the beginning, it’s pumped from the earth under dangerous conditions that actually have been known to cause harm to the planet.


It is then transported by large vehicles that use more fuel to bring it to fuel pumping centers where consumers purchase multi-grades of fuel for high prices and contribute endlessly to the pollution problem.


There’s An Eco-Friendly Solution:

Limo Service!

What makes a limo eco-friendly?


Fuel Efficiency

When you consider how much fuel is used for transportation, you can indeed agree that it is a lot. There are many vehicles that use fuel nearly non-stop and that is not friendly for the ecosystem.


Buses are always running and slowly on high amounts of gasoline. All of the people using public transportation are creating the constant stops on buses that never turn off for their passenger experience.


Trains have been used for centuries across nations for transportation of things large and small, including people! However, trains pose an excessive amount of locomotive exhaust from their steam engines leaving the air stiff.


Taxi Cabs are probably the worst due to their prices and constant prowling for customers. This, in turn, consumes and wastes gas like no other, further contributing to the pollution problem.



Would You Like To Ride Eco-Friendly?

Book Your Next Transportation Service With Us!




Have you ever carpooled? It’s similar to public transportation in the fact that you probably don’t know the people you are riding with too well and it’s definitely not as crowded.


Forget about mainstream public transportation! The great thing about renting a limo car service is that you can expect those who choose to carpool with you to be business professionals already.


If they can afford to ride in luxury ground transportation, there’s a high chance that you will be compatible in the company of them.


Plus, you get to experience a comfortable ride with plush seating and temperature controlled interior.


Carpooling saves on gas and the carbon pollution that comes along with large buses, trains, Uber’s and taxi cabs. Save the planet when you choose a limo car service by having fewer cars on the street.



How Can Hiring a Town Car Service Be Fuel Efficient? 

Excellent question! A town car service is more than just eco friendly, for the earth. In addition, it’s friendly to the busy roads itself! 

Well, when you hire a luxury ground transportation service to get you to your destination: You’re preventing more cars on the roads. Especially when you carpool! Carpooling is fun as well as cost effective.


Efficient financially! Splitting the bill is always an ideal way of saving your wallet potential emotional damage. 


Remember: You don’t have to give up gas powered transportation entirely. Just be smarter about it! 

  • Carpooling
  • Hire a professional driver (a.k.a. limo driver)
  • Choose a company whose up to date on fleet maintenance 



Types Of Fuels

(E85) FlexFuel is an ethanol-based gas that is renewable and is known to produce 60% fewer emissions to damage the ozone layer, compared to regular fuel. BioDiesel is said to emit up to nearly 90% fewer carbons and gases than average fuels.


(LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas has a significantly lowered carbon content than gasoline and burns cleaner than both gas and diesel combined.


(CNG) Compressed Natural Gas is arguably the best in fuel as it emits even fewer greenhouse gas emissions than all of the above. It’s not only more natural, but it is safer.



What Is Hybrid

Running your car on a battery means less fumes. It’s a pretty common thing for limousines to run with hybrid engines, I mean, it just makes sense to if you think about it.


Not only does running off of hybrids save money for the limo car service by having to stop less for gas. There is less fuel you need to put in and also, the battery power helps to run all of the electronics and amenities needed for luxury travel.


Hybrids run on both gasoline fuel and battery power. However, the fuel hybrids use is most likely to be FlexFuel and thus bringing hybrids up to a higher standard in the transportation industry.


When choosing transportation, a limo car service is a great alternative to any other mode!


Limit Your Carbon Footprint On The Planet

It’s true. We all will leave something behind for the world to recognize us by, so why not choose to leave something less?

Less is best, they say, and in the case of reducing greenhouse emissions and limiting the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet, it’s the right way to go.

You can accomplish this by driving less when you hire a limo car service to transport you around as you travel.

Other ways to reduce your carbon footprint are to:

  • Reduce your consumption of electricity
  • Use fewer gas-powered devices


Best Limousine Cars, and Other Forms Of Luxury Transportation

The best limousine services will maintain a modern fleet with enough diversity to handle any size party. We’ll break down the basics of luxury ground transportation: from Town Cars to stretch limousine models and everything in between.


Choosing the Best Limousine Car

There are many different types of vehicles in the world of luxury transportation. However, choosing the right limousine car doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Where you’re going
  • How many people are traveling together
  • Limousine car availability

Next, let’s take a look at some specific types of limo transportation.



Cadillac XTS
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Its sleek style and plush leather seating make the XTS perfect for corporate travel, whether you need to send a chauffeur for a client or make your own travel arrangements.

With rear climate controls, passengers can set the temperature for their comfort. Enjoy whatever music fits your mood with Bluetooth and XM Radio. You can even just sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride in anonymity, thanks to the car’s dark-tinted privacy glass.



Lincoln Continental
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Did you know that John F. Kennedy’s presidential limo was a blue Lincoln Continental? These days, however, white or black is a much more common color for a limousine car.

Although the Continental went out of production in 2002, it came back with a vengeance for its tenth generation in 2017. The Continental has a much more subtle design than other flashy luxury cars.

It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful without being the center of attention. This makes it a great car for corporate travel, where it can help you make the perfect entrance: classy, but not over the top.



Mercedes Benz S550
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

This luxury sedan is in popular demand, and for good reason. Its design is classy and chic while the interior provides a cozy, comfortable ride. The S550 also features amenities that makes it seem less like a sedan and more like the smallest limo.

Like most luxury cars, you’ll ride in comfort on plush leather seating, but there’s more! Heated seats will keep passengers warm in winter while the satellite radio stations allow them to set the soundtrack for their adventure.

If yours is equipped with the onboard WiFi hotspot, you can even stay connected to friends or the office on the go.



GMC Yukon
Vehicle Type: SUV
Passengers: 6

Up to six passengers can ride comfortably in the luxurious GMC Yukon. Its three rows of seating give everyone plenty of space. In fact, the third row is easily accessible from the rear doors to enter the vehicle or retrieve stored cargo.

When it comes to entertainment, this limousine car can really turn it up to 11. The AM/FM/Satellite radio also has Bluetooth access, so you can play your favorite tunes right from your phone.

The 2018 model even comes with a Bose audio system and a nine-speaker setup. Plus, the dark privacy tinting lets you dance like no one’s watching—because no one will be able to see inside!



Cadillac Escalade
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 6

America’s favorite luxury sedan celebrated 20 years on the market in 2018 and is still quite the status symbol. Its sleek styling makes it clear that someone important is inside, while providing enough performance for its driver to move nimbly through traffic.

Three rows of seating allows room for up to six passengers or lots of storage space. Individual climate controls let you tailor the cabin temperature to your preference.

With the 2018 model’s Platinum Package, the interior features exotic wood trim, a suede headliner, and leather seating. Surrounding yourself in this much luxury feels like you’re flying in a private jet without leaving the ground!



Lincoln MKT
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 8

Town Cars are great for transporting solo travelers and groups of three or fewer. The Lincoln MKT Town Car Limousine brings the classic black car experience to larger groups of up to eight passengers.

This limousine car is loaded with tons of comfort and functionality features in both passenger and driver areas. You can rest assured that your driver has the best navigation system and driver-assistance functions, such as the BLIS® Blind Spot Information System.


For passengers, the top-notch entertainment features include:

  •  An 8-inch LCD touch screen
  • AM/FM/Satellite radio, CD/MP3 compatibility & auxiliary input
  • 10-speaker audio setup
  • Multiple power ports keeping devices charged & ready



Limo Facts: What Is a Chauffeur?

In short, a chauffeur is someone whose job is to drive others around. However, chauffeurs are different from other kinds of drivers. They must undergo rigorous training and have a clean driving record. In addition, they must maintain a professional appearance, as well as a personable demeanor.




Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 15

How do you make a Cadillac Escalade better? Stretch it into an SUV limousine! This way, you get all of the perks of the original Escalade but with twice the passenger capacity.

In addition, you’ll have access to the amenities that you’d expect from a stretch limousine such as a beverage station and fiber-optic lighting. This is a popular vehicle for special occasions and bridal parties as well as spicing up a regular evening with a luxurious night on the town.



Mercedes Sprinter
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 11

The Sprinter Van is a favorite for corporate travel. Its no-nonsense design gives everyone his or her own seat, so there’s plenty of legroom and no crowding.

With seating for up to eleven passengers, you can easily transport your whole office or department in one vehicle. In fact, this vehicle is frequently used for business event transportation or as an airport shuttle.



Ford E-350
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 15

The E-350 is similar to the Sprinter van, but can fit more passengers inside. With five rows of seating, it’s the perfect vehicle for event transportation, wedding parties, or even an airport shuttle for large groups.

Its individual seating ensures comfort for every passenger. The dark privacy glass keeps others from seeing into your vehicle. In addition, it also blocks some outside light to helps you rest after a long flight or road trip.



Ford F-450
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 25

The F-450 provides the functionality of a passenger van in the size of a limo bus. For a night on the town, everyone can ride together with the convenience of your chauffeur acting as the evening’s designated driver.

You won’t have to worry about parking, either, as your chauffeur will drop you off at your party or business event location.



Ford F-550
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 30

For the ultimate party-on-wheels, you’ll want this awesome limo bus. With 30-passenger capacity and a rockin’ atmosphere you may not want to leave this party in a bus!

Flat screen TVs and a premium sound system let you kick off the evening with your personal party soundtrack or maybe your own rendition of carpool karaoke. Stock the drink station with your favorite beverages and you can even pop bottles (responsibly) on the go!



Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 50

Whether you’re headed out of town or cross-country, a motorcoach will get you there! This limo bus option features overhead cargo space as well as weather-proof compartments for larger luggage.

Onboard restrooms allow you to make your journey in comfort without making unnecessary stops. Climate-controlled A/C and heating ensure that you can keep warm or cool, no matter where you’re headed!



How to Book Your Best Limousine

By reading this guide, you’ve taken the first step. That is, you’re doing your research. Once you pick the right limousine car, research limousine companies in your area.

Keep in mind that smaller companies will have less availability and fewer options that a larger, global luxury transportation service.






Written By: Amber M. Smith

Get to World’s Largest Cruise Ship with a Cruise Port Shuttle

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.”
– Henry James

When something amazing comes to town or an opportunity arises, then you better not miss the chance to take it. It’s not quite often that we get to become a part of history, and that’s exactly what you can do now with the arrival of Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas.


It’s the largest cruise ship ever built and it’s operational. Not only can you see this absolute wonder of the world, but you can actually experience traveling in this mega structure. Book your cruise shuttle ahead of time and you’ll be grateful once it’s time to set sail. 



Are You Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime? 

Book Your Cruise Port Shuttle Today!



Even if you weren’t planning a vacation, remember that this is potentially an opportunity unlike any you’ve ever had. Not many people get the chance to vacation on the largest cruise ship ever built.


Just imagine the bragging rights you’ll have after you tell people that you were one of the groups that got to experience this behemoth on the sea. 


If your schedule does not allow you to take time off for a vacation cruise, you should at least try to get a look at this ship while it’s in port. The ship’s gargantuan size is a sight to behold. To truly appreciate its beauty and magnificence, you have to see it in person.



Start Your Vacation Off Right With A Cruise Port Shuttle

Once your day has come to board the ship, everything needs to go perfectly. There’s no time to waste! You have to be aboard the ship by your designated time if you intend to set sail. Cruise ships run on a tight schedule and they tend to stick to it. You’ll need a safe, reliable ride to get you from your door to the port.


Once you arrive in Miami, you should definitely not wait until you reach the ship to start your vacation. Get a head start by contacting a trusted, high-quality luxury ground transportation company to arrange a ride for your group.


You could even book a party van – “sometimes called a party bus” and decorate it according to your own theme.



Start Your Journey In Luxury!

Click Here For Affordable Limousine Service



Another option for a cruise port shuttle would be to book limo transportation. Go classic with a stretch limousine or add a modern touch of class with a stretch SUV limo. Treat yourself and everyone else with a high-end experience on the ground before you begin your long journey on the seas.


You don’t have to wait for the cruise ship to depart the port for the fun to begin. It can start well before that when you plan ahead of time to take advantage of the opportunities before you. Vacations only come once in a while, so don’t let it go to waste.



Is Carnival Cruise Really The Best?



Still Image From Video, Courtesy Royal Caribbean International
Image Courtesy Royal Caribbean International

Meet The World’s Largest Cruise Ship: The Symphony of the Seas

The ship’s name is exciting enough! Can you imagine what it actually has to offer? To find out for yourself, head to South Florida and bask in the glory of the largest cruise ship in the world.


Symphony Fun Fact:

The Symphony of the Seas is the World’s Largest Cruise Ship.

It is 30% larger than the second biggest cruise ship.


The 228,081-ton Symphony of the Seas arrived in Florida after traveling across the Atlantic Ocean from Barcelona, Spain. After a quick stop at Port Canaveral, Florida, the ship headed for its long-term home in Miami. 



What you will find aboard the Symphony of the Seas:

  • Capacity: 6,680 passengers
  • Crew: 2,200 staff members on-board
  • Two-deck-high Ultimate Family Suite
  •  Boardwalk amusement park
  •  Laser tag
  •  World-class seafood restaurant
  •  Royal Promenade
  •  Live entertainment
  •  And more!

To see more of this vessel, you’ll just have to book your own trip. Once you do, it’s time to look forward to the moment you step out of the airport.



Getting To The Ship

For those who don’t live in Florida, the Symphony’s arrival is the perfect excuse to make a trip. If you happen to live in the sunshine state, well, you’ll have a much shorter ride to the port!


Flying into town? Rest up from your flight as an airport shuttle takes you to your hotel before heading to the cruise ship.


Heading straight to the ship? Your airport shuttle can easily become a cruise port shuttle and take you straight to the port.


Why hire an ordinary taxi when the trip to the port can be part of the experience. Hiring a chauffeur isn’t just for corporate travel. Get the VIP treatment with Town Cars or a sleek limousine.


For the more adventurous, you can turn the ride into a party in a bus. Whether you want to relax in comfort or party in style, a cruise port shuttle is the way to go!



Need Ideas For Your Next Vacation?

Breathtaking Travel Destinations: A Traveler’s Best Kept Secrets



There’s no need to worry about the baggage or departure time when the day comes to board your cruise. When you book your cruise port shuttle, everything will be arranged according to your schedule. Your chauffeur will pick you up to take you to the port safely and on time. 


Book your South Florida limo with A1A Airport & Limousine Service 

for a memorable journey on the ground before you sail into the sunset!


A1A Limo is based in South Florida, where we have been the trusted local source for affordable limousine service since 1986. We also provide worldwide chauffeur services through our global network of affiliates.


With our simple online booking system or smartphone app, you can travel in luxury no matter where you are. Our wide range of services includes business event transportation, airport shuttle services, and cruise port transportation. 


Check out our fleet of limousine cars and you’ll be sure to find the perfect vehicle for any of your travel needs.


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Plan Ahead For 2019 Corporate Travel

With 2019 just around the corner, it is very important to have your business plan in place for the new year. That includes planning ahead for your corporate travel arrangements. Planning ahead now allows you the freedom to focus on other important business matters as they come up. In addition, it saves a lot of money for you or your company.

The earlier you book your reservations for airfare, hotels, and luxury ground transportation the better. In addition to early bird deals, there are rewards programs that can save you even more money.



Headed For Business Travel? 4 Reasons To Hire Limo Service Transportation



Booking your limo transportation early also ensures that you are able to reserve your first choice of limousine cars. That is, you’ll have a better chance of securing a vehicle to accommodate the number of passengers that need to travel together. For instance, it would be more cost effective to choose luxury sedans, like Town Cars, for one or two passengers. If you wait until the last minute, you may be left paying more for an oversized vehicle without enough travelers to fill its seats.



Flying Into The New Year For Corporate Travel

Arriving at the airport after a long flight can be very exhausting. Without booking a ride ahead of time, you have to find your way out of the airport, search for an Uber or local car service, and hope that a reliable driver arrives shortly. Another equally traumatizing option is trying to book a rental car at the airport.

Taxis are expensive and often not very well kept. Moreover, even the driver may not be well groomed or well trained. If you have more than a few passengers, you may have to hire multiple cabs heading to the same destination. This can more than double your cab fare, which severely cuts into your company’s corporate travel budget.



The Pros & Cons: Private Aviation vs Public Airport



Uber and Lyft drivers do not undergo the same training as a professional chauffeur. Since they also driver their own vehicles, you never really know what shape the car will be in before it arrives.

  • Ridesharing services are often unreliable in regards to arrival time or choosing the best driving routes.

Time is always critical for travelers, whether you are catching a departing flight or simply exhausted after a long day of traveling and anxious to reach your destination.  When you are attending multiple meetings or business events, it can be very time consuming to reserve an Uber or Lyft for each venue.

Rental cars are expensive and inconvenient. Driving yourselves requires someone in the group to volunteer to take the wheel. This person takes on the task of dealing with all of the airport traffic, driving in an unfamiliar area, as well as finding adequate parking when you finally reach your destination.

  • The more travelers there are in your party, the more likely you are to rent more than one vehicle.



Avoid Travel Hassles With Limo Transportation

Reserving an airport car service, such as an airport shuttle from A1A Limo, can make all of the difference. One of our professional chauffeurs will greet you and your travel companions, assist with your luggage, and alleviate the need to deal with rental cars, taxicabs, phone-app drivers, and all of that airport traffic.

Our chauffeurs are cognizant of the high-traffic areas and construction zones to avoid. So, you and your traveling companions can sit back and relax and leave the hassles of the airport and downtown traffic behind.

Even if your corporate travel plans don’t include flying, you can still benefit from a chauffeured car service. If your business trip involves visiting multiple venues, booking ahead means you have dependable business event transportation already in place.

Schedule specific dates, times, and destinations well in advance to ensure you and your passengers arrive at each event safely, in comfort, and on time.



Airport Parking Horrors: Why It’s Better to Get a Limo Rental



Limo transportation also helps you to make a good first impression upon arrival. Choosing luxury ground transportation demonstrates both your business sense and reliability as a decision maker. In addition, your employees will more than appreciate your consideration of their comfort and needs, allowing them time to focus on business matters at hand.

Many a presentation has been perfected in the back of a stretch limousine. That would be extremely difficult to accomplish in a rental car, taxicab, Uber or Lyft vehicle. Furthermore, in the event of a sudden rainstorm, your chauffeur will be waiting to assist you and your companions with an umbrella, as well as help carrying any work materials or parcels you may have acquired during your business events.

Booking your luxury ground transportation in advance also affords you considerable savings. The earlier you reserve your limousine cars, the better the deal!



What About Evening Entertainment?

After a long day of meetings or business events, it’s time to unwind with a nice meal and a visit to some local hot spots. When you plan ahead, you have the luxury of planning how to spend your downtime. What better way to explore the city than in an elegant limousine?

Your chauffeur will provide safe, discreet curbside pick-up and drop-off to your destination of choice. You even have a guaranteed designated driver, so you and your companions can relax and unwind knowing that you have safe transportation around town and back to your hotel.



Party in a Bus: It Could Boost Office Morale



Remember that when you book a limousine service, you get so much more than just a driver and a fancy car. Your chauffeur can also act as your personal concierge, so don’t hesitate to inform him or her if there is anything that you need.

Your chauffeur is also an expert local guide. He or she will be glad to offer suggestions on the best restaurants and clubs in the area. Consider asking for recommendations on local attractions or sporting events to attend while you’re in town.

You can depend on the best limousine service possible when you reserve your luxury ground transportation with A1A Limo Service.




South Florida’s Best Limousine Service Goes Worldwide

Although A1A is based in South Florida, we are also proud to provide affordable limousine service worldwide. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained, well groomed, and impeccably dressed in the classic black and white attire. They are personable, discreet, and very knowledgeable of their local area.



Epic Qualities You Will Find In A Chauffeured Limo Service



Our fleet features a full range of limousine cars to accommodate your corporate travel needs for any size party, wherever you are. For limo transportation outside of corporate travel, check out our services for special occasions, private events, wedding transportation, and more. Give us a call or go online to learn how A1A Airport and Limousine Service can improve your travel experience.







Written By: Ryan Lubin

Concierge Job Description : Luxury At It’s Finest

Do you ever find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands? In today’s busy world, most people go through this every day. There’s never enough time in the day for all the errands and other mundane tasks we need to accomplish. Personal concierge services can make your life a lot easier and for a lot less than you may think.


So, exactly what is a concierge’s job description?



Concierge Service’s Meaning

First off, what is the correct concierge pronunciation? It’s a French word, so it can be tricky, CON-SEE-AIR. When most people think of a concierge, high-end hotels come to mind. However, did you know that personal concierge services encompass anything from walking your dog, running errands, grocery shopping, and much more?

Visiting South Florida for Business or Pleasure?

Let A1A Limo Service take the stress out of traveling by providing a professionally-trained personal concierge. For the duration of your visit, we will provide you with the utmost care and support to meet your every need.



Personal Concierge Services

Let’s delve a little deeper into just what services are provided by a personal concierge. As any successful entrepreneur knows, delegation is important in all walks of life. We can’t possibly do everything ourselves without compromising the quality of life.

What can you expect when you hire a personal concierge? The answer is just about anything you need help with:

Errands – Every time we turn around there’s an errand that needs to be addressed. It all takes time away from our busy day. If we own a business or have a 9-to-5 job, it requires skipping lunch, taking time off, or trying to fit it all in after hours. However, some establishments aren’t open after hours. In addition, you’ve worked all day long. Is this really what you want to do in your down time?

A personal concierge will ensure all of your important errands are taken care of.


Some examples are:


  • Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning, prescriptions, library books, etc.
  • Returning products to the store
  • Going to the Post Office
  • Setting appointments
  • Taking your vehicle in for maintenance/repairs
  • Picking up lunch/dinner
  • Booking dinner reservations and transportation
  • Planning business events and corporate travel
  • Walking your dog at scheduled times, as well as taking care of them when you’re away
  • Wrapping gifts, addressing holiday cards, or sending out invitations
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Reserving hotel rooms and other accommodations for corporate travel, vacations, or when friends/family visit
  • Watching over your home while you’re out-of-town on business or pleasure, as well as overseeing service calls, repairs, or cleaning services in your home when you’re unavailable
  • Developing/maintaining your social media
  • Arranging a day of golfing, or other entertainment
  • Keeping you organized and efficient
  • Aiding in estate planning

    The list goes on and on!



Luxury Ground Transportation Helps to Make a Good First Impression



If you’re a business professional or frequent traveler, let A1A Limo Service provide you with affordable luxury ground transportation. We provide the very best in limo transportation, as well as any personal concierge services you may require.

Shopping – Going to the store for groceries, gifts, and what not is a real drain on your time. No matter what you need, by providing a list, a personal concierge can take care of all your shopping needs. This can be especially helpful to business professionals, as well as overstretched parents, the elderly or disabled.

Grocery shopping is a necessity, but very time consuming. Stores are often crowded, with only one or two cash registers open. After a long day, this isn’t where you want to find yourself.

Gift shopping can be a real chore and, if it’s during the holidays, you have to deal with crowds of shoppers, parking issues, as well as traffic. By providing a detailed list, your gift shopping will be handled with expert and ease. If there are a few things to choose from, you’ll receive a phone message with photos, pricing information, and any specifications you may need to make an easy decision.

So, whether it’s shopping at the mall, hardware store, a kiosk, toy store, or tractor supply, a personal concierge has you covered.




A1A Limo Service

A1A Airport and Limo Service provides the best in affordable luxury ground transportation and personal concierge services across South Florida. We are dedicated to seeing to your every need with the highest level of service possible.

A1A’s services also include Airport Shuttle, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as limousine cars for special occasions, weddings, private parties, proms, tours, shopping trips, non-emergency medical transport, and much, much more! We invite you to visit our website and preview our dynamic fleet of late-model limousines, which includes luxury sedans, such as Town Cars, stretch limousines, and limo buses. We can accommodate any size group, so no one is ever left behind.

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Written By: Margie Lubin

Private Aviation: The Most Convenient Way to Take to the Skies in Luxury

When you think of flying, what comes to mind? First of all, you may imagine the plane itself. However, you may also think about the airport. While some people love visiting different airports and their various shops, others cannot stand the crowded terminals.

If you fall into that latter category, you may be excited to learn that there is a way that you can fly without the crowds and other hassles. Private aviation provides a convenient way to travel, designed with you in mind.




What is private aviation?

Most people are familiar with commercial flight. This is the standard method of air travel, for which passengers must purchase a ticket for their seats. These flights are provided by major airlines and leave from public airports.

There are a few different ways to travel, which all fall under private aviation. The biggest distinction between public and private aviation is who hosts the flight. For instance, when you book a private flight you don’t really buy a seat for the trip.

Typically, passengers will split the flight’s operating costs between themselves and the pilot. That’s because these flights are provided by the pilot as his or her own agent, rather than a commercial airline.



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Why is it so convenient?

When you fly with a major airline, you are limited by predetermined flight times and locations. However, with private aviation, your flight is designed around your schedule and destination.

In other words, you don’t have to drive to Jacksonville, FL to pick up a connecting flight in Atlanta, GA that will take you to your destination in Phoenix, AZ. Rather, a private flight can take you directly to Phoenix. It may even leave from a private airport closer to your home or office, which would eliminate the need for you to drive out of town and fight airport traffic.

It’s not just the location that makes these private flights convenient. The interior of many privately-owned aircraft looks a lot like what you see in limousine car images. That’s fitting, because these planes do for the skies what luxury ground transportation does for passengers on the roads. Their amenities range from comfortable seating and plenty of head space to full kitchens and other rooms that look like they belong in a mansion. The plane and its staff are equipped to meet your every need during your flight.

Some of the world’s most powerful people fly privately, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some of the top perks that they have cited for why they forgo commercial airlines in favor of private aviation:



1) Making the most of your time

Whether they are flying for corporate travel or pleasure, important people doing like to waste time standing around. When it comes to private aviation, the time between arriving at the plane and take-off is minimal.

There’s no waiting in long security lines and no waiting for the flight attendant to call your zone to board. It’s quite simple to drive right up to the plane, join your small group of passengers, and begin the boarding process.


2) Maintaining control of the situation

High-profile individuals are often used to being the ones behind the wheel, so to speak. They are used to calling the shots in their lives or businesses and would like to continue to do so during their flights.

For example: Rather than racing to get to the airport before the plane leaves, a private aircraft will be there waiting for its passengers. Since there aren’t as many people onboard to prepare meals for, there typically isn’t a standard in-flight menu.

As such, the kitchen can be stocked with the client’s favorite foods so that they can enjoy them on the go.


3) Safety & Risk-Management

Security and taking risks are also major themes for these important clients. Many of them prefer not to fly in older aircraft, due to the increased likelihood of maintenance issues. Private aircraft are typically newer than what commercial airlines can guarantee and thus are often perceived as safer.

Another side of risk-management is that flying privately allows high-profile clients to travel with less chance of being recognized. When A-listers use limo transportation, the dark glass keeps them from being seen inside their Town Cars or other vehicles.

Commercial airlines don’t provide passengers with much privacy, even in first class. As such, private jets give important people the convenience of air travel without the risk of being overwhelmed by fans or other who may recognize them.




Who can fly privately?

Frequent fliers, when it comes to private aviation, tend to be business executives and VIPs. However, private flights are more than just another means of business event transportation. Those seeking luxury travel or heading to little known locations also make frequent use of private aircraft.

Really, anyone can fly in luxury with private aviation. Booking a private flight isn’t much different than booking limousine cars. For example, before riding with a new limousine company, you would want to research the business, check for proper credentials, and consider reviews from previous passengers.

You can take these same precautions when arranging your private flight. You’ll want to research your jet charter company, make sure that the company and pilot are properly licensed, and maybe even learn a little about the aircraft you’ll be taking.



Where can you catch a flight?

In the movies, you often see private aviation in the form of a chopper leaving from a private helipad on top of a skyscraper. However, in reality, most private flights take off from small, private airports.

To take advantage of this method of travel, you don’t have to purchase your own private jet. Other ways include joining a private-flying program such as JetSuite or making a reservation through jet charter programs like PrivateFly.

Once you’ve selected your flight, you’ll need to arrange for a ride there. There’s no need to leave your personal car behind when an airport shuttle can take you all the way to the plane. A1A Limo provides affordable limousine service worldwide, so we can get you to your flight on time and in style, no matter where you are.

If you can’t wait to get the party started, you can even book a limo bus with a premium sound system and beverage station. No matter whether you’re looking to party like a rockstar or travel in anonymity, A1A has got you covered for luxury ground transportation!

Private Aviation – How to Find a Private Pilot Near You

Times are changing. Today, flying by private jet is no longer an exclusive club enjoyed only by the wealthy.

Private aviation is evolving and opening up access to far more destinations, offering private charter, as well as ferry flying. This means, more people can afford to use their services.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of traveling on a private jet. There are a few things you need to know, however, before booking with a private aviation company.


What is a Private Aviation?

Private Aviation Vs Public Airports

Service Options

So, what’s the difference between a private charter and a ferry flight?

Private Charter – There’s a lot of benefits to reserving a private charter. As the name implies, it’s a private flight for you and your traveling companions only. You decide the departure time and destination, as well as the type of cuisine and in-flight entertainment. If a group of people want to travel in style, a charter flight’s the perfect choice.

Ferry Flight – Often private jets need to return to base or another location. By reserving exclusive seats on these planes, you’ll enjoy almost 80 percent off the price of an entire chartered flight. However, departure times and destinations are determined by the private aviation company. These flights save time by avoiding long lines at the airport and allow you to arrive just before departure time.


Airport Shuttle Service

A1A Limo Service provides the best affordable limousine service worldwide. Our professionally-trained chauffeurs and personal concierges will ensure you arrive on time, every time. For Limo Service Near Me, contact the best.


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What to Consider When Reserving Private Aviation

There are many different types and sizes of private aircraft and services. Several things to consider are:

  • How many are traveling in your group,

  • Distance to your destination,

  • Do they offer service to worldwide destinations,

  • Company safety regulations,

  • Does the company offer discounts/benefits for frequent flyers,

  • Compare pricing information.

You’ll obviously want to ensure the aircraft is the right size for your requirements. For instance, if there are only a few passengers, you don’t need a jet that seats 18. Likewise, if your destination is fairly close, you’ll only require a Turbo Prop or Light Jet. This will result in better fuel efficiency and, therefore, be more cost effective.

In addition, you’ll want to verify that the aviation company offers services worldwide. Limitations on destinations should not be an issue in today’s market with a reputable company. Private aircraft can land at most airports around the world, even if not serviced by commercial airlines. This has greatly improved connectivity for those harder-to-reach places.

Furthermore, always be sure to choose a company who values safety and compliance. This information should be readily available to consumers. If you are a frequent flyer, ask whether the private aviation company offers special discounts/benefits. This should be an industry standard.

Finally, prices are always a consideration. However, when comparing prices, consider all of the services included in the pricing information. Cheaper isn’t always better! You may find that amenities aren’t up to par or left out completely. When booking private aviation, you want the best experience for the right price.


Arrive In Style & Comfort

Arrive to all of your ground destinations in the same elegant manner with luxury ground transportation. Whether traveling for corporate travel or pleasure, enjoy the convenience and comfort of a beautiful limousine car, stretch limousine, or a limo bus for larger groups. A1A Limo Service provides the best in limo transportation, connecting with you anywhere in the world.


How to Book Your Flight

In the past, it was necessary to book through brokers, often with hidden charges. With the expanding market, private aviation is now in the forefront of the industry. This means services are offered in an easier and safer manner. You’re able to obtain instant quotes and guarantees directly from the company, as well as immediate bookings. Availability on ferry flights are listed on company websites, as well. So, you can see at a glance what offers match your needs.


What to Expect With a Private Aviation Flight

In today’s fast-paced world, frequent travel can be exhausting. On a private flight, however, you can expect to enjoy top-rate cuisine and beverages, comfortable and spacious seating, and first-class in-flight entertainment. You’ll have a quiet and private flight with your companions without all of the normal stress of flying.

If you travel for business, your schedule’s always demanding. Being able to relax in comfort before, during, and after your flight will increase productivity and performance and benefit your mental and physical health, as well.

The same applies to your ground destinations. You want the best limousine service available, providing on-time connectivity to meet all of your needs worldwide.

A1A Limo Service

At A1A Limo Service, we provide affordable high-quality luxury ground transportation to meet all of your needs. Being a worldwide company means we will be available whenever/wherever you need limo transportation. Our highly-trained chauffeurs and personal concierges offer first-class service. In addition, they are professional and discreet. We also offer bodyguard services, upon request.

Our beautiful fleet of late-model limousine cars includes luxury sedans, such as Town Cars, stretch limousines, and party bus rentals. So, there’s always room for everyone! We provide transportation for Airport Shuttle, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as private parties, special occasions, weddings, limousine transfer, non-emergency medical transport, and much more.

Contact us to arrange for your affordable luxury ground transportation today!


Written By: Margie Lubin

See the Sights in Luxury with a South Florida Limo

Experience all that South Florida has to offer with luxury ground transportation!

Whether you want to party in a bus or just relax and enjoy the scenery, limo transportation is the key to enjoying the ride. With your chauffeur behind the wheel, you can focus on having fun with your travel companions rather than fighting with traffic. Of course, if you’re looking to make an impression, a South Florida limo can help you do that, too!

Create Your Own South Florida Limo Tour

South Florida is home to nearly any kind of paradise that you can imagine. For example, Miami is one of the world’s hottest party capitals and the Florida Keys are an endless summer dream. No matter what kind of activities you want to partake in during your vacation, you can find them all here! Check out this sampling of a few popular South Florida attractions.

Visit The Miami Seaquarium 

Have you ever gone swimming with dolphins or been splashed by an Orca? These activities are just the tip of the iceberg at the Miami Seaquarium!

This fun adventure park is great for all ages and can be the perfect place to spend some quality time with family and friends. It can even be a great place to visit with business associates for a chance to get away from the office and unwind. You can plan a whole day here with shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

Check Out Naples Botanical Gardens 

If you love unique plants and flowers, this 170-acre space is sure to please. You can find over a thousand species of plants in this beautiful garden atmosphere.

The Gardens also host special events to make your experience even more exciting! For instance, stop by on the first and third Sunday of January as they wrap up the Music in the Garden concert series or catch an Opera Naples performance on select nights.

Discover History and Science at The IMAG

Fort Myers’ family-friendly educational fun center was formerly known as the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Aquarium. With its new name, the center only lost a few letters, but none of its fun!

This place has a touch tank where people can get up close with stingrays and other marine life. It also has an area to view alligators and other animals, like prairie dogs. In addition, the IMAG also hosts exhibits, including B-26: The Lost Airmen of WWII, and even 3D movies.

Explore Jungle Island 

Jungle Island is the place to go if you want to get your picture taken with exotic animals, like a tiger or primate. You can see tropical plants, live shows, and all sorts of animals that you probably won’t find at home. Imagine playing with lemurs while learning about conservation efforts benefitting some of the world’s most interesting creatures.

This place has a lot to offer for animal lovers as well as thrill seekers and those who just love to learn. Superflight sends guests flying with a great view of beautiful Miami. Zip through the 600-foot SkyWire course, solve puzzles at the Cabin in the Jungle escape room, and dine on culinary offerings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t Miss Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park 

Enjoy breathtaking views while learning about Florida’s nautical history. If you love lighthouses, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park has a guided tour where you can check out the Cape Florida Lighthouse and attached cottage.

When you visit this park, you can also spend a day at the beach enjoying the ocean. South Florida offers temperatures warm enough that you can play in the sand and sun year-round! In addition, you can also participate in several types of outdoor adventures, from bicycling to boating and fishing.

Booking A Party Bus

Every adventure is more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about driving. It’s hard to have fun on a road trip when you’re constantly fighting traffic or anxiously searching for the next turn. Why deal with these hassles when you can book a professional chauffeur to take the wheel?

With affordable limosine service from A1A Limo, you can find the right luxury ground transportation for any occasion! When you want to have a great time, our South Florida limo service will be the icing on the cake. Furthermore, we also offer worldwide chauffeur services through our global network of trusted affiliates.

Epic Qualities You Will Find In A Chauffeured Limo Service

You don’t have to worry about learning directions or driving through heavy traffic. Let our chauffeur or personal concierge services help you manage busy streets, crowded parking lots, and packed schedules.

When you want to relax and focus your time and energy into bonding with your family, we are here to make sure that you have a fun and safe experience. We also provide airport shuttle services, business event transportation, and more to meet your corporate travel needs, as well.

Make Event Transportation Easy With A Limo Bus

Limo transportation is ideal for getting to and from events, airports and more. Whether you need to transport a large group for a private event or corporate travel, the right limo bus can make getting around a breeze. 


What Is A Limo Bus?

There are several types of luxury ground transportation vehicles that could be considered a “limo bus.”


Limo Bus Essentials: Everything You Need To Know

The most iconic is the motorcoach, which musicians and other VIPs often use to tour the country. These large buses are fully loaded with A/V equipment, an LCD TV, and plenty of storage for all of your luggage or gear. There are even restrooms on board!

However, there are also smaller options, like the party van -sometimes called a party busWith amenities such as a beverage station, flat screen TVs, and privacy window tinting, these luxurious vehicles make it easy to party on a bus. Plus, the leather seating is just as plush as the ones in a stretch limousine. The 15-passenger van is the go-to limo bus for business event transportation, wedding transportation, and other special occasions. With five rows of seating, there’s room for everyone to ride in style. These vans are comfortable enough for long-distance corporate travel and spacious enough to make the perfect group airport shuttle.



A Limo Bus Makes Group Transportation Easy

A party bus rental makes it easy for your entire group to get around together and in style. One of the best perks of having your traveling party in a bus is that everyone will arrive on time. No one has to worry about getting lost or not being able to find parking. Plus, riding with a professional chauffeur guarantees you a designated driver throughout the night.

If your group isn’t large enough to fill a limo bus, don’t worry. There are limousine cars suited for any size group, from couples and solo travelers to entire family reunions. For example, Town Cars and Cadillac luxury sedans are the standards for black car service.



Party Bus Interior That Changes The Way You Ride



Regardless of what type of event or venue that you’re traveling to, you will enjoy the convenience of door-to-door service. You won’t need to worry about navigating through heavy traffic or trying to find a convenient place to park.

You and your friends or business colleagues may drink at the venues that you plan to visit. Because our chauffeur will do the driving, you can ensure that you and everyone in your group has a safe ride home.



When to Use Luxury Ground Transportation

There is never a wrong time to travel in style with a limo bus or luxury car. Now is the time to book your limo transportation for this year’s upcoming events. If you’re looking for ideas, check out some of these events in sunny Florida!



How To Find The Proper Luxury Transportation Vehicle For Your Next Event



Winter Equestrian Festival

January 9 – March 31, 2019

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This is the premier seasonal event for equestrian activities in the world, and it will be held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington. Competitive events are open to children, juniors, amateurs, and professionals.

Shows run from Wednesday through Sunday each week. Ticket prices vary, so check the event website for more details.



Art Deco Weekend Festival

January 18 – 20, 2019

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This event carries on a 40-year tradition in Miami Beach, featuring a street fair, a dog parade, live performances and more. The Art Deco Festival is lauded as “the longest-running free community cultural festival in Miami Beach.”

You can join in the fun at Lummus Park. Admission is free, and all ages are invited to attend.



Florida State Fair

February 7 – 18, 2019

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It’s time for the annual family favorite, which once again returns to Tampa’s Florida State Fairgrounds. This event is no ordinary state fair! It features the standard fare of live music, amusement rides, midway games, and vendors.

However, the Florida State Fair also includes a home show, an RV show, live performances and much more. Ticket prices range from $5 to $30 or more.



Choosing The Right Party Bus Rental Service

At A1A Limo, we are proud to be your South Florida limo company and are eager to meet all of your transportation needs. Through our large fleet of luxury vehicles and the exceptional service of our skilled, courteous chauffeurs, we help our valued clients get around Florida in style.



Book Limo Rental That’s Luxurious and Cost Effective



Our extensive fleet of luxury vehicles features options in a wide range of sizes. If you need transportation for yourself or a small group, such as corporate travel to the airport or local business event transportation, our Town Cars are a wonderful option to consider. If you need more passenger seating, you may book one of our larger vehicles, such as a limo bus or party van.

In addition: We have a global network of trusted partners to provide with quality limo transportation, no matter where you are. Head over to our website to learn more about our limousine cars and services.